Whatsapp Adventure (Episode 3)




My uncle with anger took me with him to Lagos to continue my education.
After one week at Mr. Willie omiyi street, aguda surulere Lagos state, I got admitted to St Charles the great secondary school.

St Charles is a school of both males and females, and also a boarding school, the school has a very big compound with many building.
We have the girls and boys quarters, boy don’t cross girls quarter, with or without any reason,
That’s just the rule of the school.

Not quite a long time in the school, I met new friends because I am soo intelligent, don’t doubt me, my intelligence comes from st pauls seminary. Most of my friends are females from my class, because in the school females Leads the classes.

I started competing with them, and one thing about me is that I don’t lose to anybody.
My questions are clean and full of intelligence, that teachers began to like me, in class, I use to stay on my own because am so quiet.

One day I was on my desk busy reading one of my novels, titled
By dharens John.
Though the writer wasn’t so popular, that novel was the only one he published, before joining his ancestors, but I soo much love that novel. The novel was given to me by one of my best friendd at St Paul’s, his name is i.k and I love him soo much

He never jokes with reading and learning and he was even the one that thought me mathematics, and he made sure I am an expert in it.
That was those days Shaa,

So I was busy reading my novel when I felt a soft hand on my shoulder, I turned and saw a beauty stood at my back, wow, she was what beauty is, tall, has straight face like that of Rihanna,her curve like that of Nicki Minaj, though I wasn’t moved by her beauty oo, because in me am still a seminarian lol.
I was still looking at her when she suddenly said,

Hi my name is Amina
Me. Am Tony
Amina.why are you so quit unlike other guys here.
Me. But am not here to make noise.
Amina. Wow sounds cool, what’s the name of that your novel.
me. Turned the back for her to see the name,
Amina. Seems to be very interesting because you are always busy with it, while others are outside playing,
Me. Maybe,
Amina. Please, Tony can I have one novel from you because am done with all I have,
Me. Ok, but U have to keep it cleans because I don’t like my books getting dirty,
Amina. Sure,
I handed her one of my best novel titled, WOMENS OF OWU.

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