TWISTED PATH (Episode 8)



By Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


In the middle of nowhere, a Hilux bus drove through an unpaved desert road. It went down the foot of a mountain and ventured into the cave that serves as the primary base for the Tarina terrorist group.
Sheikh was distracted from his Quran when the car entered. He watched two men came down and brought down a body from the back of the car. It was only when they brought the body to him that he realized it was Lukman’s.

He was stunned by the gruesome way Lukman was murdered.
“How did it happened?” He asked angrily.
“We don’t know, we only received words that his body was taken to the morgue by the police.” One of the men replied.
“Did the security agents did this?”
“We have no idea, sir.” The other guy replied.
“What of Mohammed? You didn’t find any on Mohammed?”
“Nothing sir, it seems he vanished off the face of the earth.” One of the guys replied.

“I shouldn’t have allowed him to lead that operation, knowing how critical he is to the ultimate mission. Go bury the body at the backyard, make sure he gets the honor he deserves.” He said returning his attention to the what he was studying. The two men took the corpse inside.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Four men sat at a round table. One of them was Mr. Saliko the deputy director of D.S.S, the second was Mr. Waziri in charge of operations and logistics. The third was Mr. Clement the agency’s secretary while the fourth man was the national director of the security agency.

“I have called this meeting to discuss a way forward on the issue of this deadly terrorist group responsible for various terror attacks in the country.” The director said.
“The agency had used all the resources at its disposal to make sure we end their reign of terror but so far we have only made a few success.” Mr. Saliko the deputy added.
“Bomb blast at the Babangi market had left a permanent stain on the agency.” Mr. Waziri spoke.
“I think the agency has been doing its best to nab this hideous criminal, at least we prevented the attack on ECOWAS meeting.” Mr. Clement contributed.

“That’s right, but we were only able to do that because our man inside the terrorist group gave us the bomber. We have no idea how our mole’s cover was blown, we only found his brutalized body three days ago.” The deputy director said.
“Sir, I was told we have Abu Mohammed, the second in command of the terrorist group in custody. We could try to squeeze some juice out of him.” Mr. Saliko suggested.

“There seems to be a problem with that. He was involved in an accident which affected his memory. The doctor said he won’t be able to remember anything till the next few months.” The director spoke.
“I had a meeting with the President, he gave an order that the terrorist group must be fully conquered before the coming election.” He continued.
“But sir, the election is coming up in a month and few weeks time.” Mr. Waziri reminded.
“That is the reason why I have called this meeting. We need to bring down this terrorist group within approximately six weeks.” The national director spoke.

Everyone was quiet, obviously thinking about what strategy to use in getting rid of the terrorist within the timeframe.
“Sir I think this can only be possible if we have a way to get Sheikh Dangoro.” Mr. Saliko said.
“I may have a suggestion.” Mr. Waziri said.
“Please let us have your suggestions.” The director beckons as he adjusted himself in his seat.
“It may sound crazy but I think we can use Abu Mohammed to apprehend the Sheikh.”
“How is that possible, please be more elaborate.” Mr. Clement said.

“Since Mohammed’s memory is currently blank, we can fill it with whatever we want. Why don’t we brainwash and make him our inside man.” He suggested.
“That’s insane, you want us to let a notorious terrorist go, just like that?” Mr. Saliko asked.
“No, we are still going to apprehend him after he has done our bidding. Am just asking us to take advantage of his current situation.” Waziri corrected.

“What if he regained his memory earlier than expected and ended up biting us in the back,” Clement argued.
” Mr. Waziri, as much as I love your suggestions, the risk involve is too high for us to consider.” The director finalized.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was only a few minutes past Eleven in the morning. The director sat in his office going through the dailies. A knock sounded on the door and when it was opened, Abeeb walked in with a frowned face.
“There has been another attack sir,” Abeeb informed.

TWISTED PATH (Episode 7)

“What do you mean?” The director asked.
“The Tarina slaughtered over twenty people just this morning sir.”
The director switched on the TV in his office and confirmed what his agent has just said.
“This is terrible.” He exclaimed as he dialed a number on the telephone.
“Mr. Waziri, we need to talk about your proposal right away.” He spoke.




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