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DEATH WISH (Episode 4)

DEATH WISH (Episode 4)


Love, does it exist or does it not?
Well, I’m not sure.
It’s beautiful when you read them in novels.l It sounds perfect…
Love, they say has little to do with the physical appearance.

If so then why I can’t I find love?
Love, is it just an illusion, fantasy or reality?.
The illusion and fantasy where you get to create the most beautiful and perfect love story in your mind’s eye,
Or the reality where people care more about your looks and financial status before deciding whether to love you or not.


Maya dropped the pen and notepad in which she was writing her poem when she heard a voice.


Adrian frowned as he watched her busily writing whatever it was in her small notepad…
Wasn’t she supposed to be the barmaid? So why was she writing instead of focusing on customers…
Only God knows how long he had to roam about before finally getting to this bar…

“If you’re done with what you’re writing can you attend to your customers now?” He asked sarcastically
She quickly stood up adjusting her glasses.
God!! He cringed…
Such old-fashioned glasses.

“I’m really sorry… Please, what will you like to have?” She asked ignoring the disgusting look he was giving her
“Any bottled soft drink available… And hey. Is there any place where I can get some food?”
“Yes. There’s an eatery just behind the bar”
“Can you go get me some?” He asked dipping his hands into his pocket to retrieve the money.

Maya stared at him, wide eyed.
What insolence!!! Such impudence!! Was he actually giving her orders?
She was a barmaid, not an errands girl…
“Excuse me sir but I’m not an errand girl… You can go there if you want food”
He stared at her “If not an errand girl then what are you?”
She frowned, getting angry…
Maya wasn’t going to tolerate such behavior. She opened her mouth to speak when from the corner of her eye, she spotted Daniel watching her from a distance.

She sighed, she wasn’t going to give him a chance to complain else he wouldn’t hesitate in sacking her.
“Be respectful Sir… What food would you want?”
“I don’t know the kind of food you eat in this country but just buy me anything rice” he handed R50(50 Rand) to her
“Will this money be enough?”
“Certainly sir..”
“And then buy me two newspapers too” he added walking away to occupy a vacant seat.
She frowned
Who the hell does he think he is?!!..
She turned to find Daniel still watching her. Sighing, she pushed the money into the pocket of her apron and walked out.


Adrian looked up and saw her walking towards him.
“What kept you so long?” He inquired
“Excuse me sir..I’m a barmaid, not your errand girl. You could have made use of your two legs to go buy the food. It’s not as if you were going to feed me with it. If you can’t be appreciative then it’s better you don’t speak!” She snapped and dropped the pack of food and newspapers, a change of 20cents on the table and walked away.

She wasn’t going to put up with his stupid arrogance.
Adrian clenched his fists in anger
No one had dared speak to him like that.
She came back later with a bottled drink.
“Here’s your drink”
He stared at her
“What food did you buy?”
“Curry rice with beef sauce”
He nodded, dropped the money for the drink and stood up gathering his things
“Thank you. And hey. Why don’t you change your glasses?”
“Its none of your business or does it affect you in any way?” She snapped and walked away before he could answer.
“I was just trying to make a conversation” he murmured as he walked out of the bar.


Adrian dropped the phone he had borrowed from his grandmother, smiling at the part where he had circled with a pen on the newspaper.
“I’ve got an interview tomorrow grandma!” He yelled excitedly
He laughed “No.. Its called. Inter..view” he stressed
“Whatever. So which company?” She asked sitting by him.

“They need a marketer. I need new clothes”
“New clothes? what’s wrong with what you have?”
“I used to wear a tuxedo. Armani suits..” He paused as he realized for the thousandth time that he was living a different life, a life in which he had to strive to live not the comfortable life where he had maids, investors, and women at his beck and call.

The old woman stared at him like he just dropped from space. She shook her head and stood up
“I think you’re possessed today…You’ve been acting so strange. The side of the bed on which you slept last night, please don’t sleep there because your brain is messed up”
“You’re exaggerating grandma” he groaned
“I’m what?”
She walked up to him and slapped the side of his head. He groaned again
“Were you insulting me?”
“What? No!! What I mean if you’re making a big issue out of this”
“Hmm” she nodded and walked out.


Lord Greene sat on his throne, tapping his feet and staring at the screen that had appeared on the wall before him.
He smiled as he watched them.
They were having sex. Again.
He shook his head.
Adrian will never learn..
Several months had passed by since he had sent him back to earth, South Africa and he still hadn’t stopped his promiscuous ways…
Adrian’s job as a marketer was going well, he had noticed. It was paying well too and so he seemed to have forgotten the reason why he was back to earth…
Lord Greene snapped his fingers and the screen immediately disappeared…
He didn’t want to keep watching such a vile scene…


Adrian climbed down the bed, still naked and walked over the lady who was now putting on her clothes. He grabbed her butt and squeezed lightly.
The lady turned and wrapped her arms around his neck, smiling.
“That was mind-blowing” Adrian whispered into her ears.

“Wanna do this some time again? You know where to find me” she replied
“You drive me nuts” he added before capturing her lips in his, kissing her hungrily. His hand firmly on her waist, he pushed her back till her back hit the wall. He continued to kiss her fiercely, his body radiating passion and lust.

He wanted more… Two rounds of sex weren’t just enough. He wanted more and more…
Damn!! She was an expert in driving a man crazy and that’s how he liked his women, bold, courageous, tempting and sophisticated…
The lady responded to his kisses and he immediately carried her back to the bed, stripped her naked and went down on her. She moaned loudly as she held his head tightly between her spread legs while he pleasured her.
Soon, they were all over each other again, clothes scattered on the floor and the only thing that moment was the pleasure they were giving each other.

After the fourth round, he broke away from their kiss, panting heavily as she climbed down the bed. She was putting on her clothes.
“Can we meet again? Tonight? At our usual place?”
“Sure handsome.. See you” she placed a light kiss on his lips and walked out, swaying her hips seductively…
She knew he was staring at her and he was.
“Damn!!” He muttered and glanced around for his briefs to cover his naked self.


DEATH WISH Episode 3

“Oh Adrian, Adrian… Keep having all the fun. Your time is running out” Lord Greene murmured making circles with his finger on the edge of the throne.


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