Love And Loyalty


I wonder if love was just a feeling
If so I’m not healing

The hurt that comes with it
It gives my heart a dose of heat

I get tired and try to move on
But it was hard to not hold on

I felt I was becoming infatuated
Only to realise that I’m addicted

To the love that never stops to haunt me
I’m here writing lyrics of what I’ve never felt before

Funny enough I’ve never genuinely had this feeling before
My heart has never been troubled over love
And love was never a feeling for me
Cos you know what I’d choose loyalty over love any day any time !!
Sighs ???

I chose loyalty over love
Little did I know that loyalty comes
Hand in hand with love
Love wasn’t a feeling
It was a verb
An assurance… A passion… A new life
A pleasant beginning… An unbreakable cord
It was the greatest link between the two distinct fairest creatures God made

A safe abode for the human species
It was the best thing that could ever happen to a Man

Clinging to the other gender…feeling their warmth
The warmth of their embrace
Hearing a voice even in the dark times
Whisperings of love from the one who never gives up on you

Finding your other half who completes your being and feels your emptiness
Your desires and quenches your thirst

Love can never be expressed in words
It is better told through actions and doings !!!

I’m still searching for it’s meaning
I am still wandering in its island
Hoping to find a new life in it!!
I haven’t found LOVE!!
Funny enough I’m still not ready for it

Still not ready
That sounds odd
No one was ever ready
To mingle and be loved
It dawned on us suddenly
We didn’t even realize it was eating us up steadily
Slow and steady was what we wanted
But it was a gush of outpoured feelings
Love swallowed us up without our knowledge
Our heart wasn’t ready but it was
yearning for it silently

The heartbreaks kept holding us back
But the force of not feeling being loved
Was stronger
Even with all the sense, I’m making now
With my expressions
It still doesn’t look like my handwriting
Thank God I used “we”
cos I feel it isn’t in my place to use “I”
You know why?…. ‘I’m still not ready’!!
I’m new to this feeling
And I’m not gon explore

Explore some more
My heart said to me
I can’t lie …I admit …I needed to be loved
But I can’t accept to be loved
To that was gratification
I can’t afford the cost that comes with love
All to my satisfaction
The weight and burdens of affection
Is really above my expectation

Ihutom (my love)

I got this dream
And I believe it might all end
If I ever give chance to love
No matter how beautiful it seems to me
It is never really my thing
My heart became a Coldstone
Just because I wanted to gain domino’s (nion)
I searched for Peace and comfort in my dreams
Cos I can’t afford the luxury of loving
If love was a ever a feeling
Then I’m sorry, not sorry
I have never felt it !!!


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