DEATH WISH (Episode 3)


Standing before him with her suitcase and bags behind her, she fought back her tears as she adjusted her spectacles for the third time.
He watched her as she fought back her tears and smiled, it gave him immense satisfaction.
“So you said your stepmother threw you out of your house and you need a place to stay?” He asked tapping his jaw
“Yes Daniel”
He frowned “This is my workplace and here you don’t call me by my name. You call me sir..”
She lifted her head in shock
“OK…okay s.. s.sir”
“So four eyes..”
“My name is…”

“I know your name girl!! I choose to call you four-eyes cuz it suits you. Oh well. If you don’t want me calling you that let me know so I can throw you out”
“No, sir. No, please. You can call me anything you want” she sniffed adjusting her glasses
Daniel smiled.
Good girl
“Good… Pack your bags to the back. One of the maids will come and give you attire. Change and go to the bar and start working”
“Thank you so much, sir. Thank you” she hurriedly packed her bags and walked out of the small office



She stood by the counter arranging three glasses of whiskey on a tray. Done, she carried it and walked over to a table in the far end corner where three men were playing cards.
“Your order please,” she said and placed a glass in front of each of them.
She grabbed her tray and turned to leave when a strong hand pulled her back. Startled, she turned sharply to find one of them grinning lustfully at her.
“Do you need anything else?”
“Yes… You” the man who had grabbed her answered
“Excuse me. I’ve got a lot of work”
“Not so fast miss” he caressed her hand with his thumb.
Quickly, she snatched her hand away from his grip and walked away as quickly as she could…


An hour later, she was seated in front of the refrigerator arranging the nonalcoholic drinks into one corner when a strong hand grabbed her and pulled her up…
“How dare you!!”
“Daniel.. Uhh. I mean Sir. Did I do anything wrong?”
“You have the effrontery to ask me that useless question huh?” He growled “After you insulted my customers. On your first day of work. How nice!!”
“I didn’t insult them. I didn’t… They were trying to make advances towards me” she defended

“They tried to make advances towards you so what? It’s not as if you’re beautiful anyway so what’s the big deal?”
Her head shot up in disbelief at his words.
Was he really the same Daniel with whom she had shared almost everything back when she was still schooling? The one she had considered a friend?
She winced when he grabbed her arm tighter.
“Just look at you..” He continued “Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror? Your messy kinky hair, your ugly glasses….your disgusting clothes. You should be thankful a man found you worthy enough to make advances towards you..”.

“I’m talking to you, Maya!!! Look me straight in the eyes!!” Daniel yelled, taking her glasses off and throwing it somewhere on the floor.
Her vision now blurry, she lifted her head and stared at him.
“Let this be the last time I get a complaint about you else I will throw you out on the streets”
“Y..yes sir” she whispered but he had already walked out…

Staring at the door, she sank to the floor and broke down in tears as she moved her hands frantically about searching for her glasses…
The floor she was sitting on seemed like a tunnel without her glasses… And the tears in her eyes wasn’t helping in her vision. It made matters worse… She squinted her eyes searching for her glasses but instead of finding them, she was rewarded with a painful cry as her knee hit a chair. The same chair she had seen, but it had looked like it was far away…

She stopped searching for the glasses and sat down, bringing both knees forward and wrapping her arms around them as she cried…
Yeah…she knew she wasn’t beautiful. She had heard it so many times that she lost count.
Her hair was very thick and kinky with lots of tiny curls that made it impossible to straighten out with a comb.

She couldn’t afford to go to a salon or buy a hair relaxer cream to have them straightened when she didn’t even have a place to stay… Her hair looked fluffy and it covered most part of her forehead and the glasses were old, slightly cracked at the sides, something she needed to change but couldn’t afford.

Her clothes were literally big, loose and faded because they were her mother’s… The stepmother had burnt all her clothes…
Why? Because she had refused to be humiliated by her and had talked back at her…


“Your glasses,” a soft voice said jolting her out of her thoughts.
She lifted her head to find a handsome young man holding out her glasses.
She took it and put it on immediately.
“Thank you” she murmured
“You’re welcome… Umm. I’ve been waiting for the bartender to get me my drink so I came here to…”
“I’m so sorry sir… Please have your seat. I will bring it for you shortly” she stood up wiping her wet face.
“Oh… Your name?”
“Maya,” she said and quickly turned around to get her tray…
“Maya” the man repeated testing her name on his lips as he walked away to his table…


He yawned heavily, scratching his eyes and stretching his arms… Opening his eyes, he screamed when he saw an old woman sitting before him…
“Who are you!!”
The woman frowned and hit his head “stupid!!! Don’t tell me you went to bed last night, woke up this morning and you suddenly lost your memory. Get up, Adrian!! Go and prepare your breakfast. I’m old now and I won’t keep cooking for you. Its past 10:0am. Wake up”
“You know my name?…. Wait for its past 10:00 am? Oh, God!! I’m late for work”
The old woman stared at him like some alien and burst out laughing.
“I can see you’re going crazy… Since when did you start working. Get up now!!” The old woman said and walked out.


Adrian watched in confusion as she walked out of the room…
Room!! Wait for a hold on.
This wasn’t his room…
“Where am I?”
“In South Africa” the thunderous voice came
Adrian quickly sat up
“South Africa?!!! I’m supposed to be in Angola…”
“I told you that was impossible. Besides your wish was to find love. Not to come back to your parents or anything. I’m not stupid Adrian. You asked for love so I gave it… ” Lord Greene answered
“Wait!! And my company? My job?”
“It’s different now.. Go get a job to do and don’t summon me again.. I have fulfilled your wish the rest is up to you” Lord Greene turned around and disappeared.


Adrian cracked the eggs into a bowl, added some salt, diced onion, and some vegetables and began to whisk it… Done, he poured it into the frypan and folded his arms frowning.
“Now just look. I just don’t have to cook for myself but I need to go find a job. In a country where I know no one… Arghhh. ”
“Oh, shit” he frowned deeper and began to turn the egg. The egg scrambled and by the time he was done, instead of a full egg, there were pieces of burnt fried eggs scattered in the frypan…
“You can’t even fry an egg!” The old woman walked up to him, laughing…
“This is not funny grandma”
Really? He thought. Since when did he start calling her grandma?
Oh well, if he had taken possession of her grandson’s body, why not act like a good grandson?

Death Wish Episode 2

“Oh, it is son. It is.. Here.. Take this money. Go buy some bread and juice or any food because I’m not cooking for you. And go get a job”
Adrian frowned taking the money.
How was he supposed to use the money when he didn’t know the currency.
He placed the whisker in the pan and walked out to find a place to eat praying he wouldn’t get lost.



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