To many of us, Noah’s ark arouses a lot of thoughts in our minds and especially to the Christians. We all believe the only lesson learned in this story is being obedient to God but that’s not all there is to the story.

Looking back and I pondered on this story I realized that there is a lesson we are all missing in it. The question we have all refused to ask ourselves is ‘HOW DID THE SNAIL GET INTO THE ARK?’ the snail by its nature is a very slow and sluggish animal but it eventually entered the ARK that some humans could not enter.

This must sound a note of warning to us all. Don’t ever think your progress is too slow. The one step you take now is a step closer to your dreams. You can never be too late for the success pitch. No matter how slow your going might be, what matters is that You are moving, you are not where you used to be. The steps you take each day gets you an inch closer to your goals.Unmask

Never give up on yourself. You are making progress believe me, dear, Once your will to never quit becomes stronger each and everyday ; your dreams would never quit on you. Quitters are COWARDS.

When you are running your race at your own pace, you are liable to get better results. A lot of people who thought their progress is too slow and had to run the way others do end up frustrated. You are who you are. There’s no replica and it’s just you in this race.

Don’t be pressured by other people’s success. Look at yourself, be motivated to operate at your own best level. While on the success track there are going to be ups and downs, emptiness, depression, failures name it; what matters is that you never drop your baton. In Olympic games, it does not matter who comes last, whoever crosses the line as a runner will be celebrated.

Long Desire

This same logic applies to success. It is not about getting there before others, it is about you fulfilling your destinies here on earth at your appointed time. Be encouraged today if the snail could make it into the ARK then you can make it to your goals in life!!!


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