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Reasons Why Long Distance Relationship Fails

Reasons why long distance relationships fails

Are you looking forward to being in a relationship or, you’ve met him during an adventurous vacation, things got interesting, but now both of you are back to your lives in different cities (or countries even), and it seems like it could work, you are trying really hard, but something just doesn’t feel right.

If you’re experiencing some kind of a long distance relationship and it’s not as satisfactory as you thought it would be, below are the few things you are likely to experience that makes long distance relationship very difficult to keep.

Communication gets weird

Because you both really want this to work you try to communicate with each other as much as you can. It’s easy in the age of messengers and social media, but beware – the more planned your chats are, the more trapped you will feel.

When people are living in one city they can be spontaneous about their meetings and chats, while in long-distance relationships you might feel oblige to talk to your partner as much as possible.

 You change, and you drift apart

We are formed by our environment, thus, living in different parts of the country (or globe) will soon feel like you’re living in different worlds, which is true for many long distance relationship couples. That’s why the more you spend time away from each other, sharing the same social events, holidays, local celebrations, and environment as a whole, the more distant you will feel from each other.

You meet new people

It’s natural for people to bond and seek company. You may spend time with your friend, to a concert or some other event and meet someone interesting there. When you spend time with someone in real life it’s really easy to fall for them, while long distance relationships require constant work and focus on your partner and his needs.

There’s loneliness

No matter how much you chat and make video calls, there is always that feeling of loneliness eating you up. We are social creatures and we require physical contact as well – hugs, touches, the presence of your loved one near you. When you don’t have that on a daily basis it becomes really painful to continue long distance relationships.

You get busy

As you both have separate lives with work, friends, family, and various social events, it’s easy to lose track of time and suddenly you notice that you haven’t messaged your partner in a few days and he hasn’t either. His feelings might be hurt or he’s equally busy living his life – either way you have to deal with these kinds of things and always think of that person far away, otherwise your bond will fade.

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