Dirty Game (Episode 1)

Gosh! It was almost 7:30 am. I rushed out of the bedroom, picked up a kettle, performed absolution and prayed to God. Only God knows if the prayer was even answered or not because I couldn’t concentrate in it. I rushed from there to the bathroom; took my bath, brushed my teeth and dressed up for work.

I marched out like a soldier going for war. I got to the street where I could get a bus to my place of work very fast but it was quite unfortunate that I couldn’t get a bus on time and it was around 8:30 am. I started murmuring when I saw a bus coming. “Station Road”, I said to the driver. “maa bo”. Which means “come”, the driver replied, is forty naira, sir.

The driver said and I frowned at him but didn’t alter a word. I got to where to drop, gave him forty nairas and alighted peacefully. I trekked a little bit and got to the office. It was already 8:50 am.

“You are a bit late today”, said Mrs. Ola. “Yes, ma”. I replied.

It was not less than a minute that I took my seat when Mrs. Akin entered and greeted everyone on the seat and came directly to me. She was one of my bosses at the office before she had been posted to another department. “You will see an alert very soon. Granma is coming for clinic today and the money will be needed to take care of her”.

She said. “Ok ma”. I replied. That was not the first time of cashing fund through my Bank account. It was so because his uncle that does send the money could only locate that bank around him. After two minutes she had left, I heard a message sound on my phone. I picked it and checked the message. Mtcheeew! It was an unsolicited text message from my service provider. I hissed and threw the phone on the table with anger.


“Afeez, please come”, said Mr. Ayan. He was also one of my bosses like Mrs. Akin. He counted eighty thousand naira and handed it to me, with a paper that had an account number, account name and the name of the bank. “Drop it into that Bank account”, he said. “Alright sir”, I replied.

Since Oxford Bank is not too far from Global bank I was sent to initially, I decided to take my ATM card along in case the money drops into my account. I checked my wallet for the card but couldn’t find it. I searched my bag and everywhere I thought of, but I couldn’t find it. I decided to zoom off to the Oxford bank.

On my way to the bank, I started tasking my brain where I put the card and the answer appeared to me as if I am an NTA news-caster who reads on the screen. Oh, yah! It was in the pocket of a pair of trouser I hung in my wardrobe and I smiled. I continued with the trek when I heard a deep voice from my back… TO BE CONTINUED


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