DEATH WISH (Episode 1)

By Ellen Eliza

He bit his lower lips in ecstasy, his head thrown back with his eyes closed as the pretty blonde squatted in between his legs, her mouth over his hardened member, her head bobbing up and down, pleasuring him in ways she knew best and he was sweating profusely despite the fact that his office was air-conditioned.
He groaned as the lady did wonders with her mouth.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, he lifted her up and she immediately pushed her skimpy skirt up to her waist, pushed her panties to one side and sat on him.
He groaned again holding her waist firmly as she went up and down, enjoying the sensation she was getting.


He was lost in the world of pleasure when his phone began to ring, annoying him the more.
The lady stopped riding him and made to get up when he pushed her back down
“Don’t stop” he ordered and she complied.
Glancing at the caller ID, he frowned.
“Yes, mom, what is it?” He spoke into the phone
“You won’t believe it son!!” His mother squealed excitedly.

He rolled his eyes, his mother was always excited.
“Tell me mother” he answered, gripping the lady’s waist who was now grinding into him, moaning.
He smiled, she was a lioness.
“I found a girl for you son! She’s pretty. Very pretty. Her father is your dad’s best friend. Do you remember him? He’s a prominent businessman here in Luanda”
“Not again mom. I told you I’m not ready for marriage”

“You have been saying that for years now my son. You aren’t getting any younger. I need grandchildren. At least….” His mother paused when she heard moaning in the background.
“Adrian!!!! Don’t tell me you’re having sex in your office again!!” She yelled unbelievably
“Please, mom….. Oh, shit!!!!” Adrian groaned, throwing his head back as he reached his peak, reaching orgasm

“My God!! You’re a pervert!! You’re getting married whether you like it or not. At least you can keep having sex with only one woman” she thundered but he wasn’t listening anymore.
The pretty blonde was driving him.crazy.
“Are you listening to me, Adrian? Adrian? Arghhh” His mother screamed and hugged up but by then, Adrian had left the phone somewhere on the floor and was now standing in front of the lady who was now seated on his office desk, humping the living daylights out of her…


Several minutes later, he was buttoning his zip as the lady adjusted her skirt…
“That was beautiful Sir,” the lady said blushing
“Hmm. I told you, Bianca, this is just s3x. No strings attached. No emotions attached. Once we are done, you go back to being my secretary. I hope you haven’t forgotten?” He replied, his eyes fixed on his expensive tuxedo as he adjusted it
The blondie’s face fell, seeming somewhat disappointed.

After having s3x with Adrian for close to five months, she had hoped he was starting to developing some feelings for her, even if it was just tiny but she was wrong…
Like her friends always told her, for men, s3x was just s3x. Nothing more, nothing less. They barely attached emotions to it.
She sighed and turned.
“And yes Bianca. Tell my men to get my car ready. I’m leaving the office”
“Okay, sir” and she walked out…


He tied up the unconscious man behind the company building and removed his clothes.
He took off his own clothes and put the unconscious man’s clothes on. Done, he buttons the black suit and puts on the dark shades.
“I sure do look like a bodyguard now don’t I?” He chuckled “well here I come Adrian Kapala” he grinned, stared at the unconscious man one last time and walked out to join the rest before Adrian exited the company.


The three bodyguards rushed to his side as he exited the building and made for his car that was parked a few meters away. One bodyguard walked behind, the other at his side and the last walked ahead, looking out for dangers…
“Sir, would you like to go to your villa first?” One of them asked
He shook his head “No. You know I don’t go there in broad daylight. Take me home for now… And where’s Eugene?”
“Behind you sir”
“Okay… Damn! I forgot my documents. I’ll be back” Adrian began to walk inside and Eugene followed him
“I’m not going out of the country Eugene so don’t follow me”
The man didn’t move an inch.


“Orders from my father I guess” Adrian groaned and turned to stare at the man who nodded. He resumed walking. Suddenly he stopped and turned again, taking a good look at Eugene.
Why did he look so strange, different and unfamiliar today…
“Did you get a haircut Eugene? Or you shaved?” Adrian inquired and the man only shook his head.
Strange. Eugene never answered his questions with a nod.
Suddenly his brain began to send negative signals.
He trusted his instincts more than anything
“Who are you?” Adrian demanded.
“I said who are you?!!”
“It will be better you go to your grave without knowing” The man finally spoke and withdrew a gun from his back in a quick move.
Before Adrian could react, the man pulled the trigger and shot him twice.
He groaned as the bullet ripped through him, an immense pain radiating through his entire body.


A few of the workers at the company who had now packed their bags and were exiting the building screamed. Others made for the door while the rest ducked searching frantically for cover.


They were waiting for Adrian to go get his document when they heard gunshots.
They exchanged glances and at that moment, they needn’t anyone tells them what to do.
Reaching behind them for their guns, they ran inside the building and spotted the third bodyguard searching for an exit.
Without a word, they began to fire multiple shots at him and soon, he laid dead, blood gushing out of the wounds.


“Relax mother. My brother would be fine” Tessy hugged her mother who wouldn’t stop crying.
They had received a call from one of Adrian’s security men telling them about him getting shot.
“I want to see my son… Let me see him” Mrs. Kapala wailed uncontrollably.
Suddenly the door burst open and a frail-looking doctor walked towards them wearing a forlorn look.
They rushed to him bombarding him with questions, he stayed mute
“Say something doctor!!! I want to see my son!!” Mrs. Kapala yelled in frustration
“I’m really sorry ma’am” he began
“Sorry? Sorry for what?”
“Your son was already dead before he was brought here, ma’am. We couldn’t save him. I’m sorry”


Gregory Kapala, Adrian’s father had spotted his wife and daughter talking to a doctor as soon as he stepped into the hospital…
Getting near them, he dropped his cellphone to the floor as soon as he heard what the doctor had said about his son…
“What the hell did you just say?” He made for the doctor grabbing his collar angrily
“I’m sorry sir”
“Shove your stupid sorry up your ass Mr doctor and get back in there and save my son!!!!”
“Don’t sir me!!! I’m not listening to any rubbish… My son isn’t dead got it?!!!”
The doctor sighed and walked back into the theatre where Adrian’s body lay fully covered with a white sheet.
There was nothing he could really do. He was already dead before he got to the hospital…
He stared at the body one more time and walked out, shutting the door behind him.


In the theatre, Adrian stepped out of his body and glanced around.
It sure did look like a hospital but then again, why was he in the hospital?
He folded his arms on his chest and cocked his head to one side, thinking.
He was in his company, talking to one of the bodyguards, then he pulled out a gun and he got shot.

Christ! He exclaimed and touched his body but there was no wound.
He stared at himself for a second and then shrugged. Adrian walked to the door and stretched out his hand to hold the handle when his hands passed right through the door, followed by his entire body.
He blinked once, twice, thrice.
“The hell!! How did I get to the corridor without opening the door?!” He muttered.
Soon he spotted a nurse passing by.
“Excuse me, nurse!!” He called out but she walked past him.

Another nurse passed by and he called out to her but she walked past him as if he wasn’t even there in the first place.
“Hey!! Why won’t anyone talk to me?!!!” He yelled loudly but no one seemed to have heard him. Everyone walked past him like he was non-existent.
“What the hell is happening? Am I suddenly invisible?!!” He yelled again
“There’s no point in shouting. They can’t hear you, neither can they see you. You’re dead” A thunderous voice spoke from nowhere.


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