Write My Story (Chapter Eight)


“She was there one minute with that guy called Tunde and of a sudden; I turned and couldn’t find her anymore. She disappeared into the air! I told her not to talk to anyone! I… I.., I… told her to stay where I told her to while I gather the guys and introduce her to them but I turned at first saw her dancing to the music.

“I felt like it was all right since she was enjoying herself. I turned again and looked; she was still talking to that guy. She didn’t show any sign of distress whenever I looked at her, she was smiling my way when I last saw her and she was talking to the Tunde guy!

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“She didn’t make any sign that she was in trouble the last time I saw her sir, I swear, she was smiling. She acted like all was well.” Rita kept repeating herself to the police officer.

After realizing Charlotte was nowhere to be found; she called Victor, Charlotte’s immediate older brother and told him of her fears, only to be awakened by police this morning with question’s she had no answer to. She was the one who called, why was she the main suspect?

“What was she doing in that place? She was supposed to be at her hostel.” The police officer asked the umpteenth time. Rita felt like screaming at the man who looked like he didn’t know why he was there in the first place. He obviously did not want to help in the case because he and his partner were giving her the look that says these spoilt over-privileged children would just keep giving their parents headaches.

“I swear to God! She was the one that told me we should go there. Though I have been thinking, maybe she had planned with him for them to meet there and she forgot to tell me.” Then her head cleared and she asked something she should have asked a while ago.

“Are you going to check this Tunde guy I have been mentioning? I don’t really know much about him but I know he rolls with one of the popular students on campus. I could help with the investigation.” Rita suggested. She would have not been able to sleep last night if she hadn’t had some stuffs at the party. But this morning, with a clearer head, she was beginning to regret her decisions.

The policeman smiled and replied, “Young woman are sure you know the lady we are talking about here?”

Rita nodded feverishly, “Yes, yes, Charlotte is my best friend.”

“Good, then you should know she is a pastor’s kid, a worker in her fellowship and though your theory might be valid we still do not believe you. Has she ever attended any of these parties?”

“No, sir.”

“Do you?” the second policeman asked.

“Yes I do, sometimes.” She did not like where this was going, but she was willing to let the police do their jobs. She had seen it in movies that suspects and witnesses are first taken to the police station for questioning and if possible lawyers are called. She really did not mind being questioned here though, because she did not want to go near any police station.

At her answer, both policemen turned to look at each other with a knowing look.

“You said she was the one that suggested you both go for this … party?”

“Yes. “

“Hnmm concerning Mr. Tunde, we have searched his lodgings in school and even questioned him last night but his story remains the same, he was at his friend’s house partying” the policeman raise a finger to silence her, “and before you think it was the same party you claim your friend was abducted, it’s a completely different party. All his friends can attest to that.”

Rita was confused and began replaying each scene in her head.

“So make this easy for us,” The Policeman said, as he broke into Rita’s thoughts.

“Sure sir, sure…I want to see my friend also” she said as she eyed the other man in black skeptically.

“Accept the fact that you planned this, show us the hideout and all this would sort itself out.” If the situation were not real, Rita would be laughing right now. Like seriously? What would be her motive?

The policeman continued, “Mr. Tokunbo doesn’t want this to be on the news just yet because of his wife’s image and the church. Why would you take a girl like that to that sort of place?” he asked in disgust.

“What do you think? Do you think everything is black and white? She forced my hand and we went their together. I have told you all that I know!” She ended the statement on frustration. Her lodge mates were beginning to come out of their rooms, some were passing like they had something important to do, while others found themselves busy with something so they could remain outside to watch the drama.

“Do you expect me to have a GPS tracker on her? Why didn’t her father place one on her when she was coming down to school? I don’t know where she is sir! The last time I saw her, she was smiling” Rita shouted, let them hear if that was what they wanted.

The policemen took two steps from her and started discussing or from the way their hands were moving, arguing between each other. Rita came to a conclusion on what their decision was and began to panic when she saw the other annoying one bring out a handcuff and they walk back towards her.

“Young woman, we would have to take you in for further questioning. Please remain silent” He motioned for his colleague to bring handcuffs.

In fear, Rita backed away as she shouted and tried to draw more attention from the people on her street. “I am not going anywhere with you! You don’t even know how to do your jobs.”

“Silence madam.” The annoying policeman said he looked like he was of a higher rank compared to the other one. If he was then he had gotten there via his meanness. “Are you your own lawyer? Do you want me to read your rights?” He asked respectfully.

Rita saw that there was no way out of it so she consented. “No sir, I really want to see my friend.”

“Let’s move it”.

Rita asked if she could go back inside to change but was refused. The other officer told her to turn her back and her hands were handcuffed like a prisoners’ then she was walked to the Izuzu truck parked outside her hostel, with various people looking at her onlookers whispering and shaking their heads.

“Sola! You see that girl? She is an armed robber!” Iya Sola, one of the shopkeepers whose shop was opposite Rita’s hostel told her daughter. She ignored the fact that Rita was her regular customer and sometimes tells her to keep the change. The woman was tired of her daughter’s fast fingers and had found the case of the young woman being escorted to the truck a valid example for her.

“Mommy!” Sola said surprised at her the venom in her mother’s voice.

“Yes! All those things she wears about, where else would she have gotten them if not from stealing? Stop stealing Sola … it does not pay, except you want to end up like her.”

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As always now, here’s an excerpt from chapter nine, still working on my write-ups. Your views are welcomed.

The moment his eyes landed on her defiant ones by the creek, an urge to have her came upon him, so he had sent his men to get her for him. Now that he had had her, he needed her in his life.

“No my love, don’t look at me that way.” He says as they lay facing each other on his bed. Her hair is shielding her beautiful eyes, so when he raises on hand to adjust her hair and she flinches, he decides to go the other route. “What is your name damsel?”

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