We were made  to sit on the ground, to wait. Our feet had been shackled in pairs as we queued at the entrance of an incompleted building somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We were all of us girls, whom had become slaves to be sold to the highest bidder at the Sea goddess market tomorrow. But the events of today would scar me for a lifetime.
          Since dawn we have been listening to agonizing screams that echoed from the throats of girls who were been ravaged by ten slavers each. It was a business strategy. “Deflower the girls a day before sales and still sell them at the same price as virgins”. The men boasted about their genius plan.
          All the while I was still. I clenched my fist tightly. The other girls cried incessantly but i wasn’t going to let them take pleasure. My mind had drifted off to a better place. Home. Home to my parents who will be sunken in grief. Their only child was gone. I also went home to Elio, my love.
        I reminisced in that night when his hands had crept underneath the folds of my wrapper to caress my thighs. How his studly body was pressed against my frame. How his hands were cupped around my breast as his lips locked with mine in a snog. How  my legs parted like the red sea at the command of his gentle nudge. Elio slip his hands between my legs, his hand were trembling. He wasn’t sure if I was ready. But when he met no underwear in the way, he gasped and knew what to do.
     ” You, you’re next” one of the men bellowed at me.  My heart exploded, I was numb so I sat there as if I hadn’t being called. Then two slavers came and dragged me inside and landed me on a table like a sacrifice.The walls were brown colour and only little rays of light could penetrate the thick curtains on the windows. It was best to focus on the room than the people in it or the inevitable.
       The first slaver flung my legs from east to west and made to thrust into me. Immediately I slipped back to reverie, my life was over. I knew things from hereon could only get worse. “Goodbye world” I whispered as quietly as the sound of breath escaping the nose.I revealed a piece of glasses that was hidden in my palm and plunged into my jugular faster than anyone could blink. My blood gushed out wildly like a broken pipe ragging and watering the floor. They were enraged,they commanded the others to throw me in the river. I twichted my lips to side to form a smug smile.
        As life forsoke me, I regretted one thing. I regretted not giving myself to Elio, I regretted leaving him that because I wanted to keep myself till marriage. But one thing remained. Let me go with dignity. Atleast now, no one will rape my corpse.
A short story by : Frederick Daniel


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