The Side Piece

Looking into my eyes, he tore the picture into shreds.

“Get out!”

His voice was low. Harsh. Menacing, and I jumped at the sound. I knew telling him was a mistake. I knew hiding it for so long was an even bigger one.

What father would reject his daughter?

I thought he would love her.

I thought it would be like it was in the novels. His love for me wouldn’t let him cast me away.

I thought he would take me in his open arms. Kiss the tears off my face, and say he understands. Carry me in his arms, then take me to the bed room, and we would have a sweet love making.

I also knew I should have realized it wasn’t possible. I should have known this wasn’t fiction like the novels I always buried myself in.

I looked at the picture in my hands, turned the front over, and stared at the beautiful face. I raised it up to him.

He was looking at me with cold eyes.

“I said you should get out Matilda! Get the hell out!”

“She’s your daughter” I replied in a small voice. No matter how I tried, his rage scared me, and I never wanted to talk back. The time I tried that, he had shut me out. All that talk about feminism and equality was crap. At least in my world it was.

Talk back to Dan?

A joke.

His eyes seemed to turn to granite. It was hard, and was in slits. He watched me for a while, and ran his hands in his face. He didn’t like seeing me scared because of him.

“You just want to make my life complicated.” He said, resigned.

Oh yes! I was the side piece. He had a stable enough family at home, where he was the loving father. He came to me, his expression changed. I knew he had thought of something .

“Matilda…she still stays with you. She doesn’t know she has a father. Let’s just continue with you. You being the darling I know, my baby, and leave it as it is.”

I looked down, willing myself not to cry.


“I’ll double the money I give you so you have enough.” He smiled as he said that. Like money should replace his presence. I should have been disgusted with him. I should have pushed him away.

But I didn’t. I never knew how to walk away.

The tears fell as I looked up at him, and he looked pained as he cleaned them with his knuckles.

“It will be fine. You’ll have enough. Life would continue as it is.”

He bent down and kissed my tears, what I wanted if he would accept her. As he begins his descent to my lips, I part my lips, yearning for his touch.

He had won. Again.


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