Slab of Wood.

Cole fitted the last slab of wood to the floor, and nailed it in. After several hits with his hammer, and was contented with how it looked, he dusted his palms on his pants, and stood up.

He moved backwards and looked at the work. It looked good. The way only fine wood will. There were no injuries on them, and it was all flat. He turned and looked at the space that would be the sitting room, and he could already imagine how everything would be once furniture was put in it. Coupled with the imagination of his fiancé.

He walked outside and looked at the house. The wood work, which had the most work and took the most times was almost done. Painting would be next, and then the pipes for water, then electrical work. He thought about how excited Cheryl would be when she saw the house. She was a girl who liked to get her hands dirty despite her very fancy fashion job.

His mind wasn’t really on Cheryl however, no matter how the thought of her got him happy. He was thinking about today. The last year, today. He had been in this same building, though it would be unrecognizable now compared to how it was then. So many changes had happened. He and his father, who was the architect, were walking around, he with a pen and paper as his father gave plans for the house, when he slumped.

Cole didn’t really understand. One minute they were making a joke, the other, Tony, his dad, was on the floor. He had shouted, and the other men working with them on the building came. Cole remembered staring at his father’s seemingly lifeless body and wondering if he was really dead. He remembered feeling cold inside, but sweating lots outside.

Tony was put in a car, with a number of men fussing over him, and soon enough, he woke up. As soon as he was put on a stretcher however, Tony died. Cole knew it. He knew it as his father’s frail hold on his palm loosened. He knew it as the short breaths stopped, but he followed him in, not wanting to believe it.

That night was the worst night he had ever experienced. He was numb, and he drank. That was what the guys had said. They had spurred him on. Drink your sorrows away. Drink and forget about it, but not once did he forget what happened that morning.

He heard movements, and snapped back to reality. His father would be proud. He was a firm believer in Heaven, though he wasn’t sure whether they were given the privilege to look down and see what they’re loved ones were doing, one thing he knew however, was that Tony would be proud, and right now, that was enough.

He looked to the side and saw Jason, one of the men that worked with him. He was older, but still looked and acted young. He had lost a son too, and had played a big role in comforting him after Tony’s death.

“Yo what’s the occasion? Hoping to steal some hearts tonight?”

The man smiled. “I actually have a date. What do you think about the assemble?” He asked as he pointed to his dressing.

“You look great. No woman in her right mind would refuse you.”

He chuckled, then his expression turned sober.

“Are you okay?”

Cole nodded. He understood the man’s concern. Today, all the guys had been cautious around him, not wanting to get him off the edge. They knew what today was, and he appreciated them for it.

“Yes. I’m fine. Thank you.”

He nodded and patted Cole’s back as he left.

After a while, Cole was ready to go.

He turned, and the sight that greeted him was none other than that of Cheryl. She walked towards him, and hugged him tight.

“You are here.”

Cole was surprised. She wasn’t supposed to be here until next week.

She smiled softly and touched his face.

“I was able to make out time. You need me.”

His heart did some acrobatics and he tightened his hold on her and kissed her.

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