The Search For a Partner

Welcome to a world where being single and searching for a partner is a phase common to all and sundry. There’s absolutely no one in the world today that didn’t pass through this phase; including someone who already has one. So, if you are currently undergoing the quite daunting task of finding one, good news is its normal and you’re not alone.

Who is a partner?

Long story cut short, a partner is a person who shares or is associated with another in some action or endeavor. A spouse, a husband or a wife,

I really think no better definition can do more justice than  this. What then are tell tale signs to look out for when searching for one?

Qualities A Good Partner Should Possess

Sense Of Direction

Imagine boarding a bus that has no particular destination in mind, what happens? It takes you just anywhere. Same applies to partner who has no sense of direction. He/she can’t take you to your desired destination in life. Anyone with zero sense of direction, no goal in mind, no reasonable and achievable future plans in mind won’t make you a good partner.


Trust me; no one wants to settle for a man/woman who treats them like shit. Most people stay put in an abusive relationship for ‘God knows why’ reason. If he won’t respect you now, he won’t later; if she doesn’t respect you now, it’s till death do you part.

Belief And Values

Can two walk together except they agree? Absolutely not. Another question you should ask yourself when searching for a partner is: what are my beliefs and values? This will enable you channel your mind in the right direction. You need someone whose belief and value aligns with yours.


What is a relationship without love in the first place? Go for a partner who loves you for who you are and will go any length to see that you become the man/woman of your dreams. Also, ensure you both are on the same page where love is concerned; trust me, you don’t want to be friend zoned.


Be on the lookout for someone you are attracted to both physically and sexually; you don’t want to be a victim of a relationship without attraction, someone whose closeness repels you. So when you are on the lookout, ensure it’s someone whose presence you always long for.

The list of qualities to look out for in a partner is endless. If you’ve got more qualities you desire in your partner, kindly share in the comment box.

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