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It was one of those nights where everything falls into place for gossiping. A hectic lecture schedule, no lights and a full moon with the breeze swiftly rustling the tree leaves; we were all gathered outside our lodge gisting when the serenity of the night was chattered by a sudden outburst of gunshot.

In a flash, our gathering dissipated with everyone running off to their rooms and locking their doors hoping and praying that everything was going to be fine. I lay on my bed with my roommate Lydia as we held each other so close the gunshots was still loud and clear within a couple of minutes the gunshots sounded right in front of my door and with their sophisticated weapons they broke into every door in my lodge, the men were looking so fierce they started beating us, they packed us into their vans as they had also broken into different lodges.

We were all crying and shaking with the men pointing guns at us shouting “Quiet or I shoot you” I was just there praying silently for a miracle but it looked like the more I prayed the more it looked real that we have been kidnapped. The journey lasted for more than six hours before we arrived in a thick forest, the vans packed and the men started shouting again “Jump down” They took us through a thick part before we reached a mansion that looked so beautiful and they told us to file inside the mansion we sat down on the bare floor when a man who must be in his mid-fifties looking so fierce and huge faced us and told us if you are a female here and you are a virgin then consider yourself lucky but if you are not you are dead and he laughed sarcastically, Lydia then pinched and said in a low voice “ Ola, I’m dead John deflowered me two months ago” before I could say anything the man shouted again if I catch you talking you are dead!

In the morning they separated the males among us and took them to a place I never knew till today and then a man came dragging me and took me into a room where he shouted “undress and lie down now” with tears in my eyes I obeyed and he moved closer to me with his legs touching mine he raped me mercilessly for a long time, all I could was cry I was so weak, the man told me to freshen up and get out which I obeyed.

When I got out the first thing I saw was Lydia’s corpse she had been killed by the man that wanted to have sex with her who   found out she was not a virgin he threw her corpse outside along with some other girls who were not virgins, I wept for fear and I just wanted to die and since then we became sex objects that was passed around I was psychologically traumatized, I woke up every day with the fright of what will happen next?

watch out for ola’s diary episode 2(The conclusion)…..

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