I turned to Ian, my friend and colleague. We were servers in the new restaurant that had just opened, and so far, business had been going well.

“Mister tall, dark, and handsome is motioning for you.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “No he is not.”

“Yes he is. What’s your problem anyway? Why all mean?”

I faced him, hands on my waist.

“I don’t know Ian, but I don’t feel good about him?”

He rolled his eyes. Typical Ian. “What don’t you feel good about? Some hot guy wanting to talk to you?”

I frowned at him. “I expected you’ll be on my side.” He shook his head and continued with his order.

Okay, when I thought about it, there wasn’t a valid reason to not give him an ear, but I knew his type. I had dated his type, though to be fair, there was no proof that he wanted anything from me, or that he was even like the other guy.

“That guy over there…he’s not going to leave until you go over.”

I looked at May, the one that handled the taking away orders, then buried my head in my hands. It really shouldn’t be hard. Go over to him, and done.

“He isn’t bad. I’ve handled his orders a few times.”

I turned to her. She was good enough, though we didn’t have that relationship yet. Unlike I and Ian who already knew each other before we begin work in the restaurant, May, we didn’t know before.

I watched Ian come in, his face scrunched.

“Some people are just annoying. By the way, your guy wants tooth pick “

I raised myself up, then looked at the guy in question.

He was staring right at me, as if waiting to catch my eyes, and he had tooth pick between his lips.

I gave in to the smile that had I had been holding in, and he smiled as well. I was the one who looked away first, and adjusted my cloth, took my book, and walked towards him.


“You are terrible at this!”

I said with mock horror as I looked at my toe nails. This weekend was one that we had dedicated to relaxing, and one of the things on the list was painting each others nails, and so far, Frederick had been doing…terrible, but I loved it.

I loved the feel of his hands on my legs. The way he was painting the nails with so much care but still failing at it.

I wiggled my toes, and he looked up.

“You’re not making this easy for me Mer”

I smiled. “Just thinking of the first day we met. With your request for tooth pick.”

He smiled fondly. “I honestly forgot I had a toothpick in my mouth. Just had to talk to you.”

I smiled, then bent to cradle his face in my hands, then kissed him.

“I love you Fred.”

His response was a steaming kiss as he knocked off the bottle of varnish and raised himself up to hold me.

Hi, thank you for reading. This is a response to a word challenge, the word being, toothpick.

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