Issues of relationships are really delicate matters that ought to be given adequate and urgent attention, what with the abuse people suffer all in the name of staying put and trying to save their relationships. By doing this, they expose themselves to danger.

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence involves an act of causing feelings of physical pain, injury or bodily harm to ones spouse or intimate partner. It is a form of physical abuse, only this time it is occurring in the home between a couple – Naij

When a Relationship Turns Sour

Every relationship goes through that initial sweet and all loved up stage where nothing else matters asides the duo, while for some this stage lasts through their lifetime, others might not be so fortunate to continue in this bliss of a successful relationship.

When something like this happens, most partners resolve to domestic violence as a means of venting their anger.

Dealing With An Abusive Spouse

Putting up with an abusive spouse is really tasking as the victims are in a zone where they have absolutely no control over the situation. Living with this has negative effects on the victim’s health and general well being; in worst cases it might lead to the death of such victim.

The best solution to this more often than not is for such victim to opt out of the relationship.

Danger Of Domestic Violence In Relationships

  • Health Challenge

Victims of domestic violence are exposed to a whole lot of health challenge, not only are they abused physically; their emotional and psychological health are also in great danger.

  • Inferiority Complex

This is an unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy caused by actual or supposed inferiority in one sphere, sometimes marked by aggressive behavior in compensation – Google

Victims of domestic violence end up having a shattered self esteem and the result is inferiority complex. This is because all forms of confidence they have get crumbled.

  • Risk of Death

Study reveals that domestic violence claims the life of one woman every eight days. This is the most dangerous effect of domestic violence. While some victims scale through the danger posed by domestic violence, others might not survive it.

Domestic violence in relationships is not something to be put up with as the end result can be really drastic.

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