I was questioned recently to choose marriage or my career (which I’m still building), this question came as a joke from an old friend that said he wants to marry me and I told him that I need to work on my career and he asked which I’ll choose, I told him my career in case you’re wondering

So this post is for all the men asking us to choose between our career and marriage and also for the ladies that have been asked this annoying /abnormal question.

Number 1. Why do I have to chose?

Why can’t I have my bomb ass career and still have a great marriage?

Will you ever ask a man if he’ll choose between his marriage and career? Then why ask me? If it’s because of child birth we all know that you will be excused from work when the time comes or is it because as a woman I’m the only one that’s supposed to sacrifice for our marriage?

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He also said marriage will make me fulfilled, did I tell you that the career I want will not fuel my soul with love and fulfillment?

So let me tell you why you should never choose!

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To the women choosing their marriage over career

  • If your career is something you’re passionate about you will feel empty from time to time and even spiteful against your husband?


  • When you see your fellow ladies getting promoted at work and inviting you to celebrate, you’ll get angry at yourself for not chasing your career and balancing both.


  • My husband, I want to make my hair, buy new clothes, buy pad … you will become dependent on your husband and if you we’re independent before you’ll feel like a burden and pinch yourself for your mistake.

To the women choosing career over marriage

– How will you feel if your man does the same? Baby come and eat me for dinner and he replies that he has some work to do and other bla.

– Will you be happy going home after work every day to meet an unhappy man? Or someone you can no longer recognize?

Dear ladies,

I tell you that you do not have to choose, women are pressurized to sacrifice so much in a marriage when everything is supposed to be a joint effort!

I stumbled on a question to the ladies saying ladies with degrees, why can’t you leave work for 5 years to raise your kids then go back?

Because your employer will wait for you? Where will you find another job? Oh my, forgive me, I forgot that when you tell your employer that you left to raise your child they will accept you back ASAP.

It takes 5 years to raise a child?? I mean after breast feeding and when the child is strong enough, why can’t the man of the house leave his job for 5 years to take care of his kids? What if the woman is earning more?

You did not study for nothing and you do not exist for marriage, you do not have to choose, find balance, it exists, it won’t be easy but what’s the thing with good things? Not easy to get.

Where do you stand on this topic? Are you with me or against? Contributions, comments and arguments are welcomed

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