Kennan stood at the edge of the bridge, looking at the ocean fumble its foam out at the shore. The cold the breeze traveled with swept in between her toes, she took another sip of Johnnie walker whiskey which was only remaining a little and shook her head. She just wants to end it all, she has thought about suicide so many times but never had a tangible reason to attempt one, but now she does, her world is falling apart, her phone kept on ringing she took it and looked at the screen closely to know the caller and it was him, it was tobe, he has called a thousand times but Kennan was no longer interested in his explanations, she thought about the night before at the Randolf party and cried the more.

• That night the party was blazing, respectable and distinguished men and women were mingling together, lots of foods were served and paraded about, nsala, egwusi, oha, ukwa, were beautifully placed on the tables, normally Kennan would ask tobe about them but she didn’t, which made him surprised, especially the part where she turned her back to chat with others ignoring his compliments on her dressing, tobe knew there was trouble, and Kennan was no pushover. He hid his confusion behind a smile so people won’t find out what’s going on. Kennan normally would have pretended and talked about it at home later, but if she’s ignoring him in front of his friends then there must be trouble.

“whats the problem Honey” he asked trying to lure her out of her silence, she ignored him again moving out further into the crowd and greeting more people, tobe could tell she didn’t know most of them, soon the dance began, he wanted to ask the pretty women standing next to him to join in the dance with him, he knew she was angry with her but couldn’t do something like that, he tried other tricks, he walked towards her and brushed his body against hers singing along to the count Mondiegos “salute”, still this didn’t make her smile. Kennan wasn’t even looking at him.

Later that night, he decided to take her home, the driver was already waiting outside in the car when they both came out and went in through different doors, the driver was surprised because normally he would open the door for her, he sat on one side and she on the other side, they were pretty quiet for a while, tobe knew she was not ready to talk to him so he thought of a way to start a conversation, by joking about the Randolph’s and dramas surrounding Nigerian weddings, but she still didn’t move finally he mentioned something that got her attention

“Kennan you’ve been quiet throughout the party I’m sure it’s not just about the wedding? “

“I’m fine” she replied still looking out the window
“I don’t think so honey” he replied
“oh please don’t call me that” she replied sharply still looking out the window

“Kennan is something wrong” he asked again this time coming closer to her
“well you tell me” she replied this time looking at him
“I don’t understand, tell you what?”
“why you lied”
“Oh please tobe”
“No, tell me what lie are you talking about”
“you are seriously asking me that now tobe, OK let’s start with Jennifer”

“yeah Jennifer your girlfriend who is supposed to be your stepsister, and wow you have a son, and all these while you’ve been crying with me, praying with me tobe, I didn’t know I have been fooled,

“what are you talking about Kennan a who bloody told you all these lies”
“Lie tobe? You dare sit in my face and lie the more and talk to me about lies, oh I thought you were different, finally, I was going to believe my father’s assumptions about African men were all false, look at me, how do I even face him,”

“Kennan I know Danny must have told you a lot of things, and you choose to believe him? are you having feelings for him or something”

“don’t you dare turn this into something else tobe, you thought I couldn’t figure out who that poor woman was, that’s what you all do, you use white women and dump them for your African lovers when you want to get married.

“Kennan you simply don’t understand “
“what is there not to understand, that I just found out that the man I love is one sick cheating asshole, and I’m just a contingency plan for you, is it? So you can brag to your Nigerian friends about how you finally got a white girl who you fuck anytime you want”

Tobe realized it was a battle he was going to lose if he keeps on pretending he didn’t understand what Kennan was saying, he felt her pain, he was going to tell her but he didn’t know she was going to find out that way.

He touched her and she drifted his hands away, she told the driver to stop and walked off alone into the cold.

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Written by Emerie Ebube


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  4. Man this Emerie ebube is one hell of a writer, the dude got fire. This is well constructed u could feel myself in this piece, waiting for the continuation of Sarah’s diary, who is Jane ford and much more

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