TWISTED PATH (Episode 4)
By Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


Fatima took caution as she approached the just conscious man, she had learned from experience. Biola had advised she use the sedative just In case there was any trouble and with her left hand she grabbed the sedative injection on the table and hid it behind her back.
“Hello, what is happening? What am I doing here?”  The man blurted.

“It’s nice that you are finally awake,” Fatima replied, flashing him the doctor’s smile.
“Who are you, people? What do you want from me?” He asked in confusion.
“You were involved in an accident and badly injured but we have been taking care of you.” Biola stepped in.

Mohammed racked his brain to recollect but his memory was all bleak.
“I don’t remember having any accidents, can you take me home please?” He asked.
“Am sorry, you are not fully healed, you need time to recover,” Fatima explained.

“I said I want to go home. Take me out of here.” Mohammed shouted in frustration. He tried to get himself out of bed but was restrained by the pain in his head.
Fatima was about using the sedative on him but stopped when she saw tears flowing out of her victim’s eyes.

“I really want to go home, please take me home.” Mohammed cried.
“It’s alright, we will take you home,” Fatima assured.
“Before that, we need you to tell us your name,” Biola spoke.
“My name! I don’t remember my name.” He replied after a failed attempt to lift the fog in his memory.
“Why can’t I remember anything?” He cried again.
Moved by his tears, Fatima gave him a hearty hug.
“Don’t worry? Everything is going to be alright.” She consoled.

“Just lie there and rest, we are going to get you something to eat,” Biola said before dragging her friend out of the room.
“I think he is having amnesia, it will take time before he would remember anything,” Biola explained.
“This is complete shit, what am I going to do now?”
“I think you need to be patient,  give him time to heal and remember. A couple of days should do the magic, leave him here and continue  with your life.” Biola said.
“I really don’t want to impose.” Fatima.
“It’s alright, what are friends for.” They shared a hug.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Fresh out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist, Abeeb strolled to the bar and poured himself a drink. The day had been hectic for him, even though the agency never got their hand on Mohammed, at least the attack was stopped and the only people who got hurt were the bad guys. He took a swig of the drink as he relaxed on his sofa.
Forty minutes later, Abeeb was woken by the incessant ringing of his phone. He was shocked by the realization that he had slept off on the sofa. Swiftly, he reached for his phone and picked the call.

“Hello, Farouq.” He spoke.
“Hello sir, we found something in the house.”
“What?” Abeeb asked anxiously.
“An ID card belonging to a lady called Fatima Tukura, she is a medical student at the state teaching hospital,” Farouq informed.
“Alright, check our database and see if we can get anything on her.”
“Okay, sir.” The call ended and Abeeb proceeded into the bedroom with his drink.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Fatima left her friend’s shop very early the following morning. When she entered the house, she never had the suspicion that someone had ransacked it in her absence. She had taken shower, dressed up and was about dashing out when she realized her ID card was missing. After she had searched the whole room, she concluded that she had forgotten it at Biola’s place.

Fatima alighted the taxi she boarded as soon as it stopped opposite the teaching hospital. She rushed inside and headed to her work post. It was from the stairs that she was hearing voices coming to her supervisor’s office and was about knocking when she heard her name being mentioned. Standing behind the door, she eavesdropped on the conversation going on in the office.

Twisted Path Episode 3

“It is true that Miss Tukura is an intern here and I happened to be her supervisor.” A female voice said.
“Can you tell me more about her please?” A male voice inquired.
“She is a very good girl, a little bit stubborn but highly responsible and hard working lady. But why are you people so interested in her.” Her supervisor said.
“Mrs. Adams it’s a matter of national security. When can we see her?” The male voice spoke again.
“She should be in the building by now, it’s past time for her to resume.” Her supervisor answered.
Fatima was about to peep into the office through the keyhole when someone shouted at her from behind.

“What do you think you are doing?”.
Fatima turned and saw a heavily built man standing before her. Immediately the man saw her face, a hint of recognition appeared on his face.
“Sparrow four, I have the suspect in sight.” He started, touching his earpiece.

The word suspect sent a chill down her spine.
“Suspect? What have I done?” Fatima said stepping forward.
“Stay exactly where you are a lady.” The man said, trying to reach for his gun.

The instant Fatima saw the guy reaching for his gun, she knew her life was almost over. The only option she had was to flee. It became a chase inside the hospital as Fatima tried to outrun the agent on her trail. The only edge she had was that she knew every nook and cranny of the hospital better than any of them. Eventually, she got out and disappeared into the busy street.


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