LONG DESIRE (Home call)

By Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

“The most poisonous venom abides within a woman’s heart, Olabode my son do not be fooled by the two mountains on their chest, the calabash at their back or the dazzling beauty of their skin. No journey is more perilous than the journey between a woman’s thighs.” I thought Grandpa was being paranoid that cool evening when he fed those words to my ears but I later knew for myself that all he said was true.

Long Desire

Am so happy to be born a man, a strong, agile, handsome, smart and independent man. I may not be born with a silver spoon but I was born with a noble heart. Right from birth, I had been fed with honesty, bathed with humility and made to drink the water of the patient. I was never taught to be lazy, in fact, grandpa made sure I learn how to eat from my sweat at a tender age.

Some said he was being mean but I later realized he was teaching me how to never depend on anyone for my daily bread. Even though growing up from the slum wasn’t easy but I survived and became the man grandpa would be proud of but as they say, behind every successful man there is always a woman.

I can’t tell you how true the above saying is but I can tell you one thing, women can either be your angel or your worst nightmare. Let me reveal to you my escapade with this so-called feminine creature over the years. I was only fifteen when Linda, a senior, two years older led me into one of the toilets in our school and made me satisfy her intense sexual appetite.

I was surprised the next day when she slipped fifty naira note into my pocket and sent me gifts through her younger brother. I never knew what was happening so I went to see her after closing time to demand why she was being nice to me all of a sudden. I met her at the back of the class and demanded an explanation but instead of answering she pulled down her skirt.

Even though I never wanted to touch her again, I couldn’t control myself. We did it again and it would have cost me dearly if the school janitor had heard her moan. When my conscience wouldn’t allow me to sleep overnight, the next day I went straight to her class and told her before everyone that am done having sex with her.

I was too naïve to think she wouldn’t retaliate until two months later when the principal’s stolen phone was found in my bag, No one believed I was innocent but grandpa who I had narrated the incident too. He reprimanded me for the way I confronted her publicly and taught me more logical ways to handle matters of such in the future.
Ever since then I have been careful with girls, even when I was at the Polytechnic I never had a girlfriend.

Tinuade wanted me more than anything in this world, she tried different techniques to make me fall for her but I made sure we remained casual friends. Trouble came one night when some guys busted  into my room with weapons. They demanded my life in penance for messing with Tinu who according to them belonged to their leader.

If Kolapo my course mate who was also among them hadn’t interceded, maybe the scar on my back wouldn’t just be there as a memory, maybe I would have been buried like yam.
I learned the hard lesson that women are to be avoided like a plague if one wants to live a disaster-free life but I never considered what the phrase “falling in love” means until I met her.

The moment I set eyes on Folayemi that afternoon at the computer village, every lesson I thought I learned about women disappeared from my memory, I instantly became a slave to my emotions, While most people would admire her because of wealth, I fell in love with her personality. I did everything to make her realize I had my vision and not interested in anything she has. She understood and supported my dream up to the point of sending me to study overseas.

I didn’t find America as pleasant as I was led to believe but I focused on my study. A bad friend I made landed me in prison and made me lose everything I had. I spent ten months in jail until my friend who had run off was arrested and confessed my innocence. If Tolulope hadn’t been there, how would I have picked up the pieces? I lost contact with Folayemi and couldn’t return back home empty-handed.

I had nowhere else to live but Tolu’s place. After a while, I got a job and continued my schooling. I searched desperately for a way to get through to my love but found nothing. I landed into another hot stew when my student visa expired and I was almost deported. There was no other option than to fabricate a wedding with Tolu who was already a citizen.

Even though we both knew our wedding was a farce, it didn’t stop Tolu from climbing into my bed one awful winter night. The strength of my determination was no match against Tolu’s warm skin in the raging winter. I had gone back and forth before I realized I made a journey.

I would have packed out of the house if I had somewhere else to live but I didn’t. We both erased the incident from our memory and kept a safe distance from each other. Tolu had it all planned out, an already secured job for both of us before graduation and a fun trip to Las Vegas days after graduation.

The offer was tempting but I had to return to my Folayemi. I should have told her I was leaving but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I made it a secret. All arrangement were made behind her back and while she was snoring after glasses of champagne she had while celebrating our graduation, I slipped out of the house with my luggage. I left her a note of appreciation and a portion of my savings as a token of my gratitude.

Though I lost everything about Folayemi, the address to her house in Lagos was solid in my memory. As the taxi dropped me outside her gate, my only worry was maybe she had forgotten me and moved on. No one would have imagined the surprise on her face when she saw me walk through the door. Four years went by and my Folayemi remained as beautiful as I had left her. She jumped on me happily and I wrapped my hands tight around her.


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