Write My Story (Chapter Seven)


Wednesday couldn’t come faster; Gift had little sleep last night as she had played audios, read jottings and toyed with ideas in her head for the broken puzzle. Now she is wishing it had slowed down on its heels as she was sitting face to face with Charlotte’s Doctor, receiving lectures like she was in elementary school.

“I don’t like this game you are playing,” Dr. Pelumi says as he chugged water from a bottle.

“Calm down doc, you are upsetting the baby”. Gift patted her swollen abdomen and smiled at Dr. Pelumi knowing she was causing chaos in his section of the hospital and he felt powerless.

“She could have kicked you or hit you with something!” When he noticed that she did not cower or feel sorry about her actions from yesterday, he added to his claim, “I am the doctor here, stop telling me to calm down. I am not your client.” And with that, she gave raised her brows to his claim.

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She loved working with Dr. Pelumi, he knew how to manage situations and spaces too. His office was very comfy and well ventilated. With a table in accommodating his laptop and a picture of his family and files for imminent cases he was to attend to and cabinets on the far side of the wall with various files on the different case, he was truly very good at managing. His problem is that he has been used to dealing with easy-to-handle-cases; with two, maximum of four months his patients were done with the care he presented to them. Charlotte’s case, however, was over four months and sometimes, it felt like the girl was fighting her sanity not to return. During one on one sessions, she wouldn’t talk but just stare into space and sometimes smile.

Gift, on the other hand, was one of the few people besides her family with whom Charlotte has spoken since she woke fully from her semi-comatose state. However, compared to the way she had been responding to others, Gift is the first person she was opening up to about what happened the night she went missing, but not without a fight.

The gift actually took to writing after getting out of the rehab some years back. She had joined a social enterprise called Saving Lives By Choice, SLBC as a writer after she had been confirmed fit. It was during that period she found true love. Her writing was focused on helping others let their dark memories out and share with others. The funds gotten were used to support other survivors who did not have a family to help or whose family found it hard to take them back.

From her research, she had found out that Charlotte was very active in school, with fellowship, family and all. No one had suspected she was rotting from the inside and the only person who was aware and could have saved her, she just realized was her friend and dealer.

Gift checked her wristwatch for the thousandth time that morning. “Times up.” She says to Dr. Pelumi who has been busy reading medical books. “She should be up by now, shouldn’t she Doctor?”

Pelumi raised his head up reluctantly to her then checks his wristwatch, “Yes, she should be well rested by now.”

He looked agitated but Gift decided to ignore his silent objection. Pregnancy was not going to bar her from helping a young girl who was in dire need of her and besides, it’s been a while since she wrote. The story Charlotte has been feeding her with has been giving her inspiration, even for another book.

When Gift had reached the door, she heard Dr. Pelumi’s voice with a tinge of worry, “Don’t you think you should rest until tomorrow, then continue? You know you need to rest.

“My dear, if I should tell you all that I know you wouldn’t stop me now. Have patience and wait till I get the complete details from her.” She winked at him.

“Do you promise to rest later?” He asked.

“Sure Pelumi. You of all people should know I’m a hungry dog who just got a bone. I want to know what really happened to that young girl over there”. She walked back to the table and rests a hip on the doctor’s table and she touchs his cheek tenderly. “My love, can you remember the circumstances that led me to meet you? I feel she is rewriting my story with a twist. Can’t you see it?”

That silenced the good Doctor, and he just stares at his wife with care and hope for the girl resting in the other room.

“God! But this does not make me stop wishing I could tie you down. It’s the cause of the love I have for you and your passion…..”

Gift smiled with love brimming in her eyes, “Pelumi, if you are that worried, you can watch from the door.”

“I know”, he replied, then gently assisted her back to the door. “Just like you, I have work to do.”

“Let’s move it, work face and suit on!” Gift playfully mimicked a sergeant. Laughing loudly, Pelumi opened the door and answered with a sweep of his hand, “Sir, yes, sir.”


“Charlotte?” She heard her name called by a smoky voice and then felt a light tap on her left shoulder. She ignored the voice and the touch. If she acted like no one was calling her, then the person would get the drift and move away. She was here for one main reason and Rita was acting slow.

Contrary to their plan, there were no unoccupied stools or chairs for her to sit. She had to stand by the wall. Right now, looking from where she was, she was no longer by the wall, with all the movement and brushings, she was about four feet from the closest wall. Her legs were sore from standing and Rita, Oh Lord, where is she? Was not helping her condition.

“Charlotte, right?” The smoky voice by her ear says and she could feel his hot breath wash down her body. She turned her head to the source of the voice and stare at the chest of the source. Apparently, the source was some bending close to her ear to have such an effect. She looked up and saw his face, he was smiling as he had just won the lottery.

“That’s your name?” he asked as he shouted over the loud music and moved closer to her as the other guests were dancing and them closer together. Charlotte smiled prettily at the guy, he was from their school and not some random person, then she nodded her head in affirmation.

Then she turned to look in the direction Rita had disappeared just about ten minutes ago which was beginning to feel like eons. She couldn’t help not vibrating to the music even though she didn’t know one thing they were they rapping about.

“I’m Tunde.” He said and Charlotte responded with a tilt of her head while still facing the direction Rita had gotten lost in. “Hmmm, a pretty chick like you dancing in this place all alone, where’s your partner?” he asked.

She kept quiet but smiled immediately she sighted Rita coming out of the many rooms on the other end of the room. She pointed at Rita as if to say that was her partner, she didn’t care if the guy thought her to be a lesbian, it was none of his business. She squeezed her face in confusion when instead of walking towards her, Rita was busy gaining attention by grinding on the guy she was standing with – that was so not part of the plan.

“Oh nice, you don’t talk?” The guy standing beside her pressured her. Charlotte looked up at him, shook her head and kept on smiling. Rita would soon be here. The bass from the music was stronger now as the song had changed but she managed to keep pace with it.

“Oh… your face looks very familiar!” He shouted once again. She knew who he was, he was a friend to the ambassador for peace son. She had seen him in his clique a time or two. She would not expect the ambassador’s son to be in a place like this though. He would never come to a place like this, unlike her. “You are the Church girl in the Chemistry department. ..Never thought this was your style. You not only come into somewhere like this but you have a female for a partner. What a night!” He ended with excitement that Thomas Edison would have felt had he had loud music playing when he discovered every of his invention.

Charlotte looked at him in disgust and was forced to respond, “I don’t have her as a partner, she is my friend. We came in here together for a reason.”

Suddenly interested in the church girl, he chased on, “What reason? To preach to the lost souls? I don’t see you doing that?”

Why did she add the ‘for a reason’ to respond to this daft guy? She should have just kept her cool and quiet, but Rita was not even close to her yet. She must have had something because a crowd had gathered around her and her partner, hailing the, on. She was definitely a regular in events like this.

“What reason? Or do you care for a dance?” Tunde asked.

“It is for me to know and for you to find out. Actually, I am not supposed to be speaking with you, much less dancing with you! My partner” Charlotte said, stressing on the partner, “told me to sit down and not talk to anyone.”

“Why would she say that?” Tunde moves closer to Charlotte and starts grinding but she was having none of it. She kept moving away, even it involved bumping into a couple of people and apologizing.

“Because she watches out for me. To keep me from scums like you! Just stay as away from me.” She lashed out when he would not get the drift.

“As a scum, seeing a pretty damsel like you, I would love to do this with you” Tunde moves slowly and holds her quickly by the waist from behind, dragging her close to him, he started grinding and twisting against her.

“Stop it! Are you out of your mind?” Charlotte lashed out at him but no one was even coming to her rescue. She was in for it tonight until she suddenly stopped feeling him behind her. She looked back to slap him, but her hands like claws landed on someone else, Billy, the ambassador’s son.

“You are a cat, you know that?” She must have guessed wrong because here was the ambassador’s son, saving her from his rat of a friend.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” She said but did not mean it.

“Tunde, stay away from her,” Billy said to Tunde, who had an angry glint his eyes. “I am sorry about that, what’s your name and what are you doing here?”

“Stop acting, I am sure you know all about me,” Charlotte said as she began to relax her guard down. She was with a more familiar person, even though they had spoken less than three sentences since they both gained admission into the university.

Billy smiled and invited her to join him and his friends over there. Over there was where Rita had been showing off her skills and since moving with Billy meant she would have body armor to move her closer to Rita, she accepted. She did not take note that the door leading to the entrance of the house was not far from ‘over there’.

The last thing she could remember was screaming for Rita. She was not even sure of that, could it have been in her head?

Was this planned?

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Here’s an excerpt from the next chapter.

The policeman smiled and replied, “Young woman are sure you know the lady we are talking about here?”

Rita nodded feverishly, “Yes, yes, Charlotte is my best friend.”

“Good, then you should know she is a pastor’s kid, a worker in her fellowship and though your theory might be valid we still do not believe you. Has she ever attended any of these parties?”

“No, sir.”

“Do you?” the second policeman asked.


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