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Write My Story (Chapter Six)

“Zerah is a weakling in bed!” a woman, Aholibamah, who has been teased for a while, says.

“How so?” says Amah

“Yes … how so?” Another called Revel says.

“We had not even started when it all ended!”

Write My Story (Chapter Six)


The sound of women laughing gleefully fills the air as Dinah and Timna approach the creek with care. Since leaving their dwelling, Dinah has been of great confidence but as they draw near and can listen to what the women are crassly talking about, she is beginning to have second thoughts of not being properly prepared.

They crouch in the grass that conceals them from the colorful women and just when Dinah’s confidence begins to build again, three men appear. One of them talks for a very short while to one of the ladies and they gleefully laugh as the woman waves at her friend in delight and step into the grass where Dinah and Timna are hiding, not far from them.

It does not take long for Dinah to understand what is happening as she begins to hear the woman mewling and the man grunting. Timna beckons her to keep quiet so that they would not be discovered and Dinah just remains still. She takes her mind off the animalistic sounds made by the couple just a whisper away and focuses on what the women were saying.

“Zerah is a weakling in bed!” a woman, Aholibamah, who has been teased for a while, says.

“How so?” says Amah

“Yes … how so?” Another called Revel says.

“We had not even started when it all ended!” Aholibamah adds to her claim.

“Poor Aholibamah,” Revel says as she stops pounding her clothing and continues as she dramatically complements what she just said, “and to say we pretend to the men that we don’t like it.” The other women begin to giggle at their well-kept secret.

Amah takes a break from laughing to pitch in, “If we do, they would not respect us anymore.”

“That’s true, see what it brought you!” spits another woman who has been silently washing all along.

“What have I done?” Amah asks.

“You told us that you behaved the fair and shy virgin with the prince, Shechem.”

“Yes… I was a virgin before he took me Matred.” Amah says to the one called Matred.

The one called Matred replies sarcastically, “And yet he hasn’t come back for you!” and every one of them laughed.

“One day, he would!” Amah says as she stamps her foot on the grand. “How would he forget such lovely thighs as mine?” She bares her thigh for them to see and the others ooohed and aaahed. “He came again and again in mine. He even confessed to me that he was so, lucky to have me that night.”

“Hmm .. so says all men in this land, including Zerath, said that after getting between our thighs.” Aholibamah jests.

“My dear Amah,” Matred says with a dramatic pause and bow, “you were fooled” The others started laughing again.

At this point, Dinah has given up on the women. They were all about a sensual talk which was not pleasing to her. Her mind has returned to her present by the man and woman who were groaning in their last act of passion. She could hear them skittering in the grass trying to be presentable. All that feels trivial compared to the other women before her.

“Can you see the joy on their faces?” Timna’s voice jostled and startled her in the realization that she is not alone; good option of not coming here alone. “Listen to what the tell each other.” She completes in a hushed whisper.

Dinah could hear the joy and wonder in Timna’s voice s she could not bother to share her a look. She has made up her mind and she hopes Timna would immediately succumb to her. “Umm … Timna, I think we have to go back”.

“No!” this time around Dinah turns to glance at Timna as Timna continues, “I won’t come this far then return. Go and introduce yourself, Dinah.

“Timna? Are you out of your mind? I said no!” They stated a front and back whisper, “Let us go back, please.” When Timna makes no move, Dinah starts crawling backward to retrace their step back to their dwelling. Timna drags her foot, while Dinah kicks out in fear. Timna makes a show of swearing while Dinah continues without giving a backward glance.

At the voice of who goes there sounding clearer to her ears than she would have loved to hear “Who goes there?” Dinah pauses, slowly turns her head to witness Timna still crouching in that spot, her head almost touching the speakers approaching thighs. Dinah could not leave her here, as she had been the one to instigate the matter. Now the women were more alert than ever.

Dinah’s eyes are seeing red. She gestures to Timna to quietly move to the other side as she could hear the other women filling up the semi-dense grass lining the creek, “Move Timna!” Dinah mouthed.

“It could be the men.” Revel says, “Cover yourselves.” She whispers to the women.

“I repeat, who goes there?” The question meets with silence and stillness. Then it threatened, “Come out or we call the guards and report this case.” Dinah proceeds to stand while Timna from her position beckons her to go back down, pleading.

Dinah is heedless to the warning given by Timna as she rises up defiantly and courageously. The women gasp in awe as during Dinah’s moment of escape, her hood had fallen off and her beautiful hair cascading and framing her face which enchants the women to just stare and gape.

Dinah walks towards them in a non-threatening manner and in a loud voice she says, “It is I, Dinah, daughter of Leah, Wife of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham.” The women, instead of listening to her, were studying her face and wondering to themselves what secret formula she might be using for her skin. At the silence and hushed whispers that follow, Dinah continues, “I come in peace. To make a union between our people, serve our God and enjoy his benefits…”

The woman called Matred whispers in hush tones to her clique after regaining mesmerized self. “She looks defiant and strong. She has not been trodden down by any man.”

“…Serve my God, join my people and you would enjoy the same benefits.” Dinah concludes. She could see the women slowly advancing and she starts shaking in her sandals. She looks around for support from Timna, only a dent in the grass gave her the assurance that she was not totally alone.

By the time the women reach her, she could only pick bits and fragments of what they are saying as she has closed her senses to her environment.

“Such beautiful hair she has…”

“Waoh! What a man would give up to have you my dear in this city.”

“Check her thighs!”

“Check her thighs!” Another chance.

Fear seeps into Dinah’s bones as she begins to stammer. “no One… no … no… one comes near me” then she begins to back away.

“And now that I am near you?” one of the bolder ladies asks as she stands in front of Dinah.

“Don’t …. Don’t touch me please?” Dinah says as she closes her eyes in fear. “Please …. Don’t, just serve my God and we can be sisters.”

“Sisters?” the one called Amah laughs scornfully “Open her thighs let’s see if a man can be welcomed into them.”

Aholibamah moves swiftly an opens Dinah’s thighs, then gives her comment to the waiting audience. “It is fairer than Amah’s. This one is meant for a king.” Her palm moves to raise Dinah’s gown then she begins to feel Dinah’s thigh as she closes her eyes in ecstasy. “It is smooth and spotless!”

Before Dinah could withdraw herself from the scrutiny and begin a journey back to her dwelling. “The prince passes! Everyone, man and woman go down in honor and respect…,” Samlah the King’s announcer proclaimed. It was sun down already and once in a while the prince passes by the stream to pick a woman for the night for his troubled soul.

Timna had risen up at the point when Aholibamah came closer; because of Dinah’s backward movement, they were both close again. She goes down on her knees and tries pulling Dinah down after the women scrambled from her and went on their knees. “Dinah go down. Go down please” she mumbles as she tugs on Dinah’s gown.

“I shall not go on my knees, he is not my Lord!” is Dinah’s loud response to Timna’s whispered pleadings, and it captured the attention of the Prince of Schechem.

The prince from his horse gives a cursory glance at Dinah, then a smile came to play on his face as he throws his face away.

Timna from below is still pleading with Dinah in hushed whispers, “Dinah! Please, please go down. The prince is looking our way.”

The prince of Schechem signals to one of his men and speaks hurriedly to him. Princes do not speak out in public places such as this. He raises his head to glance at Dinah who looked like she was defiant but is already in shock. He smiles one last time and turns his horse to leave in a trot.

The ladies by the creek resume their duties, each person silent and acting mildly as three of the four men moved in between them. One stops in front of Dinah and all she could hear is Timna screaming.

What would happen to Dinah?

What would Timna report to the family?

Most of all, what was Shechem’s plan?

What do you think about the writing style?

Looking forward to the next episode?

Here’s an excerpt;

Charlotte looked at him in disgust and was forced to respond, “I don’t have her as a partner, she is my friend. We came in here together for a reason.”

Suddenly interested in the church girl, he chased on, “What reason? To preach to the lost souls? I don’t see you doing that?”

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Why did she add the ‘for a reason’ to respond to this daft guy? She should have just kept her cool and quiet, but Rita was not even close to her yet and she must have had something because a crowd had gathered around her and her partner, hailing the, on. She was definitely a regular in events like this...

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