The First Time I Got Laid

The First Time I Got Laid
The First Time I Got Laid

By Cypher

This story may not feature on an album that got to double platinum with no features. And the dramatics of the events that transpired may not reach Telemundo level but this is the story of how I got laid for the first time.

It was my final year in the university (those that have seen me would be shocked at how it took so long but just combine low self-esteem with high taste and not necessarily fine face and boom you have cooked up my first two and a half years in school) and I was gradually becoming appealing to the eyes.

My not-so-guy guy had come with a girl to class. Apparently she was a beauty. My buddy and I were not there to see her but his girl confirmed that she was stunning (I still had my doubts knowing how that girl could exaggerate looks). Everyone was going on about the girl and her beauty, fashion sense and coolness and I was already pissed. I hate over-hyped people and I sensed this one was one. Our dear friend, Ogbes that brought her was feeling funky at the reviews and had announced that she was his girlfriend. And that he was gonna bring her over again the next day so Alex and I were anticipating (I was just eager to counter their claims about the girl).

Sacred Ties

Next day came and I was in class when this being showed up. She was fine fam! As fine as they come. Finely shaped and designed; looking like a masterpiece from Maserati. I had to keep my cool and not get carried away by the looks of my not-so guy’s babe. To be honest, I was humbled; she was as fine as the reviews and even surpassed them. Her skin lasan, like I was captivated instantly.

She got introduced to me, she said her name was Nneka and then she said “you look familiar”.

I was like “oh, do you attend CFI?” (I asked that because that was mostly where I saw girls that fine in the entire school and she did look like I had seen her before). She confirmed and said she definitely had seen me before. Of course I was glowing inside that such a cutie could take note of my face but I kept my cool.

After the introductions and a very brief chat, I put on my earphones to continue the series I was seeing before she came. In less than a minute, I felt the wire being yanked off my left ear. I turned around and there she was looking with a stern face; then she said “I came here to gist with you guys, don’t leave me for your movie”.

Brethren, this was the moment I knew I liked her! But again, I had to keep my cool because she was supposed to be my not so guy’s girl and I was – not that kind of guy.

We started conversing and then I found out she lived not far from me off campus. See guys the devil does not have workshops in idle minds alone cos I was already calculating and permutating, thinking about how I’d rekindle my long lost friendship with her neighbor that I use to be friends with as an excuse to visit her hostel; but again – I wasn’t that type of guy. We talked again some more as well as with other people and before leaving, we agreed to look for each other in church.

Time passed, we always said hi to each other in church whenever she attended but did not visit my class again.

It was a nice Sunday after church and we were having a chill out for final year members of the church. She came for the event and proceeded straight to my corner as she sighted me. We started gisting after exchanging pleasantries and I asked for her phone to see her pictures but that was not my main agenda guys; I wanted to confirm that she was my not-so guy’s girl.

So went straight to her WhatsApp and perused the names of her contacts till I saw baby1, baby2 and baby3. I started to check these numbers to see if Ogbes number or face would pop up in any of them but I did not see, rather, I saw one strange chubby looking guy in one of the profile photos. So much relief. Our pseudo-guy had punked us all and most importantly, I could shoot my shot.

We conversed very well that day and went our separate ways after the event but I knew I was gonna see her again; maybe next semester because the current one was already at an end.

It was a Tuesday evening the next semester and I had returned early from lectures that day when I saw Nneka walking past my house on her way home from school. Of course I did not hesitate to call her and the joy she had on her face when she saw me made me not hesitate to get downstairs to see her. I walked her home that day and she asked why I had not asked for her number since. She did not like my terrible reason and I am sure you’d hate it too so let us skip that. She then asked me for my number and called my phone so I could get it to save when I got home. I got home and forgot to save the number.

Another similar situation occurred the next week but this time, she saw me first and the first thing she did was call me a chicken for not giving her a call since she gave me her number. Apparently she had called me some days after again and I didn’t pick, neither did I try to find out who called me so I spent most of the time walking her home begging for her forgiveness. I asked her to go get chicken and ice-cream that weekend and she agreed so on Sunday evening, we strolled to mat-ice to get the ice-cream and we also got shawarma.

It was during this date that I got to find out that Ogbes was just a friend and nothing more; according to her, he was even less than a friend but she was really bored that period so she decided to visit his class. This made things more interesting and I became fully comfortable with my intentions. Found out a lot about her that evening and we got so carried away with conversation that we forgot to share the stuff we bought as night fell upon us so quickly that she had to rush home and I ended up taking all home. I enjoyed her company but I was really more interested in our bodies conversing.

The next week coincidentally, I was always on the balcony on her way home from school. First day I escorted her to her gate, the next day I got into her compound. On the third day, I entered her room and she had gotten stuff to cook for me with but some dude came over (“her friend”) and pleaded to sleep over cos he was stranded as the place he was to stay over had slyed him. I knew the guy from church and didn’t want to share the time with him so I just went to my house.

She was so upset with him, she begged me all the way when escorting me and still texted to apologize when I got home. It was at that time that I made my move and told her that I liked her. She gave me a call almost immediately and made me repeat what I said and then went on to give a speech on how we being together was not a good idea and how she did not want friends with benefits. I told her I understood and proceeded to change the topic but I was a bit disappointed.

The next day she called me up and said she wanted to make up for the other day by making me dinner. I agreed and then by 7 pm we were settled at her place trying to get dinner set. We had a good meal and gisted for a bit; by the time we knew it, it was so late and we were ready to sleep but before we did I told her I wanted to kiss her. She began another speech of the dangers of indulging and what not and I totally phased out cos no be that kain talk man dey like hear when prick don stand.

What brought my attention back was when I finally heard “what happens tonight stays with the night”. This statement got me all pumped up but I still refused to face her, I was doing shakara. She called my name and asked if I heard what she said and I just nodded; she then asked me to face her and I refused. She had to force me to face her and then proceeded to kiss me herself before I took over the steering wheel.

Her lips felt like summer on a beach in Florida and I suddenly was dreading September. As a G, I did not want to just kiss, I was going places and she was having none of such. For every portal I tried to access, I was denied access and it was paining me, I had to intensify the moment and feelings which I effectively did. She finally allowed me caress her bare breasts which I did with care, adoration and desire.

I was not new to this game, it’s just se$ I had not had at the time and I was effective at turning people on’, and turn on I did. I tried to go down her bum shorts when I felt she was sufficiently turned on but she still refused (I did not feel too bad because she had earlier mentioned that we were only going to kiss, nothing more and I was already sucking brezz) but I just decided to use my little access to create more openings for me.

I began to kiss with more intensity, exploring her upper body from her cheeks to her earlobes, kissing and rubbing. I didn’t hit my mark till I bit her neck and flicked her nipples simultaneously and I felt her shudder with a moan that drove me a few inches out of my senses. We started to come at each other with more desire and intensity and before I knew it her shorts were off. I caught myself almost immediately and decided to punish her for depriving me in the first place. I paused, looked at her straight in the eye and gave her an evil smile that gave her visible goosebumps.

I started to kiss her from her fore head to her eyes and then to her lips; she was eager for more when my lips got to hers but I had more interesting things to do so I left her there lingering and wanting more while I went to try that move again. It got her moaning again and I took advantage of it and decided to try the other side of the neck and her other boob. At this point I wished I had two mouths because the way she was moaning had her mouth in such a se$y angle that I wanted to kiss so badly but I did not want to leave what I was doing.

I went down to her panties that were already soaked and gave it a tug with my lips (yea she had her bath after the meal sooo..). I left it almost immediately and started kissing her thighs. She went livid in slow motion and started pushing my head back there but I was not interested, yet.

I continued my activity on her laps with my hands still fondling her breasts. I knew the multiple interaction thing would get to her and I did not want to give her the chance to breathe because breathing means thinking and thinking will make her remember that se$ with me was a bad idea for her.. Or was it? I did not want to find out so I kept going.

I had built enough wetness from her but it was not enough. I wanted that pu$$y to feel like eating pineapples so I wanted it as juicy as possible, which was the more reason why I did not use my fingers so as to not waste the fluids. I went up to kiss her but she refused. All she wanted was for me to go down on her. I still hesitated as I started to kiss from her neck to the boobs again and then her navel. She was upset and overly turned on at the same time. As I was going down slowly, I noticed some juice trickle down the pink bliss and I hastened to scoop it up with my lips.

This simple gesture sent her into a frenzy that involved her literally pinning my head in her nether land with both hands and my only escape was to oblige or I’d have drowned in pu$$y juice. I bit the outer lips and stuck my tongue in. She lifted like she was having a heart attack and then heaved a sigh. As she did, the juice just flowed into my mouth freely. I drank in with eagerness and noise and started to use my tongue to play with her. I had given head a few times and one of the times I did was actually a tutorial so I knew what I was doing in there.

I worked on the edges and tongue fucked a bit before I went to tease the clit with my tongue, adding gentle bites as I went on. Somebody’s child was already going crazy and the effect of the tongue fucking and little finger teasing made her want something bigger to go in and at that point to be honest I could not wait. My teasing her was also teasing me and I was now just eager to get in there but I still had to do a little serenre.

Started teasing the edges with my tip and squeezing the nipples at the same time. I was just trying to act all confident like a pro because from time no one had ever believed me to be a virgin and now was my chance to live up to the rep. I suddenly felt her jerk up, grab the d**k, shove it into her pu$$y and started pulsating. She had been on edge for a few minutes and just needed the last provocation to reach orgasm.

I was basking in the glory of making such a beauty lose her senses and almost her consciousness and I didn’t want it to stop so I started to grind gently while she was still shuddering. I gradually increased pace when she was calming down and she started to move to my rhythm. We both started to move with purpose; choreographing to an imaginary se$ playlist running in the background.

I was bossing that ass, kissing with need, holding on to that left boob like it was lifeline. I could see the need in her eyes and I felt it in our entwined bodies and I just got lost in her at that moment. I don’t know what she was feeling at that very moment but all I could see was desire being satisfied in her eyes and that was the end for me, the well from within was about to burst and there was no lid on it. I think she saw it in my eyes and managed to say from labored breaths and moaning “I’m safe”.

That was all my soul needed to hear as I started stroking with urgency, her insides too began to tighten and as my seed pumped into her like my d**k was a 2 horsepower submersible water pump in action. The sheer speed of my first cum from coitus blew her away and I’m sure the nods and smirks I got from her two neighbors when I was leaving on Monday morning were more because of the scream of pleasure she gave at that climax than the subsequent dozens of times we had se$ that weekend.

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