Two hours. Two endless hours since Alex told me the pretty lady’s name. I need to talk to her. I need answers but she’s still unconscious.
I checked my time and sighed.
It’s a few minutes past 10 pm.
Pretty late if you ask me. The doctors doesn’t want me to see her but I don’t fucking care if visiting hours are over. I’m still going to go in there and talk to her.

I need to know if she’s really my Hailey. The only girl who’s had my attention all these years. My beautiful Hailey.
I didn’t realize there’s still some feelings for her deep down until Alex mentioned her name.
“Stop pacing Jason Attah Michaels. You’re making me dizzy”
My best friend rolled his eyes in annoyance and I stopped pacing to scowl at him.

I continued pacing to and fro.
Oh hell! Fuck this, I’m going in.
I made my way towards the ward where Hailey is and before I could open the door to the room, a doctor stopped me.
I groaned.
“Uhh yes, doctor?” I turned to the doctor, plastering the most faked smile I could master.
“You’re the patient’s husband right?”
I furrow my brows for a moment.
Husband? Who’s a husband?
Is he talking about the pretty Lady?
“Uhh yes. I am. Jason Bloom” I lied through my teeth.
Damn Jason, really?
Well, I had no choice.
Since she’s Hailey Bloom and I’m expected to be her husband, we are supposed to have the same surname right?
Ugh. Brilliant Jason. Brilliant.
“Well, I wanted to talk to you about something.

When your wife was brought in, we had to run a few blood tests and some scan to make sure she’s perfectly fine”
“Well. We found traces of drugs in her blood. I’m 90% sure that your wife is a drug addict and that explains why the baby was born with respiratory disorders”
Oh, God.
My Hailey? A drug addict?
No way. I refused to believe it until I speak to her.
I need to make sure it’s the same Hailey Bloom I fell in love with in high school.
“And. Also, I found something rather strange”
“Which is?” I was getting impatient already
“Well. A tracking device”.

I choked for the second time today. The difference is I choked on my saliva this time.
What the bleeping hell?
“A tracking device? How where?”
To say I’m flabbergasted is an understatement.
“Well. We found it around her shoulder blades..”
The doctor began to explain shit using his annoying long medical terms. I’m not even listening anymore because I zoned out.
Only two things were running through my mind right now.
Drug addiction and tracking device.
This is so strange.
I feel like my life has suddenly turned into a blockbuster movie.


My eyes fluttered open and I instantly regretted it. The light in the room is so blinding.
I waited for a few seconds and opened them again, trying to get accustomed to my surroundings.
The familiar antiseptic scent hits me and I instantly panicked.
I’m in the hospital.
My eyes got down to my belly and it was flat. Well, not entirely flat.
Everything suddenly comes back to me as I recalled that hot guy who helped me deliver.

Earth to Hailey! You can’t be thinking of some hot guy in this situation.
I groaned as I tried to sit up.
Where’s my baby?
“….. We found traces of drugs in her blood..” I froze  when I heard those words coming from behind the door.

They seem to be talking about me but I’m not sure. I yanked the drip away from my wrist and I winced immediately. This is the second time I’m pulling a drip forcefully out of my hand.
I stepped down from the bed and almost fell.
My legs feel so wobbly and heavy. I almost can’t feel them. My inner thighs feel like they are on fire.
I grabbed the bedpost for support with both hands and slowly walking towards the door which was thankfully a few inches away.

I leaned against the door and listened to their conversation. I only caught bits of their conversation much to my disappointment.
“Tracking device… In.. Shoulder blades…”
I furrowed my brows in confusion.
Tracking device? In shoulder blades?
Instinctively my right-hand found my shoulders and I began to massage slightly…
I continue to massage until I felt a bump beneath my fingers…
I frowned.

Since when did pimples develop on my shoulders?
I massaged more only to realize that it’s not a pimple. In fact, the bump seems to be underneath my skin.
Oh, God!
It’s me. I’m the one they’re talking about! The tracking device is on me, in my skin.
Oh lord!
Boss and Jack must be tracking me to the hospital right this very moment and I can’t let them reach here. No!

If they come here, they are going to come to the realization that I’ve given birth and my baby is alive.
No! I have to use this tracking device on me to lure them away from the hospital but how?
I can’t even walk properly.
What to do! Oh lord! I’m shaking. I’m scared. I can’t let them track me down here.
My mind went back to the door when I heard the person I presume is the doctor say something to the man he referred to as Jason and I heard them walking away.
Soon enough, I heard a knocking and a nurse walked in.

Jack watched in annoyance as Nick continues to chat on his stupid laptop. Stupid laptop!
If only he could get Hailey’s location. If only…
Jack’s eyes suddenly grew wide with realization.
Oh hell!
“Why didn’t I think of this before? Hot damn!” He mused.
He snatched the laptop from Nick and opened an app.
He grins victoriously when he saw the tiny red dot blinking. He immediately connected it to google map and grins wider.
“We found her!”
Why was he suddenly remembering that they had planted a tracker on her? Oh well, its good he remembered now.
“Drive Nick! To St. Monica’s hospital. Drive!” jack instructs.
Nick nods and sparks the engine to life.

I quickly scribbled something on a paper with a pen I found and placed the note on the bed. I turned to face the nurse who’s apparently talking to me. My eyes caught sight of a small knife on a plate alongside some oranges. I discreetly grabbed the knife.

Write my story

I have to get out of here before they track me down. I have no time to take out the tracker else knowing Jack, he would question every staff in the hospital and ask about me when he realizes the tracker got disconnected in this very location. He might end up finding out I had a baby. No. I have to get out of here and lure them away. I will think of something else later and come back for my baby.
“Miss I..”

I reach out and grabbed the nurse by the neck as I pointed the edge of the knife to her skin. She shrieked in fear. Good.
“You have five minutes to sneak me out of this hospital else I’ll slit your throat” I sneered at her, squeezing her neck for more effect.

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