(Narrow escape)

Her footsteps were light as she walked through the thick forest looking for God knows what. The sun shone brightly in the sky but the forest canopied by thick branch leaves was shielded from its ray. Although the darkness in the forest left little for her to see yet she continued on her mystery journey.

Suddenly, she heard something and stopped, the leaves ahead of her was rumbling. Fear arose within her as she tried to guess what was coming. It was only a few seconds later that she realized what she was in for. The two glowing eyes of a tiger was enough to tell Anike that she was done for. She took two steps backward in fear and the tiger advanced forward.

She considered fleeing but her aged leg wouldn’t carry her fast enough to outrun the animal. Jittering in trepidation, she went on her knees to pray for a safe passage to the afterlife. The tiger leaped towards her in a furious attack and Anike closed her eyes awaiting her doom only to open it again and found herself resting comfortably on her bed.

Slowly, her head began to clear and she was able to realize that she was only having a nightmare. Although her heart was still thumping beneath her chest she had gained full control of her senses. Her mind suddenly went to the holy water she had brought from vigil the previous night. She retrieved it from her bag, uncorked and gorged almost half of the bottle. Anike remembered she had come home after the vigil too tired to even pray so she slumped to bed and slept off.

She reprimanded herself for being so lazy before going on her knees. Anike was about to start the prayer when she heard knocks on her door. She wanted to ignore it and finish the prayer but whoever it was at the door seemed to have lost the virtue called patience.

Frustrated beyond words, she got up and went to see who the impatient visitor was. Anike couldn’t believe her eyes when her rude visitor turned out to be Daniel. What could bring her Abuja based son home without giving her a prior notice?

With glowing eyes, Daniel cast a ferocious gaze at his mother who was still stunned by his presence. Without warning, he reached out with his left hand and grabbed her by the neck. Anike tried to wrestle free as he pushed her against the wall and she succeeded.

He yanked out the knife he had bought on his way and went for her heart but again, she escaped. It soon became a game of cat and mouse in the sitting room until Anike made sanctuary by locking herself inside the toilet.

Once she realized she was temporarily safe, she relaxed on the tiled floor with tears cascaded down her eyes. What had she done to offend her son, she couldn’t understand. She hadn’t noticed any sign of anger when she had called her three days ago. In fact, he had asked about her health and implored her to take the drugs. He even promised to send her money at the end of the month.

The only difficult conversation they had was about him finding a wife and he had assured her he would find one soon. But what could turn her loving and caring son into blood-seeking monster?

Daniel banged the bathroom door fiercely but it didn’t give in. He launched his full strength against it but still, the door remained adamant. Failing at all attempt to get the door open, he gave himself a break. Anike was thinking of the next line of action when she saw someone throwing in burning rags through the window. Though she succeeded in extinguishing the fire but soon, the whole place was filled with smoke.

The door started banging again with Daniel telling her to choose between being smoked or stabbed to death. Anike who would prefer to die of smoke rather than dying by the hand of her own son left the door closed.

Pastor Kunle’s car pulled over opposite Deaconess Anike’s house. The car opened and Pastor together with two of the Elders came out. They had been coming from an important meeting when the holy spirit dropped it in his mind to check on her. He had tried to call and tell her he was coming but she didn’t pick up. They were surprised when they entered and saw Daniel banging the bathroom door with a shinning knife in his hand.

“Broda Daniel, what is happening here?” One of the Elders asked.

Daniel turned and saw the Intruders.

“This has nothing to do with you, get out and leave now,” Daniel shouted.

Being a true man of God, the Pastor was able to see that Daniel was no longer in possession of himself. He advanced forward for a spiritual battle.

“You foul spirit this vessel is not yours, it is the temple of God. I command you to get out in Jesus.” He commanded.

Falling for Innocence

Daniel was blown off his feet by an invisible force. He got up again and charged towards Pastor with his knife. Before he could initiate the attack Pastor had sprinkled anointing Oil on him. Daniel fell down wriggling in pain at the impact of the oil. Life had almost slipped out of Anike before the Elders broke her out of the bathroom door.

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

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