“You can’t keep doing this to yourself Folayemi, I have told you times without number, men are marauders, they warm themselves into your heart, only to raid and plunder until you are nothing more than an empty vessel.” Those were the words Kike constantly hammered into my head but they never reach my heart.

Only a fool does the same thing twice and expects a different result, well maybe I am a fool. If not why do I always end up at the losing side in the game of love? But wait what is love? The dictionary defines it as an intense feeling of care and affection over someone. Great definition right? I heard love is an also a two-way thing, the more you give the more you receive, I found that hard to believe. At least not in my case.

My name is Folayemi Coker, to say I was born with privileged is an understatement. I am endowed with everything a woman could ever desire. I have got bright beautiful skin, a body that fits perfectly into any form of the outfit, quality education and an extremely lucrative career but, I am still incomplete. I have been generously blessed with everything but maritally cursed. If money could buy something to substitute for men, believe me, I would have spent a fortune to acquire it.

Soul Merging

Do you think men are worth dying for? I wouldn’t blame you if you had been in my shoe maybe you would understand how miserable they could make your life. Within almost three decades that I have set foot in this world, I have seen more about men than some women could ever see in their lifetime.

Deflowered at the early age of seventeen by Charles who I had the fantasy of spending forever with until he leaked the tale of our escapade to the whole school. I left the shame behind when I entered University and fell stupidly in love with Raymond; the guy next door. Who would have believed that behind that handsome, cool, innocent face of his lies the very definition of evil?

He ended up abusing me in every way you could imagine and I endured it all in the name of love. I was in my second year when he graduated and left me all to myself. Broken for months but I eventually got a hold of myself and ended up with Femi. He took me through paradise and put the sweet honey of love on my tongue. I would have sworn an oath to die with him until his wife I never knew existed harassed me publicly.

I trusted Desmond with everything I had, even though he was a junior staff where I was working. People say he wasn’t my worth but I turned a deaf ear and let him used me to dupe the company a whopping sum of money. I would have ended up behind the bar if not for my parent’s influence.

Bode came into my life when I thought all hope was lost. A nasty virus had found its way into my laptop which held a file I wouldn’t lose for thirty-five million nairas. I was running helter-skelter about in computer village trying to get anyone who could salvage the file even if the whole apple laptop had to go.

I thought he was one of those fraudsters when he approached me, I had wanted to scream for help until he let out his golden voice. His sonorous voice must have charmed me into giving him my system and with few minutes, my problem vanished into thin air. I later found out he was just an intern in one of the offices who pretty much knows his way around computers.

I immediately hired him as the computer expert for my company and even though the only result he had was a national diploma in computer science, his wealth of knowledge aided my company’s development in no small amount. Having learned from experience, I took quality time to know the kind of man he really was before diving into the pool of love with him. Bode was smart, caring, independent and dedicated to his dream of becoming a renown software programmer.

He took various online courses to develop himself but I knew they weren’t enough to get him where he wanted to be. On his second birthday we celebrated together, I gave him the best surprise of his life; a scholarship to study computer engineering at the University of California.

In truth, I never wanted him out of my sight for a second but our love shouldn’t stand in the way of his dream or so I thought. When I waved at Bode as he went to board his flight, I never knew I was waving away my dream of being happily married until I lost contact with him a year after he had left. It’s been four years now and It funny how I still can’t stop imagining Bode walking in through the door with his luggage.

By Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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