by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

Daniel thought he laid on the comfort of his bed but comfort was very far away from him. The structure he found himself shared resemblance with his bed room but the several candles lit around, the strange drawing all over the floor and the eerie silence made him felt as if he was in a shrine. He tried to move but it seemed his body had been glued to the bed. He felt the dire need to shout for help but his voice wouldn’t come out.

The entrance door opened and a figure dressed in an overall black robe with face concealed under a hood walked in. He came up to him and started chanting something in an alien language. Daniel was terrified when he saw about half a dozen snakes crawling out of every corner of the room and making their way to where he laid. The creature continued chanting and the snakes formed around Daniel’s bed. They curl around him raising their heads, waiting to strike. With death staring right in his face, Daniel finally found his voice and let out a horrific scream.

His eyelids popped open and Daniel realized it was all a nightmare, he had dozed off while watching TV.
“That’s what you get for sleeping on the couch.” He reprimanded himself. He checked the time and discovered that it was only few minutes past seven. He had planned on going to the club that evening but the nightmare made him lost interest in clubbing.

A knock sounded on the door and when he opened, he was taken aback by the exquisite figure he set eyes on. A little plumpy body, shinning chocolate skin, long beautifully braided hair and a smile shooting stars into the eye. Just about everything he admired in a woman. He stood at the door for second drinking from the river of beauty until he eventually kicked back his senses. Woman are not to be cherished, they are nothing but a worthless piece of trash. He had learnt that from experience and experience they say is the best teacher.

“Hello, please how may I help you?” He asked casually.

“Good evening sir, are you by any chance Mr Daniel Adepoju?” She inquired.
Daniel nodded affirmatively.

“My name is Nancy, Uncle Korede gave me your address.” She explained.

The name Korede solved all Daniel’s riddle about the strange girl. His Bossom university Friend had called and told him his cousin was having an interview for a job in Abuja and would be in a dire need of accommodation and Daniel had assured him his gate was always open.

“Oh Korede’s cousin, come on in.” He ushered her in and helped with her luggage. After showing her to the guest room, he went back to the sitting room.

Daniel tried all he could to curb his admiration for the lady but she made it impossible. He had woken up the next morning and found the whole house restored. The long dusty sitting room was sparkling clean and the laundry he had been pilling up for weeks had disappeared. Moving into the kitchen, Daniel found her washing the dishes while hunger provoking aroma streamed out of the pot on fire.

They say the fastest route to a man’s heart is through his stomach, Daniel never knew if the saying was true but the moment he tasted Nancy’s breakfast, he knew there was no way he was going to ever let her go. He had planned on calling his friend and making an enquiry about his charming cousin before playing the tune of love to her ear but fate always has its funny ways of screwing things up

Daniel had came back home after a long tennis game and was dashing to the bathroom for a quick shower when he bumped into Nancy. Maybe it was the shock or the fact that she hadn’t tied the towel around her body properly, that made it slipped and exposed her full Nudity.

The Visit

What power would a man already bewitched by beauty has against Nancy’s succulent body? Before one could spell Jack Robinson, they two had ended up in bed, savagely tangled in a hot game of passion. While the duo were at the apex of pleasure, an email from Korede entered Daniel’s phone, saying how sorry he was that his cousin couldn’t make it to Abuja because the interview was cancelled.


Picture source: Alamy stock photo


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