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Hailey Bloom is valley view high school’s most popular girl. She is the envy of the girls and a sight for the sore eyes of the guys.
She is beautiful, sexy, alluring, intelligent, bold, confident and gracious. She has everyone’s attention when she walks.

Jason Michaels is the schools nerdy boy with the big glasses and huge backpack.
He has a huge crush on Hailey and is unable to speak out so he resorts to giving her secret gifts. But like they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.
Behind her popularity,Hailey was a messed up, broken and a drug addict.

Years later they meet under bizzare conditions.
Jason runs away from his marriage ceremony.
Hailey is left homeless after she attempts to escape her demons despite being pregnant.
They meet. Jason delivers her of her child.
They separate only to meet again. Hailey’s determined not to let herself fall in love.
Jason is determined to forget his long time crush. They both are left in a dilemma to choose between forgetting their demons or forgetting each other?



Sitting at the farthest end of the assembly Hall,he adjusts his glasses on the bridge of his nose as he watches them stroll into the hall..
They were three in number,all beautiful,charming,exuding confidence…
But they weren’t his concern.. His main concern was her..
Hailey Bloom…
Their leader….
He cranes his neck and that’s when he sees her entering after them..
She always liked to walk behind…
A smile automatically breaks on his face as he watches her stroll in,her long beautiful legs leading the way…
Her dark lustrous hair braided into an all back cornrow, revealing every contour of her beautiful oval shaped face…
Her pretty brown eyes rolling,scanning the auditorium,probably searching for an empty seat….

His gaze was torn off her when he felt himself nudged roughly from his seat as he tumbles onto the floor…
Laughter rang endlessly in his ears as he struggled to find his glasses that had fallen off his face…
“Hey nerdy.. Looking for this?” A deep voice says beside him…
Jason squints his eyes and nods immediately when he realises it was his glasses…
“Here take it”
Jason stretches out his hand to take it only for the guy to pull back..
Again,laughter rang in his ears…
It took him a while to realise they were mocking him.. Making fun of him..
He sighs..
This has been his daily routine at school…
They always made fun of him at the slightest chance they got…
And to make matters worse, they had found out he had a huge crush on the schools most popular girl…
He knew it was impossible to get Hailey to notice him.
They were totally the opposite of each other.
It was like mixing water and oil..
They would never merge..
The oil would always end up on the surface of the water…
He sighs again…
She was every guy’s dream.. The kind of girl every one wanted to hung out with…
She was beautiful, intelligent, confident, independent… Name it..
And he,Jason Michaels had always admired her from afar…
“Hey nerdy!!!”someone screams,jolting him out of his reverie.
“Give me back my glasses please” he says in exasperation..
“Give him the glasses Jack” a female voice commands and he notices the owner of the voice immediately.
He didn’t need to see her face before recognizing her. He had imprinted her voice in his brain.
He could feel his teenage heart beating loudly against his chest as she knelt him,giving him his glasses…
“Here” she says softly..
Jason takes it and puts it on immediately…
He stares at her and gives her his best smile
“Thank you”
Hailey doesn’t smile back.. She gets up,brushes dirt away from her skirt and begins to walks away..
His heart sunk but he doesn’t give up.. Not now.. Not when he had finally managed to have her this close….
He gets up and rushes out after her..
It was dark outside but luckily there were no teachers supervising because usually it was a Friday. And teachers don’t usually supervise prep on weekends.
“Hailey wait!” He calls out…

Hailey frowns when she hears her name. She stops walking and turns,waiting for her caller to catch up. Whoever it was needed to make it fast else she was going to snap any moment…
“Hi” a lanky guy says as soon as he gets hear her. She raises an eyebrow,refusing to answer
“Umm. Thanks for the help. I’m Jason” he tells her as he stretches out his hand for a handshake.
She stares at his hand,frowning..
“Since you already know my name, why not cut the introduction. It’s wearing me out” she snaps,getting restless.
She needed to get out of here else she will go crazy.
She could feel her fingers beginning to tremble.
“Uh OK.. Well I..” Jason begins when she cuts him off.
“Listen,go have your chit chest else where” she snaps again and walks out on him to find HIM..

She walks into the pavilion and sights him smiling, rolling the transparent bag between his fingers.
He was expecting her.
He knew she would come.
She always did.

Hailey rushes to his side and makes an attempt to grab the bag but he pulls it out of her reach…smiling..
“Please, just a sniff” she begs, scrunching her nose and scratching her head vigorously.
“Tsk tsk tsk… Not so fast beautiful” he grins…
“Please Jack.. I’m out of stock.. Please just a sniff please” she pleads.
“You know what to do. Don’t make me talk too much”
“Not today Jack. Not today”
“You sure about that beautiful? You sure?”
“Okay fine” Jack says and begins to walk away..
She was alert now. Hailey grabs his legs with one hand,scratching her head with the other.
“I will… Do.. Anything..” She stammers..
He grins mischievously…
“Then get to it baby doll” he commands.
Hailey nods quickly as she begins to unbutton her shirt,her fingers shaking, a tear escaping her left eye..
She didn’t want to do this. She never wanted to. But it was the only way Jack would give her those drugs. She was too addicted to it. She had no choice…
She flings her shirt away after unbuttoning it and sits down,waiting for him to do what he always did..
In less than five seconds, Jack was already kneeling in front of her,both hands grabbing her bre*sts and squeezing hungrily, roughly….
Releasing one hand,he let his slide into her skirt and up into her underwear. Without waiting for her reaction, he pushes his finger into her private part and Hailey cries out in pain as his long nails grazed her delicate flesh.
She shuts her eyes refusing to welcome the pain.
He always did this to her whenever she needed those stupid drugs.
Jack throws the transparent bag at her whiles he grins at her helplessness.
Hailey quickly opens the bag to reveal a white powdery substance. She scoops some with her thumb and begins to sniff the drugs into her nose hurriedly.
She sniffs more of the drug as she feels her body relaxing bit by bit…
She was stuck. She knew it.
She was addicted to cocaine and for as long as her addiction continued,she would always give her body to Jack in return as payment..
She sniffs some more before tucking the rest of the drugs into her bra.
Hailey’s head snaps up.
“I said money. Did you think this cocaine is for free?” Jack grits his teeth.
“I.. I don’t have money”
“Then you know what to do Hailey. Meet me at our usual spot. Make sure you aren’t wearing underwear” Jack grins as he gets up and walks away,leaving her half-naked..

Read Side Chick

Hailey sighs as she wipes the powdery substance from her nose and gets up,buttoning her shirt.
She sniffs back vigorously, fighting back her tears.
Until when was she going to use her body as payment for drugs.
And until when was her addiction going to end?
Maybe, maybe after her captor gave her freedom.
Freedom, something she would pray to have for the rest of her life.

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