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“What?” the boy whom I just called said waking me up from my frozen state,
“well sorry for bothering you, I.. I’m new here and I was wondering if you’d show me the school’s storage room,” I told him and he nodded and adjusted the headphone around his neck.

“Well if you take the left hall and go straight, you’ll see a door that leads to the back stairs, take the stairs and you’ll see the storage room,” he said and I nodded.

Wait. I didn’t get anything he said,
“th-thanks,” I said and he nodded, I bit my lips and looked around while he suddenly sighed
“you don’t get what I just said right?” he asked and I truthfully said “yes”.

“Yeah, I’m not good in giving directions but follow me I’ll show you” he offered and I smiled
“oh my God, really,” I said. “newbies are welcomed warmly,” he said and showed me his palm and I stared at it confusingly.
“What?” I asked
“take my hand,” he said and my eyes almost widen but I controlled it, I took it and he clasped our hand together and we started walking, oh goodness he’s charming and at the same time nice.

I love this school!
We were finally in front of the storage room and I thanked him and let go of his hand, which I didn’t want to
“You’re welcome, I’m Sylvester but they call me sly” he said with a twitched smile
“and I’m Daisy” I said
“well I’ll see you around Daisy,” he said and walked away.

I took a glance at him and walked in the storage room, it was kind of messy and dusty but it didn’t ruin my happy mood.
I saw the scroll and grabbed it, it was filled with different mathematical formula.

I managed to find my way back in class and was disappointed to see Mr. Cosby packing his books and ready to leave, and he sighed when I walked close to him.
“What took you so long Ms.
“Daisy!” I helped him
“Ms. Daisy, you were long gone and now my teaching period is over, well till next time, and you’re new right?” he asked and I nodded.

“Well I enjoyed the class because of you, you’re a smart girl, welcome to Edgewood,” he said, took the scroll from me and walked out and I couldn’t help but smile.
I walked up to ‘my’ seat and sat down and Lucas turned to me.
“wow, your first day and Mr. Cosby likes you already,” he said and I smiled.

“But seriously what took you so long,” he asked and I gave him a look
“Hello, I’m new here, like I know where the school storage room is,” I said sarcastically and he laughed
“Yeah it’s true but how did you manage to get there,” he asked
“Yell. Let’s just say I was saved by an Angel” I told him and his eyebrow arched.

“be more specific Daisy,” he said
“well I met a boy who took me there,” I said shoving my note in my bag,
“Who?” he asked and I suddenly turned to look at him
“seriously do you have to know, well you won’t know him, I think he’s a senior,” I told him and he nods and shrugs.

He brought out his time-table and glanced at it
“I have geometry next what do you have?” he asked
“Geometry” I replied and his eyes flickered and he snatched my timetable from my hand.
“You’ve got to be kidding me, we have everything together, our timetable’s the same,” he said happily and I swiftly turned and said

“Yeah, and trust me it is great, cause the people I get matching timetables with are all geeks and with their nerdy glasses and smart brain. Well I don’t like smart people they’re all dorks,” he said and we suddenly made eye contact.
I’m smart!

“Oh… I don’t mean it that way, you’re smart and you’re pretty and I mean you don’t see that every day” he suddenly said realizing he just indirectly called me a dork. And he just indirectly called me pretty.

“’s okay let’s go,” I told him grabbing my bag
“Yeah let’s go, I’m so glad I won’t be going to class alone,” he said and I smiled. He grabbed his bag and we both walked out of class
“Wow you are one of a kind, I can’t believe you just stole the teacher’s attention today again in geometry class,” Lucas said as we both walked in class and to our seat. We just finished geometry.

I dropped my backpack and sat down sighing.. “are you tired?” he asked me
“No! Just a bit I guess, I’m hungry isn’t it time for lunch yet” I said and he replied
“Well it is ..just that I always eat lunch with my friends, and I just wanted you to meet them, you know like —

“Okay sure” I cut him off and he smiled
“well while we’re waiting I’ll be working on my assignment” I told him. He watched as I did so and he just couldn’t stop saying ‘wow’ ‘whoa’, ‘you’re smart’ just as I was closing my book, he suddenly said
“Oh they’re here” I looked up and saw a group of boys walking in our class, and I suddenly felt timid.

There’s no girl amongst them.
They walked up to us and I looked away, Lucas stood up while I shove my book in my bag,
“So guys meet my friend,
“Daisy?” I heard a familiar voice call and I looked up and saw Sylvester smiling
“Oh hey sly,” I said
“You guys know each other?” Lucas asked and I nodded.

“Yeah we met today and I showed her the way to the school’s storage room,” Sylvester said
And suddenly Lucas gave me a look
“Well I’m Dylan,” one of the boys said and shook my hand,
“and I’m John,” the other boy said and I gave him a small smile.

“Well, so can we go now, like to the cafeteria,” I asked and Lucas nodded and we both walked out with the other guys.

We all sat down around a table in the cafeteria with our food in front of us, I was busy eating my chip and dip while the four other guys were talking about the last football ball game. I glanced at Lucas and he suddenly said a word and glanced at me, I looked at my food immediately and suddenly brought my head up to see him staring at me.

I gave him a “w-h-at!” look but he just looked away immediately, I glanced at Sylvester and he was busy telling Dylan something or arguing something with him and I didn’t know when a stupid smile appeared on my face.

Just then a girl walked up to the table we were all seated, she had black hair and some strands of blue hair in the front of her hair, she was putting on a pink short skirt and a long-sleeved pink top.

“Hey guys” she said with a small wave
“oh hey Esme” John said with a smile , Esme waved to him and sat down beside Lucas, and now both Esme and I are facing each other, she looked at me and gave out a fake smile
“who are you? ” she asked me

“She’s Daisy!” Lucas said and she turned to him furiously, “hey I asked her not you” Esme said furiously and Lucas rolled his eyes
“she’s my friend, so I get to introduce her” Lucas said and Esme glared at him and then at me… What the hell did I do wrong.

I continued eating my food not really wanting to introduce myself to anyone.
“so Daisy tell me, do you live close to school,” Lucas asked
“Uhm yeah kinda, it’s like a fifty minutes drive,” I told him.

“Well so where’s your house, like the address,” he asked
“I don’t know actually, we just moved here like three days ago,” I said truthfully and took a sip from my smoothie
“you’re so smart but you didn’t even get to know your house address,” he said and sighed.

“What’s your business if she doesn’t know her house address” Esme almost yelled at Lucas and he sighed.
“Seriously Esme, you’re annoying,” Lucas said and Esme flinched like someone stung her.

“Hey, Esme is loving not annoying” John defended while Lucas Gave him a small look. Esme gazed at me before saying
“You’re not that pretty”
“Like I asked for your opinion ” I mumbled and Lucas chuckled, she’s being such a bitch and it’s pissing me off.

“That’s foul, you’re pretty Daisy,” Sylvester said to me and winked and I suddenly felt my cheeks heat.

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“Yeah he’s right,” Lucas said and I immediately drank my water accidentally spilling it on Dylan who sat beside me
“Shit!” he mumbled
“God, I am so sorry,” I told him with sympathy.

“It’s okay I’ll get my jacket off,” he said, stood up and walked away and I couldn’t help but sigh.
Esme mumbled something that I didn’t hear and she should be glad, cause I’m ready to smack that blue hair of hers.

“Hey guys, eating alone without me” we suddenly heard a female voice and we all looked up
“Hey Lorna” Esme and Sylvester greeted and she smiled,

She’s pretty, with her Brown hair and grey eyes. She looked pitiful. Innocent. And timid, I glanced at Sylvester and my heart suddenly ached, the way he was looking at her made me feel… Well, what’s the word…
I think he likes her!
T. B. C


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