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Oby Agu walked into the conference room wearing an armour of confidence. Though she was appalled by SHRIKE’s attack at the children’s hospital early that morning, she had to acknowledge the fact that it has made the council more inclined to grant the required authorization to proceed with the Genesis process.
All it took was a few minutes of diplomatically reminding the council of the day’s attacks and strongly pointing out that the immense loss of SAALT operatives in today’s attack would have been avoided if they had greenlit the project beforehand and She entered SAALT’s secret laboratory waving the authorization papers at Adegbami, the lead scientist of the Genesis project.


“Wow! The shamblers really have them scared, don’t they?” the scientist asked.
“As they should.” Oby replied.
“True. True.” Adegbami muttered. His brow was already furrowed as he immediately got to work prepping the machine for its first human subject.
Oby stared at the machine like one would stare at a baby just learning how to walk; with a mixture of love and trepidation. So far the tests have proved successful. However, Adegbami had warned that using a human subject at this stage will introduce some, as yet undefined, complications. It was the reason for the council’s hesitation. But now that SHRIKE has began using the same ancient technology the Genesis project was based on, as evidenced by the shamblers in today’s attack. The Director of SAALT has finally convinced the council that the potential was worth the risk.


The lab door hissed open and Colonel Loveall entered the lab escorted by two Agents. He was the prime specimen. He had already distinguished himself in the Nigerian military. And he had just concluded a tour in the northern part of the country where he had two hundred confirmed kills.
When Oby approached him with the Genesis project, he had volunteered himself immediately, even after he was made aware of the risks and dangers. Oby had wondered then, what made the man so willing to throw himself recklessly into danger at every turn.


As Loveall removed his shirt and took his place in the chair like contraption, she wondered again. She watched closely as Adegbami closed the the straps and connected the Jack that will inject the liquefied Igor into Loveall.
A plethora of beeps and electronic whirring commenced as the Machine began to boot.
“It’s working.” Sunday said. He stood nervously before the huge computer screen displaying the vitals of the subject. “It’s working! It’s working!” He gushed.
“Heart rate; normal!”
“Temperature; stable.”
“Pathogen-cellular-compatibility; successful.”
“Immuno-antagonism to molecular alteration; Minimal.”
Adegbami kept mumbling dozens of scientific jargon and continued scribbling furiously in his
electronic notepad.


Oby watched him, her hand clasped in front of her. The very picture of worry. “God, please let this work.” She thought.
An explosion sounded to her right. She turned one of the power generators was engulfed in flames.
Before she could react, Adegbami was already rushing towards the flames yelling to his assistants, “get the extinguishers! Get them now!”
The lab erupted into a flurry of activities every one running helter shelter as another generator blew up and then another and then another.
Adegbami was still running around with an extinguisher trying to put off the flames. But it was a pitiful effort. The lab was empty now as the few assistants cleared out.
“Doc!” Oby called. “Let’s go! It’s over.” The lab was quickly filling with smoke.
The scientist paid her no heed, tugging at the hapless Loveall still Unconscious in his chair.
She just barely made it out of the lab when it exploded.


Written by Chimeremeze David Okafor.

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