Jerry ran up the front stairs of Indigo telecommunications company, taking the stairs two at a time. His tie was hanging loose on his neck and his navy blue tuxedo was flying around him; unbuttoned. He walked through the glass entrance of the company, ignored the greetings of the security guards waving at him as he  hurried towards the elevator.


He glanced at his gold Rolex wristwatch, it said 9:45am. He was 30 mins late. Damn! Today was the General meeting of all the departments in Indigo company. A new MD, the daughter of the chairman was coming on board.

Jerry wiped the sweat from his brows. Throaty curses spewed from his lips. He hadn’t intended to be late today. But yesterday’s hang out was more than he had bargained for. From harmless chatting and drinking with his friends at a bar, he sighted two girls sitting two tables away, winking at him. He hadn’t intended to do anything, but he couldn’t say no, could he? Not when his friends cheering were him on.


Jerry knew the effect he had on girls from time immemorial. He was barely 18, when his best friend’s mum had taken him into her bedroom and laid him on the bed, tickling his nipples and bouncing up and down his swollen rod, pushing him till he splattered his milk inside her. He had began to wonder what she had seen in him. Even though he was very tall for an 18 year old, his muscles were still very slim, his chest was flat, but she had crawled up his stomach, her naked breasts brushing against his chest, her heavy perfume assailing his nostrils, she ran a finger from his chest up to his face and she whispered in his ears.

“Little Jerry, there is something about your eyes. They are irresistible.”


He had found it hard to believe that day but few years later, her words proved to be true. Women swarm around him like bees. So, even here, with the loud music blasting in the bar, and his friends jeers echoing in his ears, his eyes fixated on the two girls winking at him two tables away. One was fair and the other was dark skinned. The dark skinned one had massive lemons trapped in a very tight skimpy red dress. They seemed to be begging his hands to free them. To suckle them. To tease them till they harden.

Jerry took in a sharp breath and shook his head to clear his head from his imagination.

“So, Jerry my guy! What’s it gonna be?” his friend said. “Are you going to bang those chicks till they forget their names or are you going to waste the precious –”

He hadn’t finished talking when Jerry stood, drowning his drink in a single gulp. He rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt and strolled towards the girls’ table.


And within twenty minutes, they were banging in the restroom. He had the busty dark skinned girl bending over the WC while he rammed into her from behind, while he fingered the fair chick with his left hand, dipping in and out her wet warmth to the rhythm of her gyrating hips. Their loud moans drowned by the music blooming in the bar.

That was the first round, the second round was in his home, on his bed- the two girls crawling over him, planting kisses and spanks as they rode him to the seventh cloud. He felt his mind burst. He ejaculated again and again before he fell asleep at 2am only to wake by 9 am,terribly late for work.


Jerry hurriedly buttoned his tuxedo as he entered the elevator. He hit the button for third floor. He was panting and wondering why in the seven skies would he chose today of all days to be late. A new MD was coming on board for Christ sake! He could be sacked for this.

It was 9:58am when Jerry got to the conference room. He paused at the brown door and waited. His heart pounded in his chest. A soft female voice was echoing from within. The voice was unfamiliar. It wasn’t the HR manager, Mrs Adunni’s voice nor was it Janet, the accountant’voice.

This must be the new MD.


“Damn!” Jerry muttered to himself, summoning courage, he pushed the door open and walked in. All eyes turned to him, his colleagues, friends and managers.

He paused on his tracks, staring at his feet like a drenched rat.

“Ermmm…. I apologize for the… errrmm lateness…” Jerry stuttered, staring at the black marble floor.

“We will not condole lateness in this comp-” the new MD said as she swerved around to face Jerry. Her voice froze as she saw Jerry. Surprise crept to her eyes. Her eyes roamed over him. Jerry’s eyes widened.


“Damn! Damn!” he muttered beneath his breath. His eyes roamed over her light purple shirt that revealed a swell of fair cleavage. Her short high-waist black skirt clinched at her waist and accentuated her wide hips, magnifying her curves. Her hair was long and black. He looked up from her hips to her breasts. The well rounded breasts were straining against her fabric, threatening to spill from the shirt. His eyes rose to her neck, then to her mouth. Those small, rosy lips stretched into a smile. He looked up to her eyes.

“Did I pass the assessment, Jerry?” she said,smiling. Her immaculate teeth shone like pieces of ivory crystals.

Jerry sucked in breath.

“Zainab!” He whispered.


Memories came crashing in the fury of waves. He saw Zainab wriggling beneath his sheets. Then, he saw her going down on his dick, licking and teasing. He saw her riding up and down his swollen shaft. Her cries bouncing across the walls of the cabin as the boat swerved gently to the rhythm of the sea.

That was 4 years ago. He had met Zainab at a weekend boat cruise, they went wild, fucking from dusk to dawn. He had the time of his life. Enjoying Zainab so much that he never wanted it to end. On the last night of cruise before they docked at Elegushi Beach, she was dipping up and down his groins, riding him to heights he didn’t know existed till he exploded, shooting his seeds into her. He screamed his love. He held her close and begged her to marry him.

“Let’s build a life together, Zain,” he had pleaded.

Zainab had smiled and held him in her arms. The next day, as the boat docked. He stirred from sleep, his eyes squeezed to block flood of sunlight sipping through the window. He stretched out to hold her but he clutched empty air. She was gone. No note. And no phone number. No contact details. Nothing!

She just disappeared.

He blinked rapidly as he jotted back to the present. His eyes fixated on her, standing there in a room of over 30 employees waiting on her.

“It’s been a long time, Jerry. I trust you overslept again today…” she said. Her eyes creased at the edges as she smiled.

“No.. No… Yes… No… I mean… Damn!” Jerry stuttered as he tried to speak.


Smiling as she ran her hand over her hair. Turning back to the other workers.

“That will be all for today. Jerry, meet me at my office immediately.” she said, as she turned and walked out of the conference room, her heels tapping loudly against the floor.

Jerry’s heart slammed in his chest. Everything came crawling up again. How he felt about her. And how she made him feel. How he wants her now… No, needs her now. He felt his groin stir. His bulge pulsated.

These thoughts roamed through Jerry as he walked to her office and knocked.

“Come in, Jer!” Zainab called from within.

His heart skipped a beat. Jer? Jer was what she called him in the boat trip. Drawing a deep breath, he opened the door.

Zainab was laying in the middle of her large mahogany table, her black stiletto heels strapped around her fair slender feet. Her shirt was gone. Her skirt was lying on the floor next to Jerry’s feet. She was wearing a matching red, lacy panties and bra. Her full breasts pushed against the confinement of the bra. She picked her wine and sipped, eyeing Jerry from the rim of the glass, her eyes roamed from his face, to his broad chest, down to the swollen bulge pushing against the zipper of his trousers.

“Come here, Jer!” she purred.




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