The chronicles of Akpu – 2


With the alacrity of a man stung on the scrotum by a bee, she pushed him further down the old sofa and climbed on top of him like a new bike.
“This is wrong, but why does it feel so right?” she pleaded.

Akpu had always seen her as naïve, but the way she climbed him, he knew she had tons of experience. His mind drifted back to how she wonderfully led praises and worship, how she spoke in different tongues and manifested. His mind went back and forth, to the deer on him, trying to grind him and the sister Julie, back in church, with her hair always covered.
She reached down for his belt, and in one swift motion, let it loose.

Akpu held her still, and in one swift motion, threw her down and came on top.
He remembered the words of his great-grandfather, the man is the bull, the bull is always on top.

Like a well serviced and oiled power bike, Akpu began to ride on Julie as if she was his last supper. Sex that has rhyme, you can feel the pattern. Indeed, slow and steady wins the race as Julie continued to glide her waist swiftly, same way she conducts praise and worship with both hands.

Goose Chase

Rather moaning, what was coming out of Akpu’s lips amidst tears was ‘Ju-Ju-Ju-Ju…..

He thrust her while holding on to her waist with the pink panties with flower design shifted and subdued by the length, width and circumference of his shaft just under the skirt that now faced the opposite direction.

She felt drops of his sweat on her. The look on his face mixed with passion, determination and deep pleasure.

Her vagina walls hugged his shaft like a warm embrace as his waist moved like a pendulum bob deep into the wells of her pleasure.
If this was a deep-sea, he was determined to drown and needed no rescue.

Spasms of subtle pain and deep pleasure enveloped her, as she bit her lower lip, raised her hand to his shoulder, looked deep into his eyes and moaned rather than said, “Please read the full books of this Bible, don’t you ever dare stop this Bible study”

He grinned. “I thought you’d never ask ” he replied, then gave one deep thrust.
Her moan pierced the sky as she felt the tip of his penis hit her soul.

Fifteen minutes into ‘the study’, she pushed him away, pulled her flayed long skirt which was rolled up like a cheap condom, then wriggled herself away and down from the sofa.

She took three steps back, looked at him seductively, their eyes locked again. There is Fire in her eyes and he is determined to be her firefighter.

“Come on” he beckoned.

“If you want to further enjoy the paradise, you have to work in the vineyard” she let out in a seductive tone dented with passion and innate desire.

“These clothes aren’t going to take themselves off completely” she continued.

He smiled sheepishly then stood up. Something else stood on him.

“With all pleasure” he responded with the hats off gesture of a showman as he took a step forward.

“This time, I’m going on top of you” she replied.

“Wait a second” she added. He paused.
She looked at his face briefly then down to his neck, his chest and to his slightly protruded tummy… Then down.

She blushed then giggled.

“Come get me” she commanded.

As Akpu took a step towards her, there was a knock on the door. At first, faint, then it got louder in seconds.
They were shocked at first, but the second knock came with the turning of the doorknob, and the opening of the door.

Her jaw dropped as she flung the door open.
“What the hell is going on here?”
Akpu stood up from the floor, “please, sis Uche close the door fast”
She gently closed the door and was vehemently shaking her head.
“When has it gotten to this, eh, When???”
“I can explain”.
As sister Uche’s eye scanned the room, she got a glimpse of the proceedings bulge in the front of Akpu, her Jaw dropped again.

“How can a man be this huge?” she thought silently.

She always thought her high school boyfriend, Noa, was the ‘biggest’ guy alive but what he saw on Akpu was two times Noa’s.

Akpu observed the direction of her eyes and smiled again and again. His rocket gained new momentum and started rising again in renewed arousal.
Juliana also noticed, and walked straight towards him, and unveiled the whole ‘rocket’ to Uche.

She swallowed hard, her Jaw still ajar from surprise.

In a seductive voice, Julie said, “Care to join us?”

Uche’s mouth still ajar, she nodded.

“Then come join us Uche, but before then, make sure you lock the door behind you” Akpu added

Written by
Ikegwuonu Chisom (Royal)
Onwunyiri Ndubuisi
Okpala Uzochukwu

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