The Chronicles of Akpu – 1


So after the Service, Bro Akpu looked at Sis Juliana and said, “Oh, we had a wonderful time in service today. I hope it doesn’t end, I just want it to continue”

She looked straight at him and replied, “it is as if you read my mind. I want to continue”
She took a deep breath and continued. “My place is free this evening, we can look at some Bible passages together”

Bro Akpu nodded fervently, “yes, yes. We should continue in this atmosphere, but first, I will have to go home and freshen up, I will meet you up by 6”
“6 then” she replied as they parted ways.

This was how I got Sister Jane, Akpu said to no one in particular as he continued to walk back home smiling. 6:25 pm, Akpụ was in front of Juliana’s door, with his King James Bible, putting on Navy blue trouser and a white striped top. He adjusted his tie, took a deep breath and knocked…

Sister Juliana who was expecting him since sprang up from the couch took a second look at herself in the mirror and gestured towards the door, like a model.

She swung the door wide open and with a wide grin said, “Welcome Bro Akpu”
Akpu adjusted his collar, and said, “how many times have I begged you to stop adding bro to my name, just call me akpu or just kpuuuuu please”

He tried to hug her but she immediately brought out her hand for a handshake.
“Julie Julie, when did all these one start kwanu, we are more than just friends we have known each other since our primary school in Nnewi”

Sis Julie held out both arms and hugged him. He smelt her cologne, it was a familiar one, and importantly, he felt her softness, her warm, fresh body against his.
The hug lingered for more than 5 seconds.

.. Akpụ found it hard to disengage from her arms..brought down his two hands with the speed of lightning, now resting on her waist as both continued to stare at each other without saying anything… ‘Julie m, sorry, Julie Julie, There’s something about this eyes that makes me want to keep staring…

Stop jor’. Sister Juliana beckoned, as she wriggled out from Akpụ. How far? Please sit…Our study this evening will come from? Juliana taps Akpụ on the shoulder who seem to have lost his mind.

…”Quickly jolted back to reality, “Sorry what was it you said?” Akpu replied.

“Let’s turn to the book of Proverbs” she responded.
Akpu kept staring at her face.
She was startled, “is the book of Proverbs written on my face eh, bro Akpu, is it?”
“Yes, it is” he responded, ” I can see it written all over you Julie, I can quote the entire Bible by just looking at you”. Akpu leaned forward, collected her bible and his and placed on the table.

“Oya, look at me, what part of the bible do you want me to quote for you Julie,” he asked, biting his lip and narrowing his eyelids.

The privilege of Julie’s skin, like a magnet, gliding with his own, was what seriously occupied Akpu’s mind. Juliana breathed in, out, in and out again, and quickly covered part of her face with the left palm.

“It’s alright, Julie, just look at me. Talk to me. Undress your feelings and allow me to stare at the nakedness of your emotions.”

With the resistance gradually transcending to consent, Juliana managed to return his deep stare, then looked away almost as quickly… “But Bro Akpu” she managed to utter between ragged breaths.

“This is wrong, this is wrong” she continued
The sound of a voice echoed into the wind. With each word that she uttered, Akpu came closer and closer, until there it was a molecule of air that separated them.

Have you read Within

He could feel the electricity from her body, her breaths became faster and deeper, he felt the warmness of carbon dioxide coming from her nostrils.
She tried pushing him away, but he held her firm, looked straight into her eyes and said, “your whole body wants me Julie, your entire body, why is your mouth saying something different?”


Akpụ, gestured with one of his fingers on his lips, a signal telling Juliana to keep shut. Like the snap of the fingers, Akpu and Juliana engaged in a breathtaking and purifying deep kiss, struggling as if they were wrestling. Akpu flung his tie which landed on the Bible positioned at the center table.

It was a picture of a ravaging beast and prey who has lost its will to fight; a soldier forlorn in enemy territory with no ammunition.

Her eyes were deep red with want, she needed him. She wanted him.
The last iota of resistance went down the drain and she disengaged briefly from the mouth lock. She looked at him, removed her scarf, hooked it to his neck while holding on to both edges and drew him close.

To be continued

Co written by

Ikegwuonu Chisom (Royal)

Onwunyiri Ndubuisi

Okpala Uzochukwu



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