The Lyft driver 2


Kelvin didn’t know what to do neither was there time for questioning. As he stood up, he felt some sharp pains on some joints but ran away, deep into the woods.

He ran as fast as he could, he heard a gunshot, turned and continued running, he ran until he got to his apartment. He daggered his way to his room and locked the door behind him.

He went to the curtains to make sure nobody followed him, went to the bathroom, turned on the lights, and started looking for the first aid box.

He found it, removed his clothes and started patching up his wounds. He bit hard on a cloth so he wouldn’t scream while applying some anesthetic spirit to the open cuts, soon memories like camera flashes started running through his brain, he thought about so many things but not sure of the particular thought to welcome in.

He looked at the bathroom mirror, opened the tap and washed his face, looked back, his eyes caught the picture stuck up the left edge of the mirror, he walked closer and touched the face of the beautiful lady in the picture, tears streamed down his eyes.

His girlfriend Katy, she died six months ago in a plane crash on he way to England to pick up her scholarship form to study biochemistry. He slammed on the bathroom floor and cried.

Katy had been everything to him ever since he lost his mum to Cancer, he has a sister he doesn’t know, the only means of survival he had left is lying on the highway beside a strange helpless man in a pool of blood.

He quickly snapped, wiped his tears and went back into the room, the words the man said flashed through his memory

“Find Dorothy”

He took out the wallet and brought out the cards inside it, seven debit cards, an international passport, a flash drive, and two more IDs.He looked at the ID, it read

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“Lawson George, founder, and CEO of Lawson group of companies”

He thought, Lawson industries, one of the largest business enterprise in the nation, he remembered making a Drop there, he slotted the flash drive into his laptop but it was on password.

He opened the note and read, it contained an address, a school address so he quickly packed a few clothes, switched on his television and the accident was already on the news.

“Chief Lawson George CEO of Lawson enterprise was shot dead on a high way by an unidentified Lyft driver” Kelvin couldn’t believe it.

“Shot dead he thought to himself”

He remembered the gunshot he heard when he ran into the woods. His phone started ringing and he looked at it, it was the same girl that he was supposed to pick up at the house where he picked chief George instead.

He didn’t know what to do, he thought about so many things and decided to find this Dorothy first.

Soon sirens started wailing on the streets, he quickly left the apartment into the dark and disappeared, he must get to the location on the note.

To be continued

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