The Lyft Driver


(a lyft drivers life changed after he made the wrong pick up)

Kelvin pulled over at number 62 driveway Townsquare ota, parked in front of a big bungalow painted brown mixed with a touch of black on the concrete wave, he heard a beep on his phone, he looked at the message and smiled $17 the next client has paid into his account.

He looked at his watch it was 7:25 am the Lyft was supposed to be at 7:30, but he loved his tradition of going before time to wait for his pickups. After a couple of Minutes, the car door opened and a man stepped into the car, a huge dark man, his grey tattered hair made Kelvin wonder if looking bushy was a fashion for him, the door Jammed and Kelvin drove off into the busy high way.

The man kept answering calls after calls, his Lyft was supposed to be a lady. He wanted to ask the man some questions but couldn’t because of the calls so he maintained a steady speed heading to the nearest airport, then everything went dark, the car spun, turned over and over, again and again, and jammed an electric pole.

After a few minutes Kelvin opened his eyes, everything was blurred, the man was out, lying cold on the high way, his leg was limping, a steady poll of blood started piling up under his head, his phone kept ringing, some Group of cars started approaching with a great speed.

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Kelvin turned to run away when the man gripped his leg, he stopped and looked at him helplessly lying there, he was muttering some words but Kelvin didn’t know what to do, he bent down closer and listened carefully. The man handed him over his wallet and the cellphone, before saying something.

To be continued



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