A Shot At Love 3


It took Sandra thirty minutes before she has fully dressed again. Thinking about Femi and the many memories they had created in the same house didn’t make anything less bearable for her, especially the kind of memory they created in the bedroom; on the bed.

It wasn’t just the bed, even the kitchen, the couch, on the floor, they had made great memories which were all too painful to think of now.

She frowned and taking one last look at the room, turned and left. Finally, she was going to talk to someone, her best friend and she couldn’t be less grateful. Taking a seat in the sitting room, she put on the Television and tried to drop thinking about Fred over a plate of hot noodles she had fixed herself.

She was staring at the boring TV show that unfolded before her when she heard a knock, she stood up and went to answer the door and on seeing the face of her dark slender cheerful best friend she immediately opened the door.

“Hey,” Nina said hugging her tightly “You smell of spice,” she said laughing.
Sandra smiled and held the door open for her “You coming in or not?”

Nina immediately barged in pushing her gently aside “You look like hell Sandra, don’t tell me you’ve been crying since you came back, over that jerk” she said sitting down and laying the flat carton of pizza on the table.

Sandra shrugged and took the seat beside her “I don’t know how much more to explain this but I…”
Nina rolled her eyes at her “I know how much you loved Femi and how much you still love the idiot” she helped her complete.

“I mean we did a lot together but forgetting our special day is just too much coupled with what he was doing to one ugly whore there!” Sandra said, obviously holding her tears back.

“But that guy has obviously been cheating on you, since this year, this Femi guy just bolted on you”
“He didn’t bolt on me Nina” Sandra argued obviously trying to convince herself more than Nina. “he was just so busy”

Nina huffed “so busy? Of course, he was indeed so busy playing with a random girl’s bosoms and pulling on her pants”
Sandra’s face reddened “That was the wrong thing to say Nina, especially now!”

Nina shook her head “Hey, it’s the wrong thing to say but it’s the truth and I am the one who tells you the truth because we’re friends” she said “he doesn’t deserve you”

Sandra took some of the noodles and stuffed it in her mouth “It still hurts” she said “I can still remember vividly how I stepped into his room with Rose flowers in hand, they are his favorite”
“Then I barged in, ready to surprise him with the flowers and maybe to have a great make-out. But then, he was there with that extra thick girl” she said smiling sadly “grabbing her chest in the way I thought he did to only me, but I was wrong.

I had been wrong all these days”
Nina took her hand “he was the one who had been wrong all these years. He was the one who had made a very costly mistake by taking such a smart, beautiful woman like you for granted. He will mourn this mistake for long” she said smiling at her and reassuring her with her eyes “you don’t even have anything to be sad for”

Sandra shook her head quietly “you don’t understand me at all. I have loved this guy for how many years… for three long years and he was my first. My first everything, first love, first kiss, he was the first man to ever see my nakedness” she sobbed quietly as she chewed on her last spoon of noodle

“We were supposed to get married this year, go on this fancy vacation but he just started acting out, started getting nude pictures of girls on his phone, and started forgetting our dates, and just today he broke up with me!” she yelled dragging on her hair. “After all the memories and sex, he just dumped me”


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