It was clearly a sunny day but for Sandra, it was the complete opposite and her big brown eyes were swollen and her eyeshadow was smeared all over her face.

Her mascara drew dark streams of tears as she hurriedly took out her keys and shakily tried to open the door. Her hair was in wild disarray as she pushed open the door and rushed in.

Walking into her well furnished flat, she slumped into a chair and threw her head into her hands and began to sob.

Allowing her body to heave up and down in a sequence of heavy sobs, she cried. It was the 23rd of April 2018 and it was the day that exactly marked it three years she and Femi met and just like he had misbehaved for the past months, he totally forgot about what the day was and was busy with some things which would have been totally irrelevant if it were two years ago or even last year.

Sandra Jackson, the first daughter of Sir Ade Jackson had met Femi Aju three years ago at a business conference organized by her father and they had fallen head over heels on each other and without wasting much time they had gotten together.

She was about thinking more about how they met when her phone rang. She took it out and almost smiled when she saw who it was that had chosen the right time to call.

“Hi” she called clearing her throat and literally smiling. Her deep dimpled cheeks almost concealing her saddened face.
“Sandra, hope you’re good” Nina’s smooth soprano voice bellowed over the phone.

“My ear!” Sandra almost screamed “you’ll scream it off and yes I am fine,” she said laughing.
“You’ve been my best friend for thirteen years and you my dear are not fine,” she said “I know that laughter, you know the creaky sound you make when you try to hide how sad you are”

Sandra smiled into the phone, it was true. Nina knew her more than she could even give account for and as smart as she was, she never got to argue that with her or anyone else.

She imagined her oval face leaning towards her round one and her slim long fingers trailing her long nails on her cheeks in a bid to make her show her dimples and for the past thirteen years; that had always worked.

As she held the phone in her hand, she imagined Nina peering into her sad face and trying effortlessly to see her smile again.

“Yea” she admitted finally “I am really truly sad now,” she said.
She heard Nina breathe a sigh of relief “Listen here Sandra I am not going to make this more difficult to you than it already is, but I want you to take a cold bath and I will be there in about thirty minutes okay?”

Sandra said she understood and asked her to do her the favor of ordering a Chiken pizza for her, with that she ended the call, took her acts together, entered her room then snatched the towel she had shared with Femi on several occasions and entered into the Jacuzzi bath.

To Be Continued

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