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A Shot At Love 2

A Shot At Love 2


August 13th, 2015
It had been months now since they met and to be honest, Femi couldn’t still take his hands off the beauty’s body.

It was clear he was a playboy, a professional womanizer but somehow he had managed to fall into this thing he always called mess, the thing he always thought never existed and that was of course before he met Sandra and that was love.

Staring at the beautiful woman in strawberry Lingerie, he couldn’t but wonder the kind of luck he had. Staring at her smooth slender back, the one he had, had the honor of grabbing and squeezing on so many nights, then he let his eyes wander on her good mold buttocks, he smiled to himself preventing himself from chuckling at the recollection of the many things he had done to it.

For the past few weeks, he had woken up to the blessing of well-cupped breasts round bottoms and beautiful smiles.

“Hey, Babe” the voice of the woman he loved took him out of his wild thoughts, seducing him with every single word she said.

He smiled and immediately climbed into bed “Hi honey” he said, immediately letting the barrier that separated his body from feeling the body of the woman beside him fall off hurriedly “Sandra?” he said.

She smiled and her eyes with anticipation at the next spoken word “Yea?”
He lifted up his hands and trailed it to her face, her luscious cheeks and gently patted it “you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met and I am going to prove it to you this night”

She smiled and leaned closer, allowing her succulent lips to brush his cheeks “And you Femi are the most handsome guy I’ve seen”

He looked her in the eyes and didn’t say a word, she needed no one to tell her what that looked meant and before she could make jest of him, he took her mouth into his and thoroughly teased it letting her feel just the kind of heat she had always made him feel even just at the thought of her.

She moaned quietly into his throat as his hand made way for her left breast. She flinched under him and he reached around playing with the tip of her nipple, she moaned aloud this time and he pinched the nipple slowly but expertly.

When her eyes were closed and her body was in synchronization with the wild beat, he reached down and freed the breasts from the lingerie, with Sandra dragging on his hair he took her left breast into his mouth and suckled.

Sandra moaned madly and spoke incoherent words, the words she said which were always like gasoline to his fire fueled him up and he pressed his hard member on her hip making her moan louder.

He let the left breast slip from his mouth and took the right one into his mouth, then suckled again, making sure he did justice to the tip of the breast which was her soft spot.

Then when he felt her hand making its way down to his belly button, he moaned into her breast and let her adventurous hand wander and make its way into its wonderland and before his senses could comprehend what it was she was about to do, she grabbed on his hard member and began to rub it.

He let go of the breast momentarily but gripped back on it making her scream out in a mixture of great pleasure, pain, and vehement release.

He let her play around with his rod for a while before she finally took the boxer off nearly tearing it apart, but he grabbed her and with his tongue, he nibbled on her ear and let the ecstasy which he gave her fuel his own.

To his amazement, she pushed him down and took him into her mouth. Rubbing down and up, she suckled and allowed him to groan and moan madly. She pleasured him for some time and just about the time when she felt the wetness from her clitoris would turn to a pool, he slipped out of her mouth, then turned her over and with rough hard thrusts he entered her and the thing that filled the room was the occasional moans of pleasure and groans.

Dear Daddy



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    04/01/2019 at 5:29 PM

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