Adventures Of Chike And The Wukari River 2


Journey to Safe heavens
(City of the gods)

“We have arrived” she said and let go of my hand. She approached the gate and I heard the sound of a gun, mixed with a different sound of a horn, then a trumpet. I heard cracks and reek sounds, as the metal gate opened I saw a city, a city different from oke.

The sands on the ground shined like gold, there were horses and the men that were on top of them wore metal apparels, I’ve only heard about horses in moonlight stories my father told me and wished I could see one.

Nnenne walked in the midst of the crowd of people who bowed as she led the way, her shining eyes dimed out and became as the eyes of a human.

I could see her face properly now, her beauty was heavenly, the people parted ways as we walked through, towering above the men and women with children, they all stood still and prostrated before her,

“The people love you,” I said, hoping she would say something this time, she smiled

“They are not bowing to me, they are bowing to you,” she replied,

“Bowing to me? How I don’t understand?” I asked out of curiosity

“I am only a messenger, they have waited a long time to see this day, they are happy and filled with gladness to see you”

“What is this place? ” I retorted back

“This is safe heavens, the city of the gods,” she replied as we approached a set of stairs, the stairs were made of diamonds, they shined so bright as we stepped on them and began going up. I avoided asking further questions and followed her and soon we got to the top of the tower.

There were guards on patrol, and another set standing still on a straight line, with their sword hanging by their sides, there were five thrones in an open space like a sanctuary, each of the thrones had a crown set on it. one of the throne was already occupied by a man, an old man, his beards shone like the stars and his eyes white.

He stood up when we came in and the guards bowed down again, nnenne bowed down too and I decided to do the same when the man held me up, he stepped back and bowed down before me, I was surprised, and didn’t understand what was happening, I tried asking questions when the man’s voice came In

“I know you have a lot of questions, my Lord”

My Lord, I repeated to myself, still wondering what was going on.

“This is safe heavens” he continued

“The city of the gods, thank you nnenne for bringing him safely to this place” he turned to nnenne and patted on her shoulder and she bowed and left


“We have all been looking forward to this day when you will come to take your rightful place and end this war”

At that point, I became confused and wondered what he was talking about and asked

“War? What do you mean by rightful place, and war, what war?”

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“Come with me”, he said and started walking down the hallway by the left. We continued going down the path until we got to a door, he opened it with a golden key and went inside the big room. There were signs, drawings, and symbols on the walls of the room, lots of scrolls and books. He took me to one of the symbolic drawings on the wall and began his story

“A long time ago king Jaja of safe heavens, went down to dwell in the midst of humans as a mortal, to know what it feels like to be a human.

So he took the form of a man, a warrior, he dwelt in their midst, ate with them, drank with them, fought with them. Then he met a maiden at the river one afternoon, she was the most beautiful girl in the land, for the king she must have her love whatever it takes.

As time went on the maiden fell in love with the King and they gave birth to a son, then war came. The land was attacked and the people were mightily slaughtered by their enemies, the king found out he couldn’t protect his child and the mother in his mortal form so he wrapped the boy in a linen cloth and put him into a basket and set him into the river.

The king’s mortal body was destroyed and his mortal wife killed, he ascended back into his immortal state, he raged and became angry, he waged war on the land that attacked the village and they we’re slaughtered. The ancestors of the gods punished him because he took laws into his hands. He was banished to the realm of the spirit. Safe heavens have lived without a king for seventy years”.

“The thrones in the sanctuary?” I asked with a surprising look

“After the king was banished’ safe heavens selected four elders to be in charge. They sat on each of that throne, while we await king Jaja’s return. It was recently that the gods revealed you to us”

“Me”, how, what has any of this have to do with me” I asked again getting more confused.

“After king Jaja set the baby into the river, he floated for three days before he came to shore, at the bank of a Village. It was a market day so nobody was at the river, the baby cried a lot, until a passing couple heard his cry and came down to the river, that was how they found Jaja’s boy, they took him, without knowing he is a…………

To be continued

Written by Emerie Ebube

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