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Gym Instructor EPISODE 2

Gym Instructor EPISODE 2.

David checked the time, it was quarter past five. He was supposed to see his boss by seven am, but he couldn’t wait any longer. He got up from his bed and checked to see if Jada had replied his text from last night.

There was no reply from her, but the blue ticks on his last message indicated that she had read the message. He wanted to know if she had any idea why Wunmi wanted to see him, it was either she knew and didn’t want to tell him, or she didn’t know and she was being her normal bitchy self.

David showered and got dressed, he boiled some rice and kept it in a food warmer. When he was done, he checked the time, it was fifteen minutes after six. He grabbed his headphone and stepped out of the house. It was still dark out but David could see people making their way to various churches. He started to think of backup plans if he got fired.

David graduated from school four years ago, completed his NYSC two years ago and has since been looking for a job. He was happy when he got this job, the pay was fair, it came with HMO and other benefits. And he was about to lose because of twenty minutes of pleasure with a stuck up bitch who thinks she is better than him.

David kicked at a big stone and watched it roll to the other side of the road, he was mad at himself, mad at Jada for fucking him and icing him out.

He was very close to the gym now, he wanted to turn back and run because he couldn’t bear to sit in front of Wunmi and be told he has been fired for fucking his coworker at work. But he kept going. As he approached the gym, he saw a strange car parked right outside the gym’s entrance, and then he saw a Mopol officer standing by the gyms main entrance.

David began to tremble, what was really going on, why was there a Mopol officer at the gym? He got to the entrance and greeted the Mopol who looked at him strangely and nodded. David entered the gym, the AC was on but he could feel beads of sweat trickling down his face into his shirt. He walked up to Wunmi’s office entrance and took a very deep breath before knocking.
“Come in”
David released his breath before going in.

Wunmi was behind her desk, she had on the reading glasses that made her look like one of those pornstars in a classroom scene, her hair was neatly tied back and she was wearing a black tracksuit with a bit of makeup. Sitting on one of the chairs facing Wunmi was a woman David had never seen before but she was gorgeous.

She was dressed in a v neck blouse and a jean, she was dark-skinned but her skin shone like the stars and her bare face looked so innocent yet so confident. If David should guess, he’d guess her to be in her thirties.

“Good morning,” David greeted the two women.
“Have a seat,” Wunmi said to him. He took the seat and waited for her to tell him why she called him here. “I am sorry to call you out this early in the morning, especially on a day that is not a workday.

This is my friend, Aisha, she is senator Ajayi’s wife. She wants to come and register with us, but I told her it would be better to hire a personal trainer, so I am recommending you to her.”
David almost jumped up in excitement. He was not in trouble, after all, he couldn’t believe he had been that worried over nothing.
He stretched out his hand for a handshake “Nice to meet you MA” he said as he shook Aisha’s hand.
“Nice to meet you too”

“So, you will be going to her house every morning, I will arrange for someone to take over your morning sessions, you should be back in time to take your afternoon sessions. She offered to send the driver to pick you up every morning, but I told her you to prefer walking.”
“Thanks, ma, but I’d rather walk to your place, it helps me stretch.”

“You start tomorrow. Here is her address and you can’t tell anyone about this for security reasons,” Wunmi said as she quickly scribbled down on a sheet of paper and handed it to David.
David took the sheet of paper from her and studied it, he knew the estate, he had gone by it severally during his walks. “I’ll be there,” David said and for a few seconds, the room was quiet until Wunmi spoke.
“That would be all, David.”
“Oh, alright then, I guess I’ll see you ladies tomorrow.”

David got up and left the gym. He was so happy and relieved. His heart rate was back to normal, and to think he almost sent a text to Wunmi apologizing for fucking Jada in the locker room. His phone beeped, it was a text from Jada and all it said was ‘No’ “Screw you,” David said out loud. He walked home as usual, and all he could think about as he did was the food that was waiting for him.

His stomach was rumbling so he quickened his steps to get home faster. David’s compound was large; it had two four-story buildings which contained twelve flats each, and about six self-con apartments at the back one of which was David’s. As he walked to his apartment, he passed by and greeted neighbors who were returning from church and those who were just leaving for church. He wasn’t too friendly with his neighbors, but he never failed to greet them.

David took the turn to his apartment and stopped in his tracks, standing in front of his door was Jada. What the hell was she doing here he asked himself. She was on her phone and didn’t notice him until he cleared his throat. She looked up at him and said nothing, she didn’t even smile, and she just kept on looking at him.
“Can I help you?” David asked, trying to sound rude but feeling bad about it immediately.
“Can you at least let me in?” she asked.

David wanted to decline, he wanted to ice her out like she did to him but he couldn’t. She was wearing a really tight dress that accentuated her curves. He could see her nipples shooting out from the dress, and her ass was beautiful in the dress. David felt all his blood rush into his cock, and he quickly rushed to open his door because he didn’t want her to see his boner. He opened the door and held it for her to go in. she went in and went straight to the couch.
“So, why did Wunmi call you in?”

David wanted to fuck her on that couch, he wanted her to sit on his face while he sucks out her soul through her pussy. But he wasn’t going to let her have the satisfaction of knowing just how badly she turns him on. “First of all, how did you know where I lived and second that is none of your business.”
“Your address is on your employment letter and it is my business if it had anything to do with what happened yesterday.”

David was going to ask how she got his employment letter but he remembered that she also doubled as the admin officer. “It had nothing to do with what happened yesterday, I was just assigned to train a client in her house that’s all”
“Oh the teachers’ favorite student gets to do the special job, how shocking,” she said sarcastically.

David was mad, he wanted to throw her out of his house, and she had no right to be condescending to him in his own house. But he kept his cool and said nothing. “Anyways, that is not what I came here for,” she got up and walked towards David, he was standing by the door with his hands across his chest.

He was putting on a tank top and black sweatpants. When she got really close to him, she went down on her knees and pulled down his pants. “Oh look who is already up,” she said, referring to his cock.

David forgot about his anger and everything else, he was going to get another opportunity to fuck Jada and this time he could do it without fear of anyone walking in on them. She put his cock in her mouth, it was cold but welcoming. She sucked his cock-up and down, using her hand to cup and massage his balls.

His cock stiffened and filled her mouth more. As she sucked, David put his hands at the back of her head and started to move his hips to push his cock farther into her mouth. One of her hands left his balls and started stroking the space between his asshole and his balls, it felt so good. Then she pulled back to the edge and started teasing his urethra with her tongue.

David felt his cock throbbing, he thrust back fully into her mouth, hitting her uvula. He expected her to gag or start choking, but instead, she backed up a little and continued sucking. He felt about to nut so he grabbed her head and started thrusting deeper and harder and within seconds he felt himself unload his cum into her mouth.
David leaned on the wall for support, he was exhausted.

He tried to direct Jada to the Bathroom to spit out his cum but she had already swallowed it. She stood up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, then she opened the door and tried to leave.
“Wait, you are leaving?” David asked.
“Yes. Bye”

“But we are not done here, just give me a minute to get this backup,” David said, pointing at his cock.
“I am leaving, I have things to do,” Jada said as she left.
David stood there, cock hanging out, pants hanging low. “The bitch strikes once again,” David said to himself.

He pulled up his pants and went to the kitchen to heat his food. He couldn’t stop thinking about Jada, why was she so mean, and why was she treating him like dirt? His cock was back up and it was refusing to go down, it needed a pussy to fuck, more importantly, it needed Jada’s pussy. But since Jada was being a bitch, he had no other choice than to jerk off. So he jerked off, ate his meal and crashed into a dreamless sleep.



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