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The Gym Instructor

The Gym Instructor.

David started his job at a newly opened gym, fitness, about a month ago. David Lumba, a twenty-six-year-old graduate of the University of Lagos, got his job as a gym instructor by sheer luck. Standing at six feet five inches, with a very muscled physique which he got from lifting weights with his friends at the back of his house.

He was at his neighborhood supermarket shopping for groceries when a very beautiful woman approached him. She introduced herself as Wunmi, she was a housewife who just newly moved into the neighborhood, she got bored and decided to start a business that the neighborhood needed so her husband opened up a gym for her since there was none like that.

During their conversation, her eyes occasionally drifted to his biceps, they were huge and David always wore a tank top to expose his biceps because he loved the looks he got from people most especially women. Wunmi finally gave in and started stroking his biceps. ‘My, they are huge’ she said. She asked if he trained and could train people, he said yes and she gave him the job of a gym instructor on the spot.

David knew nothing about training people but he didn’t let that discourage him, instead, he spent the night watching YouTube workout videos. He wasn’t the only trainer at the gym, there were three others, two women and a guy. Since the gym was just a month old, their customers were just fifteen and the other gym instructors already had them so David spent his free time watching them and learning.

Then Wunmi decided to do a weekend of free aerobics, David and the other instructors went out and passed out flyers to people and when the day came, they had about fifty people in attendance, most of them women.

David put everything he learned to test that day, and by the end of the day, 35 people signed up for the gym membership and all the women who signed up wanted David to be their personal trainer. And no sooner than later, David became the face of the gym. Word had spread out about the extremely tall and dreamy gym instructor.

More women signed up and they also insisted that they have David as their instructor. The other Gym instructors became jealous and hated David, some of their clients had switched to him and more were switching.

David, however, was enjoying every bit of the attention he was getting from these women. He got a gift every day from one or more of them, his WhatsApp messages were full of texts from these women. He was having the time of his life. Some demanded house calls but his boss, Wunmi, declined, claiming that they were still too short-staffed to be making house calls.

They all wanted to sleep with him but sleeping with a client was grounds for getting fired and he did not want to lose his job. He knew that no matter how careful he was, someone would find out and the news will spread like wildfire. These women didn’t know how to keep their mouths shut. He knew whose husband was cheating, who was sleeping with someone else’s husband and whose kid was a bastard.

FitNest had a separate locker room for clients and one for staff. The one for clients had the male and female locker room separate while both the male and female staff shared one. One day, after the evening session, David came out of the shower and found Jada, one of the female personal trainers at her locker.

He knew she hated him, he also knew she wanted to fuck him and the latter was mutual. As a matter of fact, he had fucked her several times in his head already. She was very hot, she was five feet ten inches tall with dark skin and a very fat ass.

As he approached his locker which was directly next to hers, he said hello but got no response so he opened his locker and searched for his shirt. He was still doing this when she spoke.
“Mrs. Alamin wants to transfer to you,” she said coldly “here are lists of exercise she can and cannot do because of her health.

You have to pay extra attention to her” David collected the sheet from her and looked through it then he looked at her and said thanks. She turned to leave but turned around immediately “You know what, just because you are the bosses favorite doesn’t make you special.

Those women only pay attention to you because they have been neglected by their husband and need to get the attention somewhere else. Do not for once think you are indispensable. Don’t let all this get to your head.

David was surprised by her sudden outburst, he knew they were all jealous of the fact that everyone wanted him to be their trainer, but he didn’t think any of them would ever face him. With a towel loosely tied around his waist and water dripping from his head to his chest, he moved closer to Jada.
In a low and seductive voice, he said: “I am sorry if I have upset you in any way, it was not my intention.”

There was little or no gap between them, Jada could feel the heat emanating from his body and she prayed he couldn’t hear her heart pounding or her clit throbbing. “I am not upset, I am just telling you not to let all these get in your head.” She croaked.

He was too close to her and crazy thoughts were running through her head so she pushed him. He staggered backward and his towel fell, Jada quickly turned her head away but not before she saw his massive cock.

She had always joked with her other female coworker that she was sure David had a small dick because most guys with his kind of physique mostly had small dicks. But she was wrong, David’s cock was huge, it was a shade darker than the rest of his body, and the balls were well hidden behind the cock.

“I am sorry nonetheless, I promise you I won’t let any of this get in my head,” David said as he moved closer to her.
“It is fine, you don’t have to promise me anything, it is your life after all and you can do with it as you please,” Jada said with her eyes scanning the ceiling, she was trying her best to not take a quick look at his cock. It was a battle between her and her eyes and she was losing.

“How about we settle this with a hug?” David stretched out his hand for a hug with a cunning smile plastered on his face.
Jada rolled her eyes and turned around catching a quick glance at his cock then went straight to the door.

She put her hand on the handle and tried to open the door and make a run for it before she ends up doing something stupid but instead, she locked the door and turned the knob to make sure it was locked, then she turned back and ran into David’s arms. With her arms around his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist and his hands squeezing her buttocks, she jammed her tongue down his throat and kissed him like she had been starved of his lips for years.

David had dreamed of this day, but in his dream, the sex happened in Wunmi’s office. But now, he didn’t care if it was happening in a graveyard, as long as he got to fuck Jada, he didn’t mind where. They kissed for a few more minutes, his cock was now fully hard and was crying for penetration.

David didn’t want to be too fast and at the same time, he knew they had to rush it because any of their colleagues may want to use the bathroom soon so he had to make perfect use of the little time they had. He placed her on the bench that was in the middle of the locker room, her back was on the bench and her legs were up. David ripped off her yoga pants, revealing her neatly shaved pussy.

He stuck in his middle and index finger and slowly fingered her. Then he pushed up her sports bra, releasing her full and ample breasts. He took one in his mouth and sucked while he played with the second one with his free hand. He wanted to do so much more but he couldn’t because of the risk of being caught, fucking a coworker at work was also grounds for getting fired.

David knew this might be his only chance with Jada and he didn’t want it to pass without fulfilling his number one fantasy of her, eating out her pussy and ass. He stopped fingering her and turned her over, she was now kneeling on the bench, her hands were stretched out in front of her and her head laid in between her hands.

Her ass, looked even more massive without pants on and above it were two very deep Venus dimples, David spread apart her butt cheek took a second to admire her pussy; it was glistening from its wetness and crying to David to pound it. David moved closer, placed his tongue on her slobbering slit and dragged it to her ass hole.

He heard her let out a loud moan and he smiled. He continued to lick her pussy for a few more seconds then he grabbed her clit with both lips and sucked while simultaneously thrusting his tongue into her pussy.

Jada started to moan louder and from moaning graduated to begging him. “I need your cock inside me, please fuck me” she moaned
David loved hearing her beg. ‘How the mighty have fallen’ he thought to himself. The Jada, who gave him attitude all day every day and acted like he was beneath her, was begging for his cock.

He wanted to make her beg more, wanted to punish her but there was no time so he granted her request and slammed his cock into her eager pussy and she screamed. The scream was so loud that David was scared that everyone heard so he paused and listened to make sure no one was coming.

With a very low and almost frail voice, Jada spoke: “Please don’t stop.”
When he was sure no one was coming, he resumed thrusting. Her pussy was so warm and tight, just like he had imagined. He put his two thumbs into her Venus dimples, wrapped the rest of his fingers on her waist, and started thrusting harder and deeper.

Jada was ecstatic, it felt like she was floating and her brain had been replaced with clouds. She had orgasm twice already and her legs began to shake. Jada couldn’t stand David and his boyish attitude towards the client, but she had secretly wanted to fuck him from the moment he walked through that gym door.

She was five years older than he was, and although she had always said she could never have anything to do with any guy younger than she was, she was willing to make an exception for David.

As he fucked her, her ass clapped and the sound was driving David crazy. He took his left hand off her waist and spanked her ass. David knew he was close to nutting and he wanted to do it in his favorite position. He lifted her off the bench, with his hands under her knee and her hand around his neck, he pushed her back against his locker, slid his cock back into her pussy and fucked her.

She threw her head back and bit down on her lips, trying to suppress her moans. David kissed her neck, nibbled her ear and sucked her breasts as he fucked her. He was going to nut any moment from now and he wondered what he supposed to do, should he nut inside her, what if she wasn’t on the pill? He was about to nut so he tried to pull out of her but she quickly wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, he tried to pull free but he couldn’t, it was like she suddenly developed the strength of ten men.

With no other option, David felt himself explode into her pussy, squeezing her ass as he did so, it felt so good and so right. They remained in that position for a few seconds, trying to catch their breath. David’s head was buried between her breasts and he could feel her heart pounding very fast. When he was sure her heart rate had reduced, he slowly let go and her feet dropped to the floor.

“That was amazing,” he said. He waited for her to nod in response or also acknowledge that it was awesome but she said nothing. “I am sorry I nutted in you, I tried to pull out but I couldn’t pull free from your legs.” She said nothing, she just kept on picking up pieces of her torn yoga pant. “Are you going to be alright, I mean are you safe?”

She finally spoke and her tone was very sharp “I am fine, you don’t have to worry about a thing.” she said as she walked into the bathroom stall to have her bath.

David was shocked, what just happened, was this not the same Jada that was begging for his cock a few minutes ago, why the attitude, was it something he did wrong? All these questions were flying in his head. He had actually thought they’d become friends after this but she was even more mean to him than she was before the sex. Or could it be that she didn’t enjoy it? “Nah, there is no way she didn’t enjoy that,” David said to himself.

He took out one of his gym socks from his locker and used it to clean off the pussy juice and sperm residue on his cock then he tossed it back into his locker, got dressed and left the locker room. Everyone else had left, it was just Joe the other male trainer left in the gym.

David strolled out of the gym and was hit by a wave of fresh air, he took in a deep breath and continued walking. His house was a bit far from the gym but it was trek able so he put on his music, put on his headphones and walked down to his favorite diner to grab dinner before heading home.

David got home and was rummaging through his bag searching for his keys when a got a WhatsApp alert. It was from his boss, Wunmi, and it read ‘I need to see you in my office by seven am tomorrow morning.’ David’s heart stopped, first, tomorrow was Sunday and they don’t open on Sundays, you only get called into the bosses office when you are in trouble. And he was being summoned to the bosses office very early on a Sunday morning.

Something was definitely wrong somewhere, maybe she had hidden camera’s in the locker room and had seen him fucking Jada, or maybe someone had seen he and Jada and went to snitch to the boss. But who could it be, it couldn’t be Jada because she would also get into trouble. Maybe it was Joe, David had seen Joe looking at him suspiciously when he came out of the locker room. Whatever it was, David was going to deny it. As long as there is no evidence of him doing anything, then he didn’t do anything.

David was unable to eat or sleep that night, he tossed and turned all night wondering what it was his boss wanted to see him for.



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