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There is a time for everything,
Time to cry, time to work,
Time to complain about things
That we cannot change,
And time to kill, if it accomplishes the aim.

“The 4th death in a week,” the police officer said to his partner. “Gunshot to the head.”

“Abeg no reason am,” the partner replied as he stood up and tightened his belt.

They had been eating in one of the restaurants in the police barracks when Detective Adeleke brought up the topic. His partner, Anadi was not ready to listen. He wished he was far away from Aba where these things were taking place.

“Something has to be done. Someone has to tell these murderers that…”

“Ade, leave that thing. We go make arrests soon. Na there Haruna’s boys go.”

“Who’s he arresting?”

“The murderers wey dey there. Pesin must talk. No dey let this kain thing worry you.”

“But they would be arresting the wrong people.”

“See, I dey inside station, I no get strength to dey argue with you. You suppose become lawyer, but you refuse.”

Anadi hurried towards the exit of the restaurant before Ade could say anymore word. He was tired of his partner, he made him wonder sometimes if the fellow was born in Nigeria. Here, murder cases were straightforward. Just arrest a lot of people and they would tell you who the murderer is. Even if they don’t, you still release them after they part with something. The police does not get to lose out in this. Whatever way the case goes, they win something and they smile to the bank.

Ade watched Anadi leave. He was not puzzled. He was not new to the Nigerian way of ‘investigating’ crimes, but he was always trying to superimpose his views, his ideals. Was that not how it was done? If you wanted something to be a particular way, you had to start making it that way first and ask like it was the only way. He understood Anadi’s frustrations with him.

He did not need the job. He had inherited enough from his late father to be comfortable in fighting crime without extorting money from civilians. Nobody knew that but him.

Sometimes he wondered what he was doing here. Getting a ticket out of the country was easy for him. He had been born in Canada and was Canadian by birth, but he stayed here, doing little more than stirring the ocean with a little twig that could break once the bigger waves came, or maybe become stronger. He hoped it would be the latter.

The chief in Cameroon Barracks always annoyed him. He moved about with his barrel of a stomach leading the way before his head brought up the rear. The man was synonymous with bribery and would arrest eye witnesses so they could pay before he would leave them. It made Ade helpless. What was the use? He could not stop the man. Maybe all he needed was a little help from Karma if she existed. Ade doubted it though. If Karma existed, the leaders of the country he had vowed to help save should have become soot by now, but there they were, moving about with excorts, living the big life.

He stared at the thick egusi soup in front of himand was surprised he still had appetite. In fact, he was still hungry. He dived into the remaining fufu and prepared to call the salesgirl for extra.

“Oga kpata kpata,” Anadi hailed the DPO as he strode into his office.

“Anadi,” the DPO replied grudgingly.

It was easy to see he was annoyed at Anadi’s intrusion into his office but found it hard to tell him off because he was being hailed. He felt Anadi was here to ask for more cut from their business.

“Oga, how is it going?” Anadi asked.

For someone who was not yet an oga, Anadi had too much confidence and ambition. His ambition was a thing the man lunging in his office hated with great intensity. Anadi’s ambition meant that he was not safe. Anadi could do anything to pave a smoother way for himself so he could get enough space to cut into the national cake that was fast diminishing.

“Anadi, what do you want?” DPO asked, frowning.

“Ah-ahn, oga, I say make I greet you. That one dey bad?”

“Okay then, Good morning, make you dey go.”

“Haba, oga. Why the hurry? You be my friend…”

“Who be your friend?”

“Oga…you nah.”

“Anadi, you are dismissed.”

Anadi stiffened and his poise became more formal.

“Oga, that guy I have as a partner is a drawback for business.”

“Wetin you mean?” DPO asked, leaning forward. His big stomach hit against the underside of his desk, stopping him, there was only so much leaning forward he could do.

“Last week, he no dey collect money from bus wey in check.”

“Why are you just telling me this now?”

DPO was clearly irritated.

“Anytime wey I come, you no go dey for office. You go leave am open waka come.”

DPO’s eyebrows came together. He was always inside the office, he just did not want to see Anadi, the officer had a way of begging and manipulating people, besides he brings in the biggest earnings. He would increase the crook’s percentage if he had managed to talk to him.

“I see. I will…”

The door swirled open then. DPO froze, Anadi froze. Nobody came in before the door slammed shut. For a while, they kept staring at the shut door, wild imaginations and creative horrifying thoughts racing through their minds. None of them made a move to get their guns.

“DPO…policeman, move back.”

The voice belonged to a little boy, a teen who had suddenly appeared at the other end of the office. He had a gun in his hands, pointed at the DPO.

“Who…who…you be? How you take enter here? Wetin…” Anadi mumbled.

“Shut up!”

The aggression in the boy’s voice forced Anadi to halt. The boy’s eyes were mad like he could pull the trigger. Something in his eyes told Anadi that he had done this before. He remembered Ade then. Could this be the mysterious murderer they had been looking for?

From outside, two gunshots rang inside the DPO’s room. Most of the police officers fled for dear life. When the office was opened later by the mad police officer, Ade, the DPO, and his partner were lying dead, blood pooling around them. The note beside them read:

This is for those who are killing our country and countrymen with bribery and corruption. I’m karma and I’m coming for you.


Written by Ogechukwu Emmanuel Samuel

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Fiction Stories

The Church Scandal (Episode 8)



The Church Scandal

The Church Scandal (Episode 8)


On the night of the graduation, Just after the
ordination, a gospel party was thrown at the
school auditorium for the graduates.
Uduak, Mfon, Inibehe and Eno were seated on
the same table. They had a sip of the heavens
wine over again, until it finished and they
demanded for another one.

The Church Scandal (Episode 7)

“This doesn‟t taste like the Nigerian table wine.”
Eno said to Mfon.
“Of course not. My daddy used to buy a lot of
this when he visited here.” Uduak said.
Eno stared at her meanly and said, “I wasn‟t
talking to you. I am talking to my husband.”

Mfon was already tired of trying to stop the
bicker between his wife and Uduak, he just gave
a loud sigh and shook his head.
Inibehe was searching for Nduke with his eyes in the crowd.

When he finally caught a glimpse of her in the
crowd trying to walk herself out of the door, he
got up and followed her.
She went to have a sip of the dark rum she’d
used in baking her birthday cake.

She gulped down the last sip of it and threw the
bottle on the sandy floor. He was right behind
her, but she wasn’t aware. A sudden cold wind
gusted on her. She held herself together and
strolled toward the school beach side. It was
lonely and cold, but the dark rum kept her warm.

She couldn’t think of anything else but Inibehe,
the picture of him appeared in her head.
She stared at the waters, the way it unfold itself and scattered into the sands, running toward
her. She was not aware that Inibehe was right
behind her.

“Nduke….” He called out her name so gently she
felt an inexplicable need to cry. She knew it was
him, the sound of his voice skipped her heart. He looked like a man ready for a confrontation.

“I won‟t let you go, I promise. Don’t be sad.”
His voice ran like a caress over nerves stretched
too tight. She fought an urge to throw herself
into his arms.
“There’s a storm coming in, you have to stand
with me. You have to stand with me in this
storm, because there will be no umbrella.”

He hugged her backwardly, her scented body
lotion thrilled the moment.
Her hand lifted to stop him, but he held them
tight and began to kiss her again.
Inibehe knew it might be the last time he was
going to kiss her that way, so he kissed her even
deeper and more passionately that she felt the
impact when he released her lips and took it
back like he was never going to let it go.

As they sank into the white sand by the beach
side, She told herself that she was going to
forsake her ego and be with the love of her life.
His presence still managed to take a lot of hurts
and sad feelings away at the moment.

He cried when she took his hands to her chest.
“Make love to me for the last time.” She said. He
flashed her grin and her heart stood still. How
was it possible to feel so enervated, yet so
completely aware all at that same time?
“I won‟t make love to you. Let’s get married here and now.”

“How? No pastor to bless us.”
“We are pastors, we were ordained today. God is
here already. Let’s make vows. look…” He
brought out a necklace that had a picture of him
inside a tiny frame. And showed her the one that had a picture of her inside a closed tiny frame too. Ridiculous tears stung her eyes.

Inibehe hung the necklace that had his picture
on it on her neck. It was gold necklace with a
diamond pendant of their faces in it. He took her hands and cut her fingers with a tiny blade.
“Ouch!” She exclaimed painfully. He licked the
blood in her hands without seeking for her
permission. He then cut his hands with the blade and she licked his blood too without hesitation.

“I will love you forever.” He said with so much
“I will love you forever too.” He withdrew his
hand slowly, trailing it over her skin. It began to
rain softly, and then wind driven rain began to
beat them. He began to giggle, while she
laughed. But there were still sadness in her eyes.

“I can‟t believe I did this.” He said. “I just wanna prove to you that I can’t ever love someone else.” He said, staring at her as if he were trying to see past her words, to read her thoughts.

They didn’t make love. He couldn’t just do it. He
felt he was taking advantage of her body simply
because she would let him.
They hugged themselves in the rain until the icy
cold ran through their spines.

He’d dreamed about her, her remarkable eyes,
but he’d only pictured them filled with sadness
that nearly matched his own.



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Fiction Stories







The cool air felt heavy against my bare arms, as
if they were holding onto raindrops that were
reluctant to fall. It was a cold Sunday evening,
I sat comfortably under the comfort of my
children’s duvet, while I watched them sleep.

Diary of A Pastor’s Wife (Episode 5)

Then I heard familiar voices in the sitting room.
David and Ifeoma were back from church.
“Don’t worry, she won’t do anything to you.
Take off your jacket, let’s go inside.”

David Instructed, serious faced as they entered
the sitting room. Ifeoma sat quietly on the
couch. Her heart skipped a bit when she saw
me appear in the sitting room, immediately she
sensed my watchful eyes, she became bold
and confident.

“You should let me be please madam Ekom. It
is not my fault that pastor wants Me.” she said
in a shaky tone.
“Get prepared for where God will be taking you
to Ifeoma. Very soon, you will be so ashamed of yourself, God has revealed to me how such
a day will be.”

“And I hope he also revealed to you that I
have finally agreed to divorce you Ekom. You
and your adopted kids should start packing.”
David said, he didn’t look directly at my face.
I flew on the center table firmly and slapped
him twice on the Face.

You and your Adulterous lover will leave this
house of my sweat for me and my Children. I
toiled with you! Prayed that we grow together.
I carried the sands of this house on my head,
which led to my first and last miscarriage!
Go to hell with your divorce paper, I am God’s
own woman, I detest divorce. I will be patient.

Go to hell with your church! With your lover!
Shame on you two! ” I snapped at them, I was
throwing curses at them. Tears rolled down my
cheeks, I made choking sounds as I walked
angrily into the Room. A film of sweat coated
my entire body like a second skin.

The silence was broken only by the whir of the
ceiling fan as it sliced through the still air.
David sat down and slowly lowered his head
into his hands.
“Ekom, unbelievable. You mean David said
these words to you?”
Pastor Felix asked. He has been David’s
childhood friend since the days of theological
school. He founded a big church and had a
large congregation too.

Pastor Felix was a mature looking man, who had grey hairs and wore round spectacles at all times. He was a learned man of God who was highly respected.
He was also the president of Pastors Forum.

“How can a church as big as Hills ministries
condone such sinful act from their pastor? I am
so disappointed to hear this. What did Lady
Georgina say about this?” He asked in a
baritone voice.

My eyes were heavy, and I was trying so hard
to control tears from running out again.
“It’s okay Ekom. I am really sorry. I need you
to pray seriously now. You are a strong
woman.” he said as he patted my back softly.

“I am holding a pastor’s meeting for this
reason by tomorrow.” He said authoritatively.
My nerves bit with frustration and tension. I
was so ashamed that my marriage was going


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Fiction Stories






Tega’s laughter subsided, but a wistful smile
remained on her face.
Omote had told her about her encounter with
Isioma, who was popularly known as ‘the
school fucker’ in secondary school.


“Does she still do that her busy body?” Tega
asked, smiling wide.
“Ahhh….yes o.” Omote giggled.
“I am surprise that she said she is married.
what then was she doing at a hotel with a
small boy?”

“I don’t know o. She asked me to call her. So
maybe we will talk about that when we see.”
“Ah! Isioma the crazy girl.” Tega laughed.
There was a loud knock on the door. Tega and
Omote wondered who it was.
“Are you expecting a visitor?” Tega asked.

Omote walked to the door and opened it
immediately she saw who it was.
“It’s Kennedy.” She whispered to Tega and
clicked the door open.
“Where is my money?” Kennedy asked in a
baritone voice. His face became stern. There
were beads of sweat on his face, and he
looked pale.

Omote did not look at his face, rather, she felt
his surprise.
“He didn’t touch me.” Omote said with a frown
on her face.
“Meaning that he didn’t give me any money.”

“Liar!” Kennedy yelled. ” You mean that a
whole Chief Akporo who gives girls 100k as
thanks for coming, did not give you a dime
“Maybe he doesn’t like me. But I swear on my
late father’s grave, that man didn’t give me a
kobo. He only said that he was going to see
me again.”

“If I find out that you are lying enh, I will make
sure Chief doesn’t see you again.” His voice
was getting louder, his head bobbing. He
walked away and slammed the door

“Omor. Kennedy introduces you to big men? I
thought you said he is just a good friend?”
Tega asked softly, she continued, “Did the man
give you money?”
“Holy mary, Yes!” She yelled. “He gave me
200k, and I am supposed to give Ken 20k.”
She sat gently on the couch.

“So why can’t you give him, since you will have
a whole 180k to yourself?”
“Because I am trying to set up a business for
you. Since you can’t use what you have to get
what you want. let me be the twerp.”

“I didn’t send you to go about sleeping with
men for money. I will not give out my body for
Money!” Tega said arrogantly.
“But you can sleep with a man for love and silly
emotions? See, I am not doing this for you, I
am doing this for mama. She has suffered
enough for Us. If I want to waste my time, and
watch you as my elder sister to hustle and take
care of us, we will all die.

Start thinking of what you can do, so that I can make plans to give you some money. you think sey to find job for Lagos na beans?” Omote said and walked angrily into the room.
Tega said nothing. She sat carefully on the
couch and bit her finger nails.

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