Dangers of a child bride.


Child bride means giving out an immature girl child for marriage.
Child bride happens because adults believe they have the right to impose marriage upon a child.

This denies children, particularly girls, their dignity and the opportunity to make choices that are central to their lives, such as when and whom to marry or when to have children.

Choices define us and allow us to realize our potential. Child marriage robs girls from this chance.
According to Gynecol (2009), he mentioned the dangers faced in early child marriages are isolation, depression, sexually transmitted disease (infection), cervical cancer, infant and maternity mortality.

After the marriage, girls have to do the role of a wife, domestic worker as well as a mother in her husband household.
Due to the huge age gap between husband and wife, there is the difference in mutual understanding resulting to the girls being rejected, isolated, and depressed while girls are immature and due to this, high frequency of child and maternal death occur.

Generally, husbands infect their wives. On one side, girls always try to prove their fertility and for that, they have a high frequency of unprotected intercourse with their husband while on the other side either the husband has prior sexual partners or a polygamous family.

The girls virginal status and physical immaturity increase the risk of HIV transmission, secondary to hymnal vaginal, or cervical lacerations. High death rates are found due to Eclampsia, postpartum hemorrhage, sepsis, HIV infection, malaria, and obstructed labour.

Girls below the age of 18years have small pelvises and they are not ready for childbearing. So morbidity and mortality rate are seen higher due to the young mothers’ poor nutrition, physical and emotional maturity, and lack of access to social and reproductive services, with a higher risk of infectious diseases.

They also tend to have a strong physical, intellectual, psychological and emotional impact, cutting off educational opportunities and chances of personal growth for both girls and boys. The consequences of child marriage are awful, especially for girls.

Though girls are generally forced for early childbearing and social isolation. As a result of this, child brides drop out of school and is exposed to higher risk of domestic violence and abuse, increased economic dependence, denial of decision-making power, inequality at home that further perpetuates discrimination and low status of girls/ women.

Furthermore, such practice of child marriage is directly impacting educational opportunities of young people. Once a girl gets married, she drops out of school and starts taking care of their in-laws at home and producing children.

Child marriage and early pregnancy affect women’s general health, their productivity, job opportunity and prospect for escaping poverty…
The major dangers involved are isolation & depression, theĀ risk of sexually transmitted infection & cervical cancer, risk during labour and delivery of infants. It also has strong physical intellectual, psychological and emotional impact, cutting off educational opportunity and chances of personal growth for girls.

There’s also a chance of divorce, drop out from school, malnutrition, mental disorders, migration, domestic and sexual violence, abuse, discrimination, exploitation, the risk of HIV/AIDS and repeated pregnancies are also some of the highlighted dangers.

To protect your child from these dangers, then you have to say no to “child bride” giving out your children for marriage when they are not ready for marriage.

Child Abuse

By Faith obasi

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