Raising strong women for a better Nigeria

The country as a whole is actually looking for women who will go out there in a world dominated by men to grab what rightfully belongs to them. In Nigeria, there are no equal rights for women, that’s why the country is less secure and more corrupt. The way women are sexually and physically abused is widespread. Clearly, the rights of women are not respected, protected or even properly understood.

Women’s rights┬áhave never been realised without a fight. Strong women make the country stronger. The majority look up to the few women that have succeeded in making a niche for themselves.

A woman by voice is by definition a strong woman in as much as the search to find the voice can be remarkably difficult.

To raise a strong woman for a better Nigeria is by women believing that taking joy in living is their best cosmetics and never to allow men underestimate their strength and power. When we tend to work together as women, we build up a country. Your progress is our progress. Your failure is our failure, that is why as a woman you must make unusual effort to succeed because when you fail no one will say “I do not have what it takes” rather they will say “women don’t have what it takes”.

In the society today the women who break barriers are those who ignore limits.
Also raising a strong woman is by empowering them, training the women good leadership, telling them their right as a citizen of Nigeria, making them understand to help one another

People don’t listen to what you say but what you do, your actions towards things speak about who you really are, you’ll succeed when you leave the small fight for small fighters, stop fighting those that gossip about you and start fighting for your dreams, vision, destiny, ideas.

A strong woman is worthy of emulation. That’s why you have to choose wisely for what you fight for and that is having a say in the country.


By Hannah blade

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