Rape is a common word in the dictionary of Africans now. It happens in different disgusting forms. Between a husband and his wife, a boy and a girl who may or may not be acquaintances, a man, and a young girl, a woman, and a small boy.

So many disheartening cases of rape everywhere. It might be hard to believe but LSBG heart to heart has treated at least 3 cases of Marital Rape. These women have been ashamed to come out because they feel that they won’t be taken seriously because their husband did the deed! Rape is Rape! Forceful sex with anyone is Rape! Lack of consent before sleeping with anyone is Rape!! No means no! Whether he’s your husband or not. Rape is Rape.

As opposed to popular beliefs the men folks suffer from rape too. 70% of men lost their virginity to older women without full consent. Older women blackmail younger guys emotionally and use the hell out of them.

The trend now is older men using small girls!! Which way AFRICA!! Why!!! What is the cause of all this?? Is the fault societal or psychological??

Research has shown that men get attracted to what they see. Most young girls are not helping matters too. They dress irresponsibly! Let’s keep their hands away from our bodies! Let’s go back to our African roots and see that these stupid happenings were lesser during the days of our forefathers because they don’t watch pornography and give in to all sorts of orgies!!

There are different kinds of ritualistic sexual fantasies and practices everywhere and the more people become aware of them, the more they drift away from the normal sane practices obtainable in a sane society.

They watch BDSM which exalts infliction of pain! How won’t they have the urge to rape! So many barbaric practices. You do not have any right to touch anyone without their consent. Husbands! Your wives? They’re human! There are times when they are weak in body and in spirit, you need to understand it.

If she says no, respect her decision. Marriage does not revolve around sex, practice self-control, your partner is not a machine. The sole purpose of marriage is COMPANIONSHIP.

Join hands with us let’s say no to rape. Teach your children about Rape. Tell them it’s wrong when an adult or their mates touch them in a certain way. Show them the boundaries so they will be aware. Teach them to run, shout and talk.

Your young boys are going through a lot. Tell them to report if any aunt or teacher touches them in any way. Rape is evil. It either makes the child hate or love sex excessively. It leaves an imprint on their memory forever.

Some children/adults have lost their lives as a result of rape. Teach your children self-control. Let’s make the Nigerian society a better one.


Written by Ada Iloka

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