Get hooked at 28

Stacy had not wanted to have lunch with chief bolade, she knew the whole thing was a scheme between both parent’s to hook her up with their son, she has been hooked up by her mother a couple of times and it all failed, she decided she’ll stop looking for love at a certain price or class, or perhaps stop expecting too much from men, she needs to work on her wants and how to balance it with other people’s, Stacy’s father was in business with chief bolade which made her wonder why her father was not against the idea,

“Ehe simisowole” her mother barged into her room without knocking, Stacy had a towel wraped around her that covered her breasts and hips, fresh water still dripping down her collar bones, from her hair down to her neck and shoulder, she just had a shower

“Mom you should have knocked” she replied taking a cream from her table
“Sorry baby, I am your mother this thing should not be a problem,”

she replied sitting down on her bed, she had a strong smell of onions mixed with spices that circulated all over the room, she was coming from the kitchen obviously Stacy thought.

“Simi please wear something nice to the bolades house, ” her mother said looking at her as she rub her cream all over her body

“Mommy I know that’s why you came here” she replied trying not to look at her

“You know how this will end mom don’t you” she added, her mother stood up and walked up to her looking into her eyes, something she couldn’t avoid now, her mother’s gaze, her dark brown eyes buried inside a contour, a dark eyeliner, and sprayed black lashes, her dark skin showed, Stacy always adored her mother’s beauty, something she fully inherited, her father would always tell her about how much she looked like her mother when she was young.

“She was theĀ most beautiful woman I’ve ever set my eyes upon, and she is still now” he would tell her, Stacy sometimes wished she’ll get a man like her father who’ll love her the way he loves her mother

“Simi, I might act a little bit crazy sometimes I know ” her voice changed and her accent almost Londonian, something she’s been trying to suppress for years and become accustomed to Yoruba, it was beyond her control, she was expressing herself in a very emotional and touching way,

“I just want the best for you baby, I want you to be happy” she added

“There’s no happiness in hooking me up with these rich boys in Lagos mom, they’re spoilt and bad mannered” Stacy replied hoping to make a notable point

“Charles was fine honey, you said it yourself,”

“Not until I found out he was watching porn mom, he was turning me into a sex machine”

“That should be romantic baby, I mean you’re young, you can take him” her mother replied with a cunning smile on her face

“Mom are you being serious”
“Your father passes out immediately after sex” her mother whispered to her.

“And he only does missionary, see honey it’s not about sex I Still love him ”

“If it’s not about sex mother then why were you screwing his diver last month” her mother went and sat back on the bed an bowed her head, Stacy felt bad for bringing that up, she went and sat beside her and held her hand.

“Mom I don’t want to make mistakes,” she said, leaning on her shoulder, her mother raised her head up and rubbed her cheeks,

“Honey I want the best for you, all these investment belongs to you, everything we’re working so hard to achieve today is for you and your brothers” he mother replied holding her hands too.

“Now get dressed” she added and got up, she rubbed her hair and smiled before she left, the room was still smelling of onions which was now smelling on Stacy’s body too, she went into the bathroom and took another shower before leaving for the bolades lunch,she sat in the back of her car and thought a about her previous dates.

David loved making love to her with her clothes on, it was romantic, but became an obsession for him.

Richard loves talking about himself and his work a lot, he never cared about her interests or listened to her story.

Charles watches porn.

Rick is daddy’s boy, and was fucking his secretary, he even denied it when she caught him red-handed squeezing her boobs from behind with his trousers on the floor.

She counted and lost count, all of them with different issues, she remembered Percy and sighed, she knows it’s another bad call for her, soon she arrived in the compound, she was welcomed by Mrs bolade who took time adoring her dress.

She sat down at the dining table, and smiled at the steward who was placing a plate of sliced paw paw before her, his bold tie made him look professional, and he bowed before leaving.

“Thanks” she replied turning to look at Mr blade making his way to the dining table with a newspaper in his hand,

“My dear,” Stacy stood up and offered her both cheeks to him for his normal French kiss

“You look like a Nightingale” he added before sitting down, he folded the paper and placed it on the dining table,

“Honey did you see what choba is saying about uksoft on the news,” he asked looking at his wife

“Choba is a politician, so if he’s in business now I’m not surprised if he decides to handle it the political way” she replied, dishing out the rice from the golden bowel on the table

“Where is Percy,” he asked again
Which got Stacy’s attention, she’s been looking for anything that looked like him and didn’t bother to ask so it wouldn’t send a wrong message to them that she’s worried about him.

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