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A good woman is a praying woman, a praying woman is a successful woman, a successful woman is a happy woman, a happy woman is a blessed woman.

A blessed woman is an innovative woman breaking bounds, reaching for glorious heights. The most important in a family is discipline. When parents are disciplined, they tend to train children who’d be terrors to the kingdom of Satan.

The reason why moral decadence is viral today is that most women don’t take their roles seriously. A good woman is the leader of her family! Yes, you heard right! LEADER!!┬áThe man, of course, is the head and should be treated as such but!!! a woman’s role is to take control, direct, supervise, lead everything that happens in a home.

Two men cannot make a family, there has to be a woman for a man to function properly. If you ain’t praying and delivering your man, children, and extended family, covering your home with God’s grace, then your family is a ticking time bomb. It’s high time women learned to take their appropriate positions.

When you conquer your family, you can then conquer society, your place of work, career and so much more. You can’t have an unhappy and unhealthy family and expect to forge ahead with whatever you do. I’m not saying it’s all up to you to do anything but it’s definitely up to you to decide the condition you want your home to be in.

Women are powerfully blessed with a calming spirit and effect. That is why you see a man try something and it doesn’t work, a woman tries it and it works, yes they have that effect. You can be everything you want to be as a woman, stop limiting yourself, most importantly stop trying to be at loggerhead with your husbands, it’s useless.

You’re supposed to be his peace. He’s your first son if he provokes you to treat him as such, sit him down and tell him his faults in a tactical yet mature way. You see so many cases of domestic violence everywhere, in marriages, relationships, families. It’s either a girl insultingly destroys her younger or elder brother’s calm demeanor and he hits her or they fight, or a girl talks insultingly to her partner and he loses his calm or a woman gives her husband a bitter insult and he hits her.

There is no excuse for hitting a woman but our mouth can move mountains !! Haba!! Women! Girls! Stop using your mouth to rain curses rather use it to bless, use it to speak yourself into boardrooms, use it to speak yourself into foreign exchange board, international conferences. Stop giving unnecessary things unnecessary attention. Take charge, rule! it’s your right. A good and well woman is her man’s crown.


Written by Ada Iloka



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