Well. It really wasn’t all that naughty. But the experience was intensely pleasurable.

When I lived in Chicago, I met a very wonderful woman. She was a secretary at a national insurance company. We started dating. I learned that she was Orthodox Christian and still lived at home with her mom and dad.

She was in her early 20s. Her name was Tatiana. She looked Slavic. With blonde hair, an enlongated skull complimented by long arms and legs.

I met her in a night club. She was very beautiful but also extremely reserved. She finally agreed to dance with me at the behest of her female friends. We were a pair. We both were the tallest man and woman on the floor.

She gave me her number. I called her within a few days. We made a date for coffee and cake for Saturday morning. I was early. She arrived about 15 minutes later but profusely apologized for being tardy.

She had her hair in a French twist and reminded me of Laura and the Dr Zhivago movie. I told her so. She blushed and changed the subject.

Right away. She starts by telling me about her faith. What it means to her. And how she intends to live her life within the teachings of the Orthodox faith. She asked me about my faith. I explained to her my background and my history.

We made a date that night to take in a movie. After our second date, I decided to make a move on her. She became quite agitated and told me that she “fully intended to be a virgin on her wedding night”. She added. “But if you can accept that fact, I am willing to do heavy petting with you. Just never expect to anything more.”

Of course, I agreed. She was so damn gorgeous, I would consent to anything. Later, I took her to my condo on the Lake, The Powhatan. Tatiana walked to the window and looked out towards the lake. She commented that she had often passed my building and wondered what the insides of the apartments looked like. I took her to my bedroom.

I embraced her. She told me to just slow down. I tried. That didn’t work. She said, “Robert, you are an insufferable aggressor. Allow me to be the aggressor.”

She told me to strip and then to lay on my back. I did as I was told. She added. I want to see how much control you have. By the time I was on my back, my dick was fully aroused. When erect, my cock falls back to my stomach. Tatiana looked at him and immediately said, “You didn’t tell me that you are Jewish. You said Mormon.” I assured her that I was not Jewish. She looked bewildered and opined, “Well if you are not Jewish, why am I looking at your circumcised dick?” I told her that my mom and dad made that decision when I was born. She replied, “Really?”

She sat on the bed. Her eyes totally focused on my groin area. My dick began to twitch. She said. “Why is he doing that? That’s one big dick. How long is he? Why doesn’t he stand straight up instead of laying on your tummy? No wonder your pants always bugle. I don’t think that I could ever take all of him in my privates. Gosh! He’s huge. But I like the way he looks. Do you cum fast?”

That series of comments and questions was a free flow of consciousnesses which surely indicated a female’s fascination with the penis.

She kept looking at him but never making eye contact with me. I said, “Why don’t you touch him. He won’t bite.” She smiled and then said. “Boy, do I want to touch him. I’ve never seen one this large. I’ve heard about ones that are big. But I never dreamed that I would see one, much less want to touch it. I do want to touch your dick. I do. But he’s not going to make a mess when I first touch him? Will he?”

I told her no. That I wouldn’t cum that fast. And then she wanted to know how long it may take me to cum. I told her that would depend on her. “Why?” Was her retort. I explained that I was not a premature ejaculator. I had to explain what that meant. And that my climax would depend on how she pleasured him. She came back with this: “I only want to touch him. To gently fondle him and to touch your balls.”

She took him in her hands and softly ran her fingers around its shaft, tapped on him with her two middle fingers and pushed my balls up against the base of my dick. She asked, “Does that feel good to you? I’m not hurting your balls am I?”

Next, she got quiet but continued to touch and fondle my dick and balls. I asked her if she would like to “jack” him? She declined, adding “That will just make a mess too fast”. I requested that we kiss as we touch each other. She told me that she wasn’t removing her clothes and that we could kiss after I made a mess.

She kept gently touching my cock and balls. Over and over. She pinched my dick’s head and hugged him. And twisted him around and around. She held up straight and then let him fall back to my tummy. Each time, she giggled when he fell back. Ten minutes passed. Then 20 minutes. By then I was almost losing it with each gentle touch. I told her. “You know that this is torture for me?” but she laughed and said, “you love every minute of it”.

She took the pre-cum and rubbed it around the glands, observing “That stuff is sure slick” while she got between my legs. Made a V with her fingers and pressed my balls up and then just ever so gently, thumped them. It hurt and I yelped. “Oh,” she said. “I forgot. They are touchy”.

She wanted to know why my balls hung so loose. I told her that I thought my body’s temperature had something to do with them hanging loose.

At about 45 minutes. She said. “I’m ready to see you cum. So I want to jack you. And you tell me when you are ready to cum because then you finish. I don’t want that stuff on my hands.” She started jacking him. Up and down. Her hand gripped him a little harder. I told her I was coming. She let go and I took over. He exploded. Spurt after spurt. She liked what she saw. She said. “I bet that felt very intense”.

I asked about her. She told me that she was ok. By then I had several unresolved questions about her. At 23, I thought that she should be more experienced. After all. She was the least experienced woman I had been with since high school.

I thought she was not frigid, rather just a woman who was inhibited by her a religion. She was beyond beautiful. So I decided to try another date.

A few days Later, I picked up and we did a picnic. I had a deli make 2 delicious meals for us. With all the trimmings. She had her hair up in a pony and she looked really great. I noticed she wore a low back sun dress. She leaned back and I observed her white cotton panties. I could see the outline of her pussy. She realized what I saw and quickly crossed her legs.

We returned to my condo. I took her to my bedroom. She stated that she wanted to make out. But asked me to not try to have Sex with her. Of course, I agreed. I stripped. But she kept her sundress on. We kissed. She liked to French kiss. She forcefully sucked on my tongue. I finally got her breast exposed. They were beautiful and firm. I removed her panties. She objected but I promised her that I would not fuck her.

I had other intentions. After we kissed some more, I brushed my fingers across her pussy. She moved my hand away. I asked her if I could look at her pussy. She consented. As I got close, she became suspicious, saying “What are you trying to do?” By then it was too late. I was eating her beautiful pussy. She started saying over and over, “Oh my God! Oh my God! What are you doin?. Jesus Christ your mouth is on my pussy. It feels so good. Oh my God. Damn, Robert. Why are you doing this to me? God! This feels wonderful. I had no idea. No damn idea that this would feel this damn wonderful. O,h Robert. I love this. I love how this feels. Oh goodness.”

She started hunching my mouth. She pressed her vagina into my mouth. Her hands reached for my head. She instinctively lifted her legs. We were in extreme ecstasy. Then she began to say, “I love you, Robert. Damn it. I think I’m falling in love with you.”

She was so aroused that when I started to take her in the missionary position that she savagely kissed me even through my mouth was dripping in her juices.

My 8-inch dick disappeared into her pussy. She started screaming. “You are fucking me. You promised. Why are you fucking me”. As she was saying those things, her body was saying FUCK ME!

Her pussy was so slick that I came within two minutes. The feelings were so intense that I essentially was a premature ejaculator. We continued to kiss and touch. She obviously had been using some type dildo because her Pussy was wide open by the time I penetrated her. Later, she reluctantly admitted to pleasuring herself with a variety of objects.

We fucked every day for weeks. I took her down every avenue of sex. During the fourth week, she finally sucked my dick. She loved every minute of it.

At night when she slept over, one of her hands always remained holding my cock.

Tatiana became, like so many of us, insatiable about fucking and oral sex.

She was in a league all of her own.


Written by Son

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