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Sharon looked closely, at the glass of wine in her hand and smiled, she adored the way the delicate red liquid beautified the glass cup with a pouted long leg that stuck in between her third and fourth finger.

Each time she will sip the wine in a way to respond silently to Nellys’ sarcasm, they both looked at each other and laughed out again, clinging their glasses together in a way of celebrating something they only knew about.

They have both been friends from kindergarten and knew each other very well until Sharon left for London and Nelly got a scholarship.
Are you saying that those Londonians aren’t good charmers’’

Nelly asked with her eyes running down Sharon’s body which made Sharon remember when they were little and took their baths together talking about their silly crushes in school and smiling every time they found out they were both hitting on the same boy.

They would play with their little-sprouted breasts and adore each other’s skin, Nelly was only a few months older than Sharon.

Maybe they have a poor taste when it comes to making a choice of their African women,’’ Sharon replied fixing her gaze on a couple standing beside them kissing in a way that disgusted her, the man’s hand grabbing the lady’s buttocks tightly which made her laugh out the more before she added
‘and the lady wasn’t pretty at all, flat chested with almond looking eyes, big nose and staggered in her silk gown that made her look like she had flesh, but one could notice she doesn’t from her thin hands’’

‘not to be a narcissist baby, but I was totally disappointed in him and laughed instead of being angry’’ they both laughed out again and poured more wine. Nelly had missed her so much and they both communicated through skype throughout her stay in London, back then in school she would wish for a moment sometimes if the guy standing next to her muttering rubbish about her presence setting his soul on fire was Sharon.

So those politicians never got to you, with all these extra?’’ Sharon asked now running her eyes around Nelly’s body which made her smile,
‘sure they did, but you know me with men sweetheart, it never ends well’’ Nelly replied sharply, looking rather impressed with her ‘no mans’’ life, Sharon has tried countlessly to set her up with a guy but they all ran away.

And it never seemed as if the fact that Sharon was married and she wasn’t ever bothered her. She never looked like she ever wants to live with any man, or could ever live with any, it bothered Sharon but she never talked about it whenever they were together because of some reasons, they both sipped more wine and laughed out the more.

Nelly’s clubhouse was the only place Sharon goes to hang out every Friday after a very busy and tiring week at work. Sharon loved the way the name was boldly written on the entrance, NELLYS CLUB PUB beautified with lights that changed colours but shone brightly that one could see the name from a mile away.

The building was filled up with people and the DJ was introducing someone with the name ’28 savage’’ for his rap performance, and people cheered as the tall guy with dreads stepped unto the stage, she smiled at his poor imitation of the American raper. She found everything about him funny and whispered the name again ‘28 savage’’ and smiled.

Nelly inherited the club from her father who died of cancer some months ago, she wasn’t close to her mother, story had it that she left her father for another man, a big politician in town because their father was incapable of giving her the life he promised her.

Nelly was still very young with her younger sister when their mother left, she could remember how much her sister cried begging her to stay and she walked out the door, their father in his bedroom looking out the window as the luxurious SUV that was waiting for her drove out of the compound into the dusty street, a slight tear eluded his eyes.

Nelly knew how much he cared for the woman, but her mind was made up. Through the help of some friends her father opened the club and gradually it turned out to be the biggest clubhouse in the city, and just like every Friday night the club was hitting up and people were trooping in, assorted types of men and women, the biggest boys in town walking in with ladies in skimpy dresses all around them, politicians and sugar mummies all around looking for their gigs, boys and girls to take home.

Soon a large noise wailed up and everyone was extremely excited at the entrance of someone that they didn’t expect, securities were all around him blocking people from making contact, Nelly could not believe it at first, Falz the bad guy was in her club.

He was polished in his expensive black three quarter jean and purple polo with a boldly written “Soundcity” on it’ his shiny beards and see through glasses, he looked just as classic as he did on the Instagram photos.

‘’hmm” he’s handsome’’ Sharon said looking at him as he made his way to where they sat.. Nelly sat up straight and looked at her in a way she always did whenever Sharon would talk about boys being handsome, she fixed her feet back into her black high heeled shoes which have been out of her feet and carelessly thrown under the table because of how it stiffened on her toes and gave her a slight pain.

She stood up, her figures were nicely displayed on her black gown that stuck tight to her waist, ‘’her waist’’ something Sharon has always envied about her, although she was more beautiful and had the biggest boobs, soon Falz stood before her and they exchanged some pecks on their both cheeks, hands locked into one another until Nelly decided to break free.

Sharon couldn’t remember Nelly telling her about Falz coming to the club, she thought, but what if she told her anyway, she would have worn a much attractive dress or removed her wedding ring. She smiled at such silly imaginations and watched them sit down.

Sharon sat in the same circle as Nelly and falz did, almost opposite to each other if not the interception of the glass table in the middle, she could tell from the way he was glancing at her that he thought she was the mistress of one of these Lagos politicians.

He must have been doing that a lot and could easily tell what a girl is doing in a club because he was the party type of guy and met them all, he was quite surprised when he was finally introduced to Sharon as the daughter of one of the most wealthy men in the city, Falz could remember performing at one of her fathers parties, he told her about his meeting with his father once and how he didn’t see her there, accompanied with some other compliments on how beautiful and fresh she is looking,

‘’I was in Cambridge University, studying literature and English studies’’ she smiled taking back his hand which was outstretched already, falz didn’t think Sharon was a wealthy man’s daughter because she had none of the looks and formal basics the Nigerian ones all posed, maybe this one is too civilized or perhaps too English to be posing around the city, flaunting their fathers wealth and expensive cars.

She seemed like a mistress waiting for her next client that night, from the way she sat with Nelly and sipped her red wine. But he was very observance of how much beauty she contained, and each time she turned her face he would look to make sure she was beautiful from all sides too.

He started speaking to Nelly about something that really seemed to amuse them, soon drinks and cubes of ice was presented in front of them by a girl in black skirt and red polo that was neatly tucked into her skirt, there was an excitement on her face as she poured the drinks for them, she brought out her phone and begged her boss for a quick selfie with the celebrity.

Nelly looked at her in an unusual way that changed the expression on the girls face, she held the tray and went away slowly, looking sad, falz called her back and took the selfie with her, its not every day that celebrities walk into the club anyway he thought, the excitements on the girls face as she left was noticed by Sharon, probably another Instagram and facebook picture for her she thought, she looked at the girls slim body and oval face, a description she would call,’’not that beautiful’’ and smiled.

Girls like her keeps my younger brother awake in the night’’ she said talking to no one exactly but they all laughed, they continued talking for a long time until Falz noticed she was left out of the conversation and tried to engage her by asking
‘’right Sharon?’
‘’Absolutely’’ she replied and they all burst into a long laughter including her. she will be wondering what they’re laughing about or what they were even talking about, soon Nelly was called by one of her workers that someone wanted to see her and its important, normally she would have told the person to wait, but the ”its important” will leave her no choice but to attend to it immediately. She left them promising to be back soon, Sharon continued sipping her drink trying not to look at Falz

‘’So how do you do? ‘’ falz asked, she has been silent for too long, adding some more cubes to his drink.

I’m good she replied looking slightly on his side now, as if he deserved that attention, and probably felt more important than every other person in the building, the way Nigerian celebrities did, she thought.

Your father is a very good businessman, I never knew he had a pretty daughter like you’’ he added, relaxing his back on the chair, she thought whether what he said was a question or a compliment, or he was trying to impress her with his diplomatic ways of engaging her into a conversation.

Sharon noticed his diplomacy, which she found smart and thought of asking if he ever attended a law school but didn’t.
‘Thank you, ‘’ she replied and sipped another drink before adding ‘’he earned that reputation through hard work and perseverance’’ she couldn’t believe she said that and wondered if she sounded exactly the way her father would say it anytime he advised them ‘hard work and perseverance got me where I am today’’

Soon Nelly came back walking towards them, Sharon noticed the way falz looked at her, he must think all women are the object of sexual gratification, the way they showed and portrayed women in their music videos, she was forced to engage him on a conversation on that but stopped herself,
‘’you are hotter than I recall the last time I saw you Nelly’’ She smiled and tilted her head by the side so her scattered hair could roll over at one side as she sat down
‘’and you’re richer than the last time I recall us sitting together this way ’’ she replied crossing her legs together, falz smiled too finding her reply very funny and thought she was making a point.
‘’very funny’’ he said ‘’I remember you paid for that treat that day’’ he replied again
‘’yes I did, but what surprises me was why you were insisting on paying while it was clear you had no money’’ Nelly replied, she was wearing a serious look on her face now, which made Sharon wonder if the discussion was bringing back old memories she didn’t want to remember

‘’I was graduating from law school nelly, I was so broke and that meeting was important to me, you were important to me’’ his eyes filled with passion mixed with emotions from the way he said ‘’you were important to me’’, Sharon was surprised at his reactions to what Nelly was saying.

She never thought these celebrities felt that way the way normal people did, and would probably get angry at Nelly for telling her nothing about what they were talking about.

He wanted to say more when Nelly switched him off to another conversation, as though what he was saying didn’t matter anymore ..Sharon was careful not to interrupt them and focused on her drinks and nodded to the soft track, one of Falz’s song the DJ was playing, which made her wonder why Nigerians are so poorly minded and worshiped these musicians as if they were GOD.

Soon Nelly stood up smiling as she greeted an elderly couple that approached her and moved on to another group at the end of the room, Falz was silent and wore a sad expression on his face which made Sharon feel pity for him, she didn’t know what happened between Nelly them and didn’t ask him either, he loved the way he comported himself, maybe they are not all the same after all she thought, she sought for a way to brighten him up

‘’law school indeed’’ Falz looked at her, her chocolate skin radiated to the chandelier light that hung above them,
‘’yeah. That was the plan, until this country changed it all for me’’ he replied looking much brighter than the way Nelly left him, from afar off she looked at them smiling and chatting, she heaved out a sigh and went back to the table and sat with them, soon falz stood up to leave but Nelly’s face was still pale which made her more beautiful.

‘’I got to go Nelly, I have a show in the state capital tomorrow, I heard you run this place now that’s why I came, but will drop by always. I will get in touch with you again’’ his tone was soft and promising very mutual, Nelly stood up and pecked his cheeks and he walked out the club with people chattering and screaming his name ‘’bad guy, bad guy, bad guy,’’ Sharon looked at Nelly in a way that made her totally uncomfortable for a while, she was trying to ignore her but couldn’t anymore.

‘’what?’’ she asked
‘’what was all that between you and falz, Nelly if you don’t marry that guy I will,’’ she screamed out as if her voice wasn’t enough to show how surprised she was
‘’You need to start talking to me, I need explanations’’
Sharon smiled and took a bottle of wine and corked it open
‘’What you need Sharon is to go home and cook for your husband’’ she said pouring herself a drink.

Sharon’s face changed on hearing that, Nelly noticed and felt for her
‘’you really need to get yourself a help’’ she said looking at her in a friendly way and touching her hands
‘’where do I start looking she replied trying to finish the last wine in her cup’’
‘’the boy I told you about will be coming to visit us with my aunt from Abuja this weekend, if you can reach terms with them he can start working next week’’
‘’the one that graduated from Lasu? Sharon asked as though she had another one in mind
‘’yeah’ Nelly replied gesturing to one of the male workers to clear the table.

‘’I will talk to my husband about it tonight, not for permission, just so he’ll be aware’’ she replied handing over her empty cup to the boy who has already cleared the table

‘’I should go its late’’ Sharon stood up, Nelly did the same and they both went downstairs, shrugging themselves between sweaty bodies of people dancing, outside she gave Nelly a big hug and entered her black range rover and drove off into the busy high way roads of lagos, beautified with street lights.





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